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Title: Boston Brawl
Description: My first tourney over this weekend.

lord_caldera - May 17, 2010 03:13 AM (GMT)
This weekend I went to the first ever Boston Brawl in Cambridge, MA. It was 5 games over 2 days with about 16 competitors in the 40k tournament. I had a great time and some great games, saw some cool armies and met good people. Since organizing this first-time tournament was tough the TO used the Adepticon scenarios and only counted the primary objective in most cases. I brought my Word Bearers with this list, which did worse in comp than I expected:
Master of the Forge, (jet)bike, conversion beamer
2 Dreadnoughts in pods with heavy flamers, 1 multimelta, 1 assault cannon
5 Terminators with a chainfist and Cyclone in a Land Raider
Tactical Squad, fist, flamer, multimelta, Rhino
Tactical Squad, plasma gun, heavy bolter, Rhino
Tactical Squad, plasma gun, plasma cannon
Thunderfire Cannon
2 Devastator Squads, 4 missiles in each
user posted image
My first game Saturday was Capture and Control with 4 objectives and spearhead deployment against Todd B. He had a really nicely done Ultramarines army with a captain on bike with 2 full bike squads, jump librarian with an assault squad, a pair of tactical squads in Rhinos and 2 venerable dreadnoughts. This game was a great way to start the day after getting no sleep the night before. Todd was a great opponent in the hard-fought battle and we ended up with a draw on objectives.
user posted image
My second game was against Terry S. who had a bright orange mech Ork army led by Ghazghkull. The scenario was Annihilation with standard deployment and I was confident to win this one. Unfortunately my hopes were trashed after he weathered ALL of my shooting thanks to his big mekís force field. Only the Thunderfire Cannon managed to take something down, mutilating a buggy squadron by ignoring their cover save. I managed to pull out around 7 kill points, but he got 11 or 12. It was still an interesting game with one devastator sergeant surviving 3 rounds alone against 20 orks.
user posted image
The last game on Saturday was the random objective mission which ended up being table quarters. I wound up playing my friend Bobby and his absurd IG army which I have plenty of experience against, but no matter what I field itís damn hard to kill 170 guardsmen in cover. We were on a crazy trench system board but with night fight on the first turn all we could do was move onto the edge and see what happened. The fighting was very fierce and the trenches made for a cool game. I would have won this one but for a few passed morale tests and we drew. The board at first turn: user posted image
The trench detail and what I had to deal with along that 6ft edge:
user posted imageuser posted image
My first game Sunday morning was against Leland S. and his Deathwing. This guy had terrible luck throughout the tournament but took it all in stride and won Best Sportsman, and he really deserved it. This was easily the most fun game I had all weekend and it wasnít just because I won. We played the objectives again with bonus points, and after stealing the initiative I killed his land raider, killed one dreadnought and immobilized the other in his deployment zone, and 5ish Terminators. After that I just dismantled his army with 16 small blasts a turn, took all 4 objectives and would have tabled him but for the immobilized and weaponless dreadnought behind a ruin. We ended up just going for ridiculous feats and Leland was awesome about everything. (I forgot to turn the flash off, his army was very sharp irl.)
user posted image
My last game was against Paul G.ís wolves and was kill points. There was a giant hill in the middle of the table and I deployed spread out instead of castling, taking most of my shooting out of the game trying to reposition. I lost badly and even though there were some interesting moments, like blowing up 6 vehicles and having my dreadnought hold his dread and 2 squads of grey hunters with fists in combat for 3 turns, the game was really not a lot of fun.
These are a couple cool armies there, a pirate Ork army and the only Raven Guard Iíve ever seen:
user posted imageuser posted image
I took 14th in the tournament but it was still a weekend well spent. Everyone I talked to was enthusiastic, helpful and laid back. Few of the lists were overly competitive and people really seemed to be there for fun and not to win, although if they wanted to play hard I suppose they would have been at ĎArd Boyz at their LGS insteadÖ

ShroudFilm - May 17, 2010 06:42 PM (GMT)
Very cool - sounds like a fun weekend! Some great ideas in those armies, and that trench system board makes me want to reach for my jigsaw and some sheets of chipboard... :D

Pacific - May 18, 2010 02:10 AM (GMT)
Wow yes, that photo of the marines going down the trench just looks awesome..

Was that orc army really that bright? Makes me really want to do an orc army just to try and make a proper effort with one, half the ones you see look like they are lead by Warboss Playmobil.

lord_caldera - May 18, 2010 05:58 AM (GMT)
The trench system was awesome, there were 2 trench sections and one with craters that were modular 2'x4' pieces. Mud covered the bottom, propaganda posters littered the walls and were trampled into the floors, ladders were at the end of every trench and there was one giant shell crater ruining a section of it. It was a lot of fun to play on and having a painted army fighting in it was quite striking.

Pacific, yeah the Orks were actually a little brighter than that picture! I think he used some kind of glossy neon paint (except for the dark red) and the highlighting was very sharp and noticeable. All of the colors were clashing too, but unfortunately I didn't get a shot of the Meganobz. What an eyesore those things were, solid orange with yellow details against the bright green faces!

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