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Title: Operation Chainaxe
Description: World Eaters vs Orkz

Aiwass - October 12, 2010 09:03 PM (GMT)
Servo-skull S0977660000871/Z recovered log...
Imperial date: Corrupted files.
Starting log...

[Location: Shardaw sistem: Shardaw II planet [Deathworld]] VIII Company I Century Recovery task-force Chainaxe. Objective: Recover Archeotechnology.

-Captain Khârn and Assault Command Squad, RH1N0.
-Tactical Squad Uruk, RH1N0.
-Tactical Squad Vargr, RH1N0.
-Assault Demi-squad Hamramr.

Xenos menace detected:

-Mekboy with warp-field. [Codename: Boss]
-Tankbusta mob. 10 bodies detected. [Codename: Tankmob]
-Orkboyz mob. 20 bodies detected. Big ork heat signature: 1. [Codename: Bigmob]
-Orkboyz mob. 12 bodies detected. Big ork heat signature: 1. Ork trukk heat signature: 1 [Codename: Smallmob]
-Imperial looted RH1N0 signature.: 1. [Codename: Defftank]
-Warbuggies heat signature: 3. [Codename: Warbugs]
-Deffkopta heat signature: 3. [Codename: Deffkoptas]
-Big gunz heat signature: 1. 6 bodies detected. [Codename: Snotgun]

[Battle location: Desert plains of Kurukshetra][Archeo-deposits located: 4]
[Encounter beneath the Evil Sun...]
Imperial forces rush forward to secure objectives. Captain and retinue disembark to secure objective #2.
Xenos attack detected. Warbuggies rush the right flank and open fire. Looted RH1N0 open fire with ork-mounted cannon. Ork trukk and Deffkoptas incoming in the left flank. Captain squad assaulted, several casualties.

Assault Squad Hamramr take down Warbuggies. 1 Imperial casualty recorded. Tactical Squad Uruk advance and open fire with two flamer units at the Tankmob. Four xenos casualties recorded. Tactical Squad Vargr advance to help Uruk squad. Captain's squad deletd. Six orks remaining.

Deffkoptas open fire at the Captain's RH1N0, shaking it.Smallmob unit moved into Trukk and outflanked Imperial rearguard. Tankmob open fire at Hamramr's RH1N0. Imperial RH1N0 destroyed. Two Imperiaal casualties recorded. Bigmob advance in order of battle and assault Vargr's RH1N0. Imperial RH1N0 destroyed. Three Imperial casualties recorded. Defftank and Snotgun open fire at Vargr's squad. Two Imperial casualties recorded.

[Hell Unleashed]
Assault Squad Hamramr advance and melt Defftank. Tactical Squad Uruk advance over Tankmob and open fire with two flamer units. Tankmob deleted. Tactical Squad Vargr advance against Bigmob unit and open fire with two flamer units and pistol wepons. 8 xenos remaining. Bigmob retreat.

Boss rush forward and assault Uruk's squad. Boss eliminated. Tactical Squad Uruk consolidate in objective #2. No Imperial casualties. Bigmob retreat. Smallmob Waaagh! assault Vargr's squad. One Imperial casualty recorded. Two xenos casualties recorded. Deffkoptas move and open fire against Captain's RH1N0.

Tactical Squad Uruk move near Deffkoptas. Captain's RH1N0 outflank Deffkoptas. Both open fire. One xenos casualty recorded. Assault Squad Hamramr joins combat against Smallmob. Smallmob erased. Tactical Squad Vargr consolidates over objective #1. Xenos retreat. Archaotechnology recovered.[...]

[Damaged files. End of log]

ShroudFilm - November 16, 2010 09:15 AM (GMT)
Can't believe I only just saw this! Sounds awesome.

Any pics?

Aiwass - November 23, 2010 09:30 AM (GMT)
Oops! sorry, I didn't noticed that you'd replied so I'm late... Sadly there are no pics. This was a game with a friend of mine that he was trying orks (he played Tau before) and after that game he decided to stay with orks, so hopefully we can expect more bat-reps :)

BTW most of his force is proxied, but have now some SC orks that I gifted to him for his birthday (and yeah, also for helping me in a cursed run to paint!).

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