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Title: Lords of night and deceit
Description: A night lord short story

custodesboy1506 - August 14, 2010 07:59 PM (GMT)
Part I

"Is it done?"
Brother captain Drestus stood casket in gauntlet his booming voice echoing across the chamber. "Be assured of that brother, my forgeworld does not fail "
It paused momentarily before continuing in it's rasping.
"Did you render them neutralised?" The astartes remained emotionless but for a faint half laugh-half hiss at the agent of the Omnissiah's referal to him as a brother.

Finally after an eternity he opened the elaborately outlined box a dozen severed heads falling to the floor melodramatically. "And of Curze?" he came,
the mechanicus governor's gaze diverted as analysed each head within his many tentacular servo-arms.
"Be assured the mechanicus does not fail in clone genome fields." The tech governor growled as if vainly trying to convey flippancy.

To be continued....


C & C please, I know I am no author however I hope that this entertained some amongst you. :blink:

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