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Title: World Eater customs.
Description: Stuff I've read and think.

Captain Argus Brond - December 14, 2010 09:26 PM (GMT)
Hello dear members of TGC. How are you? I am fine.
ok, so when I started reading the HH novels I, like most,
wanted to build a PH army, after a long internal debate lasting
around 4 or 5 minutes I found myself frothing at the mouth about what
the world eaters could offer me, other than lots of chainaxes. :P

I adore the fluff, its the main reason I got into the hobby in the first place,
that being said i went off and researched the XII legion.
Not much has been writen about them as far as PH goes so this didnt take all that long.
but, learn new things I did. one of those things was the existance of this site.
which has been most helpful in my personal path of PH guru-hood.
But, I find the lack of XII legion factoids distrubing.
so here we go...

The Triumph Rope-
This was something that was shown to Kharn and us in the story After De'shea,
Angron explains that before a battle one would carve a line in ones body, and after
said battle you would either let it heal normally, to show you won. Or you would rub some
of the dirt from the battlefield into the wound, to show you were defeated.
This would cause a "red knot" if victorious, or a "black knot" if defeated.
Warriors could then keep track of their battle honours and gauge each others prowess.
Angron, it must be said, has no black knots. except perhaps in M41 he may now have 2. :D

I've only read about this a few times. In Galaxy In Flames, or at least i think it was, Angron and
his world eaters cut their left hands and smeared the blood on the visors of their helmets before
going into a fight. was this just for this fight? I dont think so, but I dont know for sure.
In the IA article, it claims that blood rites became more and more a part of the legion rituals.
which would make sense, what with being slowly brought into khornes worship.
But it does seem as though blood was important to Angron long before Horus became warmaster.

There were contests between members of a squad, between squads, and, Im guessing, between companies and captains
on who can claim the most heads in battle. This may just have been a easy way to confirm kills, but perhaps the WE
see the head of a foe to be imporant. I dont know if the totals being kept were just single battles, wars, or the warrior's
Now Im guessing most of you are saying "duh! of course they took heads!" But I was surprised about this.
Its only talked about in the IA article, and that thing makes it out that the XII legion was boarderline
khorne freaks to begin with, which i dont like.

Company numbers-
Ok, this one is going out on a limb a bit, showing my own conclusions. So, in After De'shea, we are told that Angron
kills a number of high ranking members of the WE. They go to talk to Angron and in his fury, they die.
Kharn quickly becomes the highest ranking captain left, 8th captain, and he goes and sucessfuly wins Angrons respect.
Do they ever fill out the ranks that are now empty? I say no. Kharn is, in affect, 1st captain now.
That would mean 9th is 2nd, 10th is 3rd and so on. What do you think of this?

Well this is what I can say of the top of my head, I would need my books to go on. alas they are in storage right now.
but once i get a hold of them again i'll be able to add to this with notable battles during the Great Crusade, items of note and
as much as i can.

Hope you enjoyed reading this, hope this helped with building your world eater force, or to just sound like a know-it-all at your LGS. B)
C&C very welcome and ideas for any additions. Thanks!

cobra6 - December 18, 2010 03:00 PM (GMT)
Great list - thanks for putting that together! :)

I'm not sure I'm on board with 8th Company becoming 1st Co. etc., because they never "filled out the ranks that are now empty." Those captains were dead, but those companies certainly weren't. I'm sure there was some re-arranging of duty positions and Kharn's 8th Co. may have become the "veteran" company or something similar, but I don't think 9th became 2nd and so on.

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