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Title: Codex: Salamanders

MrBojab - June 16, 2010 10:58 AM (GMT)
Well, I have started to write my fandex and have gotten some pictures off of the net. I have decided that I will include vulkan in the army list using the tempus fugitives rules, however he will be 600 points by himself to help even his incredible stat line and ownage weaponry. Is 600 points enough or should I make him 750 points? Also if you think of adding anything to the codex don't hesitate to say it. I will post up the first draft of the fandex when I have vaguely started the unit entries and points costs.

Cheers Mr Bojab

Update- I am almost finished writing fluff and will start the unit entries

Update- I am almost finished unit entries and will soon have finished first draft, when done will post on here. I have also started my playtesting and Vulkan needs to be 750 points otherwise it is too easy for him to make his points back.

Update- I am almost done need to finish heavy support then will post

Update- Finished First Draft. How do I attach it should I just copy and past it onto here or somethin'?

Update- Worked out how! look at link

MrBojab - June 23, 2010 01:57 AM (GMT)
Finished first draft. Link in first post

Uzthizzar, Librarian-Sorceror - July 9, 2010 08:32 AM (GMT)
Hey there,
Your Codex is very detailed and has obviously had a lot of work done on it.
There are some minor things however:
- Krillak Magnata: you accidently call him Cortan in his fluff blurb. Also, Vulkan wouldn't give him a weapon he made just because he didn't like it. That doesn't sound terribly heroic, may I suggest instead that you change it to something like
that he was given it for saving his Primarch's life on the battlefields of *this place*.

- Nighklanus: his special force weapon rules are a bit confusing; do you mean that he can use it twice a game unlike most other force weapons?

- Infantry Sergeants: the Promethean Squad Sergeant has WS5 and the Drake Flame Redeemer Sergeant has WS5, two wounds and artificer armour! Don't you think that is a little too powerful?

- Fire Drakes: In my humble opinion they don't really belong in the troops section. Maybe you could include a special rule saying that if you take Rapheus Kane then you can do so.

Otherwise an interesting project! ;)

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