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Title: Horus Heresy Boardgame batrep
Description: First game - interesting ending.

Ilmarinen - June 22, 2010 04:14 PM (GMT)
So I finally played my first game of the HH Boardgame last night - Brother against Brother (scenario 1) - and it was awesome.

I was playing as the forces of the Warmaster for a change and things began well with numerous Imperial Army units declaring for Horus.

Angron and the minions of Khorne launched a savage attack from Space Port Primus against the White Scars holding the Fortress to the west. As World Eater reinforcements secured the position, their ships bombarded the area surrounding the Volcanus Factory Complex, obliterating a titan maniple of the Legio Ignatium. Eager to claim more skulls, Angron assaulted the remaining Mechanicus in the Factory. The Fabricator General's servo arms and mechadendrites stabbed the Primarch repeatedly, but the blood flowing from Angron's wounds only seemed to enrage him further, and his enormous chainaxes hacked down the lord of the Mechanicus.

Orbital bombardments obliterated the loyal Imperial Army regiments holding Space Port Damocles, leaving it easy prey for Fulgrim and his Emperors Children. The loyal Imperial Army tank regiment holding the Lions Gate Spaceport were made of sterner stuff and stubbornly clung on despite horrific casualties.

Fierce fighting raged back and fore at the Eternity Wall Spaceport, with Mortarion forced to retreat into the Tower of Shadows for a time. His successful counterattack, bolstered by traitor titan legions mustering nearby in the Crucible Region, forced attention back onto the Lions Gate, as the only Spaceport remaining under Imperial Control. Jaghatai Khan and his remaining White Scars redeployed rapidly to reinforce the remaining loyalist tanks, anticipating the inevitable attack to come. Wave after wave of traitor thunderhawks broke from orbit towards the Eternity Wall Spaceport, aiming for the open corridor along the northern Imperial Plateau, but paid a heavy price as numerous defence lasers obliterated the majority of them.

The Emperor decided the moment had arrived to confront Horus. Accompanied by his Custodes, along with Sanguinius, Dorn and the might of their Legions, he teleported to the Vengeful Spirit.

But Horus had lost none of his tactical brilliance...

His decision to drop his shields was a carefully laid trap. Scattering the Emperor and his forces through the catacombs of his flagship, Horus teleported to the surface of Terra.

Horus smiled coldly as he finally stood at the heart of the Imperium, on the soil of Holy Terra itself, the savage roars of the World Eaters at Space Port Primus drowning the distant noise of battle. His final ally had just entered the fray...

Jaghatai Khan's eyes widened in shock as sickly multicolour portals blossomed into being all around him. Led by a grimly determined Magnus the Red, Thousand Sons Astartes materialised and opened fire, bypassing the defences of the Lions Gate Spaceport. As he saw his all-too-few marines felled around him, the Khan was repeatedly seared by warp-fire and pierced by bolts of warp-lightning. His last act was a scream of defiance as his brother towered over him and raised his khopesh.

Horus felt the Emperor's despair echo through the Empyrean. With all spaceports under traitor control and the Imperial Palace virtually undefended, Terra belonged to Horus. Only one final action remained...

"All ships, open fire on the Vengeful Spirit," Horus ordered.

eFTy - June 22, 2010 05:40 PM (GMT)
Wow! Talk about brutally one-sided. Loved it! :)

Iron Corsair - June 23, 2010 12:05 AM (GMT)
Your battle report is very easy to read. I love the surprise ending; that would make a great twist in reality! Excellent job!

How well did you like the HH system? Would you recommend it to someone?

Ilmarinen - June 23, 2010 01:33 AM (GMT)

I do really like the HH system. It seems completely baffling at first, but is quite straightforward once you get the hang of it. There's certainly a lot of replayability - the games can be radically different each time.

Oh, and I just got my ass handed to me in my second game! This time I was Imperial (scenario 2) and lost all the spaceports really quickly (it didn't help that some very lucky cards meant all 4 units on one spaceport were corrupted and turned traitor!).

Iron Corsair - June 24, 2010 02:06 PM (GMT)
Thank you for answering my questions.

Lord_Mortirion - June 29, 2010 10:38 AM (GMT)
I need this game! I still
remember the warmaster
game they gave away
with whitedwarf years
ago. Ooh to play that
again. *nostalgic tear runs
from eye*

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