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Title: Imperial Army
Description: A TGC army list?

Ilmarinen - September 10, 2010 08:37 AM (GMT)
Hello there! :)

Over the past couple of weeks I've been thinking about the Imperial Army and I've got a bit 'inspired'! (Yes, this involves a new army!). "Oh dear" I hear you cry! :P

I've got rather nostalgic for the old Rogue Trader days of 1989 (oh god, I'm so old!) and I've been considering various options for how I could include things like Land Raiders in an Imperial Army army. Counts-as doesn't really work (LR as c/a LRBT - nah), and a lot of the original RT units are now available already, like Thudd Guns, Termites and Mole Mortars (the DKOK Siege Company list).

So, I was wondering what your views are on making up our own TGC variant army list. It'll be heavily based on the IG codex, and I was thinking of including some of the units from the DKOK army list (for example, rough riders are simply not worth taking, whereas death riders are) and then adding the extra units where appropriate. Eg: Land Raider - Heavy Support choice (or Command Squad dedicated transport?) for 240 points, BS3, options...

IG Land Speeders and Rhinos will also be making an appearance.

So, what I'd really like is some feedback once I post the list on whether or not it seems horrifically overpowered, etc. I'm not trying to create a powergamer list, just trying to go a bit retro, so some points values may need to be increased or other adjustments made.

What do you reckon? I'll have a chat with the TGC-ers going to the Scouring too. :)

Vinnie - December 7, 2010 12:31 PM (GMT)
If I can just edge into the storm of replies here :huh: and also apologise if this is considered threadomancy...

I have just begun my own Unification Wars Era Imperial Army, and I am writing a bunch of rules at the moment that, once I have playtested a little, I will be submitting to this illustrious online community for a bit of discussion! At the moment I'm simply accounting for units that could easily proxy for a normal 40k force so that I can use them whatever, although if there's enough interest on here that we start getting some house rules down, I'll definitely be converting some more special units.

So, it'd be cool to chat sometime, vis-a-vis Imperial Army awesomeness!

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