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Title: XVI Company XII Legion
Description: 2000pts

Captain Argus Brond - December 14, 2010 10:20 PM (GMT)
Here is my baby. Been working on this for a while now trying to get the correct feel. This is using the BA codex and will let you know what is what.
Tell me what you think.

Captain Argus Brond

Skull Champion Wrathe
with powerfist and jump pack

5x berzerkers
(death company)
with power weapons and jump packs

5x berzerkers
(death company)
with power weapons and jump packs

Brother-Dreadnought Lorg
jump pack (librarian upgrade)

Brother-Dreadnought Korgoris
jump pack (librarian upgrade)

Stormbird, Axefall
TL multi-melta
e. armour

Stormbird, Bloodrain
TL multi-melta
e. armour

Gladiator squad
(vanguard vets)
jump packs
4x pair of lightning claws
thunder hammer

The idea of the army is a "8th" assault company centered around killing other marines. its for a HH campaign set for this summer. all my foes will be marine players so im thinking this will tear though just about anything. I know its small but thats ok with me. I really going for Best Background, a hotly contested prize to be sure.

Anywho..this list leaves me with 30 points left. bearing in mind most of the army is build and I dont have the means to build anything new, what do you think I should spend the points on? I'm thinking Infernus pistols for the berzerkers.
please C&C! Thanks!

Aiwass - December 15, 2010 11:17 AM (GMT)
Hi Argus!

For a 2000 points army, is rather bland. You're going to die very soon. You only have 17 bodies and very few armor. The theme is good but weak, you have no scoring troops and almost no anti tank.

If you want zerkers (DC) with JPs -which is expensive and very uncontrollable- your best bet is take Wrathe as Lemartes, he is a bargain in the table!

Also, you don't need Astorath due the low DC count you have, and he is also so expensive for what he do. I will keep the Stormhawks (Stormbirds were so masive, much than a Stormraven) so here is my advice:

-Wrathe (lemartes) berzerker squad: 10x DC, 1x powerfist, jumpacks, Lemartes - 500

-Assault squad (in stormraven): 10x assault marines without jumps, 2x meltagun, powerfist- 225

-Assault squad (in stormraven): 10x assault marines without jumps, 2x meltagun, powerfist- 225

-Venerable Battle Brother Lorg (DC dreadnought, in SR) - 125

-Venerable Battle Brother Korgoris (DC dreadnought, in SR) - 125

-Stormhawk Axefall, extra armor, locator beacon, MM - 230

-Stormhawk Bloodrain, extra armor, locator beacon, MM - 230

That is the basics keeping the theme to the most, now you have more anti-tank and twice bodies on the table (and 2 scoring troops) and is just 1660 which leave us 340 points to spend in HQ's or other units.

You also noticed that I droped the libby upgrades to the dreads, 50 points is too much for jumpacks, is cheaper use DC dread, because they have fleet. I used to add locator beacons in the SR to help the DC unit deepstrike without scatter AND the dreads when disembarking.

Also your vanguard vets are too expensive. For less points you have 5 sanguinary guards with powerfist (not a fan of this unit but his 2+ armor save is better imho).

So let's finish that list:

-Reclusiarch, jumpack - 155
-Gladiator squad (Honor Guard), jumpacks, champion - 185

2000 points flat.

I choosed the HG squad because is a very good unit for that points and give you a built-in apothecary (Furious Charge+FNP bubble), non targeteable in close combat, also droped the PF on the Reclusiarch because PF are a waste in characters -which means thatyou also strike last and can be killed very easy, plus the crozius with FC is so nice).

Hope it helps!

cobra6 - December 15, 2010 09:46 PM (GMT)
Argus, your list absolutely oozes raw agression, I'll give you that!

I agree with pretty much all said above by Aiwass in terms of building a sleeker C:BA list, so I'll address a different point..

You said you were building your list to win a "background competition" right? I owe it to you as a fellow WE player to be honest - I'm pretty uncomfortable with the Storm Ravens from a Pre-Heresy fluff standpoint. Storm Ravens that have that weapons configuration and carry 12 guys and a Dred, are brand spanking new in M41, and its a stretch to "c/a" Stormbirds, which are enormous and carry a full company of Marines. I'd lump them in with Baal Predators and Razors - extremely effective, but just very hard to justify from a fluff perspective for pre-Heresy World Eaters in my opinion.

Storm Ravens are very effective, and I could see including them if you were trying to put together the most competitive list you could, but not so much in a "background" list. Again, this is just my opinion! :)

Aiwass - December 15, 2010 09:51 PM (GMT)
Well, Stormravens are pretty much the same as the pre Heresy Stormhawks (TempusFugitives ruleset or the BoLS one, don't remember which, but still there) so are very fine imho. Also the Baal predator are a STC from the crusade era IIRC.

Captain Argus Brond - December 16, 2010 09:24 AM (GMT)
Thanks for the replys guys!

Hmmmm....I see your points there Aiwass. I did have issues running this list because i just didnt have the bodies needed to make it thought till the last turn.
granted I killed everything my bases touched, I just couldnt take on any shooty or a out-last-you army.

I may have to do some re-writing. :D

Cobra, I see your point, and to be honest I glad you brought it up. My only real justifcation was that the stormravens were storm birds. which just doesnt really work. Hell, the whole company could fit in it, as you said.
that being said, I dont like rhinos. :P and I think LRs are not worth the points.
So I just its jump packs for everyone.

After some thought and some games I'll post a new list and let you guys know.

Thanks again!

Ilmarinen - December 16, 2010 11:09 AM (GMT)
Ok, just to clarify:

Stormbird - massive PH transport, able to carry a full company.

Thunderhawk - PH, able to carry 30 marines.

Stormraven - 40K, able to carry 12 marines and a dread.

Stormcrow/Stormhawk etc - PH, smaller than a Thunderhawk so presumably similar (if not identical) to a Stormraven.

As yet, we don't know whether the Stormraven is a rediscovered variant of the PH small flying transports, or whether it's something different that was unknown during PH. But we do know that the Legions used small flying transports, so I think the Stormraven (converted to make it look a bit more PH, eg changing the 40K weapons etc) will be ok to use.

cobra6 - December 16, 2010 09:58 PM (GMT)
Well, then I stand corrected - Storm Ravens are counts-as PH-fluffy!

Although, @ Aiwass: Granted, Baal Preds are a pre-Heresy design, but the canon is about as specific as it can possibly be that only BA's have them. I still say they have no place in a fluff-oriented PHWE list.

Aiwass - December 17, 2010 04:19 AM (GMT)
ofc, this is why I've not included :lol:

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