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Title: Titan Legions attacking Prospero

Leman Russ SW - November 16, 2010 03:41 PM (GMT)

Just bought a Titan to go with my Space Wolves and was wondering do we know if they had Titan support for the attack of Prospero and if so which legion and what colours where they?


Captain Argus Brond - November 18, 2010 07:54 AM (GMT)
From what I can remember from A Thousand Sons, I dont think there were any titans supporting the SW.

The only one I can recall is the one whats-his-name-TS-captain took control of.

Perhaps someone else can confirm or correct me, or perhaps quote a older piece of fluff.

cobra6 - November 18, 2010 10:27 PM (GMT)
Yeah, the only one mentioned in A Thousand Sons was Kalophis titan under the command of the 1K Sons.

Still that's no reaosn you can't have one in your Space Wolf force - just say it was attacking somewhere else on the surface of Prospero, other than Tizca. It can be from any legion you want - even one of the ones that turned traitor, like Legio Mortis!

Pacific - November 19, 2010 11:33 AM (GMT)
Again with situations like this, really you have to go with 'innocent until proven guilty' - that is, unless something is proven explicitly not to be the case, then by default you can make an assumption that, well, maybe the SW did have Titan Support. In general terms, remember that the discussions of background are meant to facilitate the creation of armies and modelling projects, not act as an obstruction to it. Although of course this is only my own interpretation of things, and if you are arguing purely from a background perspective (and with no consideration for making miniatures etc.) then you can always take the opposite viewpoint.

So, in order to be certain we will probably have to wait for Prospero Burns. But even then, and if there is no mention of a titan in the entire book, there might well be enough of a grey area left. After all, the SW must have known that the TS had titans. And no doubt the best way to combat titans is with other titans. I doubt very much if the events described with catalogue every attack on every location, and you have to consider the scale involved of an assault which would encapsulate and entire planet.

So, you might want to hold off on painting the titan in case Abnett reveals a particular legion was involved (he does like titans - I would put a high stake on them being involved somewhere in the story) but I would definitely start putting the thing together!

TyraelVladinhurst - November 19, 2010 11:40 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (Leman Russ SW @ Nov 16 2010, 03:41 PM)

Just bought a Titan to go with my Space Wolves and was wondering do we know if they had Titan support for the attack of Prospero and if so which legion and what colours where they?


nice a titan, if you end up not wanting it though i'll happily buy it from you

fritzagelmann - November 19, 2010 01:43 PM (GMT)
Having titan support would have required Russ to convince the Titan prefect that the Emperor had ordered the attack and destruction of the 1k Sons as opposed to calling Magnus back to Terra.

I like the idea that Horus would have sent titan support with Russ, but at this time he had to be thinking about his coming campaigns against the loyalist and I don't know that its a risk be would have been wiling to take.

Pacific - November 20, 2010 05:22 PM (GMT)
If the Emperor had just wanted to send a message to Magnus to come to earth, he would have just sent a diplomat.

Sending Russ and the Wolves was a sure message, as was the presence of the Custodes and the SoS - overwhelming power, if you do resist, you are going to lose. No doubt knowing that the TS would have had titans present on Prospero, again I think you could make a strong argument that any army sent to threaten (via threat of force) would have had to have Titans present to enforce that belief.

Outside of the fluff also, as I said Abnett seems to like Titans, and has written a fair bit about them, even involving them in stories where they might not necessarily have had to make an appearance. I would be prepared to bet money that they will feature somewhere in the story about Prospero in fact, I feel that certain about it :D

cobra6 - November 22, 2010 03:43 AM (GMT)
I'm with Pacific - unless Prospero Burns specifically states that not a single titan accompanied the Wolves to Prospero, I'd say there is a fluff loophole to include one in that scenario. And even if the novel "bans" titans, just do it as a hypothetical refight scenario, a "what-if?"

If/when Abnett does include titans in Prospero Burns, I hope they are from Legio Mortis or one of the other traitor legions, the irony would just be too cool.

Leman Russ SW - November 22, 2010 03:27 PM (GMT)
Thanks for all the responses. I thought I might have to wait til Prospero Burns is out but thought maybe there was info in the really old fluff.

Pacific - November 22, 2010 05:52 PM (GMT)
I know its penned down as 11th Jan for release, but I'm guessing you'll be able to get hold of it fairly soon - there are already a couple of guys on other forums bragging about having review copies and the like which apparently have been sent out already!

In the meantime, which titan did you buy and with which weapon configuration?

Leman Russ SW - November 23, 2010 06:03 PM (GMT)
Got the Warhound Wolf pattern with one of each weapon I am hoping to magnetise them so I can swap the around. Couldn't stretch to a Reaver after buying two Thunder hawks.

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