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Title: What theme?
Description: For my Salamander attached regiment

MrBojab - July 3, 2010 06:39 AM (GMT)

I am starting a pre heresy salamanders force and I want to make an attached imperial army regiment. so what sort of regiment?

I mean what should they look like? Should they be heavy infantry, light infantry, cavalry, mechanised or something else?

Mr Bojab

Magos Explorator - July 3, 2010 07:26 AM (GMT)
That's a good question. :) Will your Salamanders have any particular theme (e.g. mechanised infantry, fast attack, artilllery)?

Ideas I like are, in no particular order:

- Rough Rider platoon (Brother-Captain Basilius has a great example in the Display Case section of this forum)
- Adeptus Mechanicus contingent (convert models to represent Skitarii)
- Trench-fighters (in the vein of Dave Taylor's Genswick Guard, see e.g. )
- Savlar Chem-Dogs (this is one I'd like to do myself: there's a few nice logs over on Warseer)
- Siege company (lots of FW tanks and armoured units)

MrBojab - July 3, 2010 09:54 AM (GMT)
I am using the sw codex and will be mech infantry, at the moment I am thinking trench force(Bayonets, Helmets, maybe gasmasks,) or maybe a heavy infantry(Layerered flak to count as carapace)

MrBojab - July 4, 2010 08:52 AM (GMT)
sorry for double post but I like these
or the old favourite

Which of the heads do you think best suits?
They are going to the Noclatian 5th Trench Warfare Corps. Albinos from a Volcanic Death World that need rebreathers to leave their planet's atmosphere.

Noclatian 5th
TWC(Trench Warfare Corp)

+Planet Overview+
Noclatia Secundus is a death world located in the Noclatia System on the edge of the Segmentum Solar and Segmentum Ultima. It is a system of 5 planets it comprisers of 2 Death Worlds(Noclatia Secundus and Haegnor), 2 Fortress Worlds(Kaeltess and Noclatia V) and a Forge World(Noclatia Prime). Noclatia Secundus is a volcanic world quite like Nocturne, 70% of its surface is an unstable marshland of lava. The other 30% is stable land but it is overrun by large flesh eating beasts and dinosaurs that have to be dealt with daily.

These beastsí fur sells for a huge price on civilised worlds and this is the planetís primary export. The populace of Noclatia Secundus are large and albino. They stand a head taller than a Terran and although they look slight and weak they are actually as strong as a Catachan. Their bodies have become used to the atmosphere of Noclatia Secundus and therefore require breathing equipment if they leave the planetís surface.

The system and all the planets that it encompasses were found and liberated by the Salamanders Space Marine Legion early in the Great Crusade. Ever since the Noclatian Regiments have fought alongside the Salamanders, through the rest of the Great Crusade and into the Horus Heresy.

+Planet Culture+
The populace of Noclatia Secundus numbers 10 million people. Their daily life consists of hunting for furs and generally fighting for survival. They live in settlements spread across the planetís only continent. There are three main classes within their culture, the hunters, the guards and the civil service. The guards man the walls of their settlements against gangs of brigands and occasionally the beasts wander to close and must be culled. The hunters are those that go and kill the beasts for their fur and then they hand them in to the civil service. The civil service are those who receive the furs and take them to the planetís only space port.

Equipment is sent from Noclatia Prime to the planet, so the day before the recruits ship out to Noclatia V they are given their equipment. They have to do this as they need rebreathers to leave their planetís climate. When the recruits arrive on Noclatia V they are broken up into regimental areas, then the platoon barracks and finally the squad living quarters. They learn how to strip and rebuild their autoguns, how to dig a trench and bayonet tactics and training. They repeatedly go over these tactics for 3 years and then they are sent off to battle for the imperium.

The Noclatian 5th Trench Warfare Corp are trench warfare specialists. The regiment is split into 2 parts, 1 part acts as fire support using mortars and grenade launchers to win the day and the other part is used to capture enemy trenches and positions using flamers and meltaguns to burn and melt the enemy out of installations. The Demolition Teams are the armyís elite, they charge forward and blow holes in the enemy defences. On occasion these Demolition Teams are mounted in chimeras as to reach the enemy across no manís land quickly. Some of the Demolition Teams that have gone over the top have become masters of assaults. They also use an experimental form of chimera that has been nicknamed the Devil Dog. These tanks have been used to blast tanks and fortification apart.

+Regimental History+
The 5th were founded 5 years after the planet was reunited with the imperium. Although a relatively new regiment the 5th have fought in the Jakornar Campaign against the Rebels there. The campaign lasted 18 months as the Rebels stubbornly attacked the capital. The 5th dug in and held the Rebels for a full year until they were overrun. They retreated into the city and began a series of guerrilla assaults against the Rebel implacements. The conflict finally finished when the Salamanders came down from orbit and destroyed the Rebelsí morale by killing their leader. Since the 5th have fought beside the Salamanders on a dozen occasions and after the Istvaan V Massacre have now become very closely attached to the legion.

The 5th use Medusa Pattern lasguns but the section that goes over the top uses Noclatian Pattern Autoguns. The 5th wear green armour and a rebreather.

Mr Bojab

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