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Title: Pre-Heresy Night Lords

Wifstrand - December 19, 2010 04:28 PM (GMT)
So, sometime half a year ago I was doing pre-Heresy Thousand Sons, but after a slight hiatus from 40k I looked at my Sons and realised I could never make them as good as my expectations require.

I decided that I needed to change things up, to do something more within the scope of plausibility. I decided to go back to one of my old fancies, the Night Lords.

I always liked the Night Lords and I own a large Chaos Space Marine force primarily dedicated to Nurgle, with elements from the Emperor's Children and World Eaters added. I decided to add a small force of 'Undivided' troops to this force and the choice was between the Night Lords and the Word Bearers, of which the latter eventually won out.

When I realised I could now do the Night Lords, I almost immediately started painting, and the miniatures look gorgeous, especially considering the time energy I am putting into this project (not a lot, which is good since I have little spare time to pursue my hobbies).

I have written a preliminary army list which contains some typical Night Lord elements (the bikes, which I quite fancy). I also added some Vanguard Veterans because I simply love those fellas, even though they are not worth it on a points/tabletop efficiency scale.

Anyway, here goes:


Captain  -  165 pts
+ Artificer armour, lightning claw
+ Bike
I chose a Captain over a Chapter Master because I know I simply would not remember about the Orbital Bombardment, and what is the point really?

Chaplain - 120 pts
+ Jump pack, melta bombs
He is going to join the Vanguard Veterans for some melta bomb/re-roll goodness

10 Tactical Marines - 240
+ Sergeant with power weapon
+ Melta gun, missile launcher
+ Rhino with extra armour

10 Tactical Marines - 240 pts
+ Sergeant with power weapon
+ Melta gun, missile launcher
+ Rhino with extra armour

10 Tactical Marines - 235
+ Sergeant with power weapon
+ Flamer, missile launcher
+ Rhino with extra arrmour

I like Tactical Marines because they bring firepower and versatility to the table. I am trying to be a bit economical with them so they get the missile launcher, not quite a bad weapon especially considering its price!

10 Sternguard - 360 pts
+ 1 Powerfist
+ 5 combi-meltas, 5 combi-plasmas
+ Drop Pod
I absolutely love Sternguard. So much, in fact, that I bought and converted the Sternguard metal squad, made five more in plastic, and bought them a Drop Pod.

Venerable Dreadnought - 180 pts
+ Multi-melta, extra armour
Currently my AoBR Dreadnought fills this role, though I plan on getting a Forge World Dreadnought at some point in time.

5 Vanguard Veterans - 230
+ Three power weapons
+ Melta bombs, jump packs
I love Veterans, all of them. These guys, along with the Sternguard, were the reason I started Space Marines again after the new Codex came out. They are a little on the pricey side, but the entertainment value more than makes up for this fact in my opinion.

3 Bikes - 110 pts
+ 2 melta guns

3 Bikes - 120 pts
+ 2 plasma guns

These guys are the main Night Lords element for me. I like Bikes and I hope I can make some good use of them.

Total: 2.000 pts.

I would really like to flesh out the bikes a little more... Give the Sergeants power weapons, add another bike to each squad, maybe an Attack Bike to each squad. I am considering dropping the third Tactical Squad, seeing as they are just the AoBR models and I can't do a lot of the conversions I want on them. I could just save these guys for bigger games.

I love the Sternguard/Vanguard, those guys are going nowhere!

Considering the list and the above two points, do you have any suggestions for me? I do not play a lot, and when I do it is not a competitive environment.

Thanks in advance for your input.


EDIT: I just did the math; I could drop the third Tactical Squad, add two more Bikes, a power weapon and an Attack bike with a multi-melta to each Bike squad, then have five points to space. Thoughts?

MrBojab - January 4, 2011 12:08 PM (GMT)
Because u took a bike captain, I would drop 2 tac squads and increase both bike squads as they are troops in the new dex if you have a bike captain. This would also be very fluffy.

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