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Title: 1850 PH 1ksons (Counts as Space Wolves)
Description: Comments, critique?

Zain60 - May 10, 2010 02:14 AM (GMT)
Here's the list - No one commented on another site, so hopefully the PH experts can help me come up with tweaks. I really like it the way it is, but agreeing with myself gets me nowhere =)

245 - Njal Stormcaller (in WG Land Raider)
160 - Rune Priest, Master of Runes, Chooser (w/ Long Fangs)
Living Lightning, Stormcaller
100 - Rune Priest (w/ GH Sqd. 1)
Living Lightning, Murderous Hurricane (or Jaws?)

(38) - Wolfguard w/MoW+Combi-melta (GH Sqd. 1)
111 3x Wolfguard Terminators w/Combi-meltas
270 Land Raider w/Multi-melta, HKM
125 Dreadnought w/2x TL Autocannon
125 Dreadnought w/2x TL Autocannon

150 8x Grey Hunters, MoW, Standard, 1x Meltagun
45 Rhino, HKM

155 10x Grey Hunters, 2x Meltagun
45 Rhino, HKM

120 Predator w/Lascannon Sponsons
120 Predator w/Lascannon Sponsons
140 6x Long Fangs w/5x ML (


I realize not ALL of this may be absolutely in line with fluff, so I'll ask: Rifleman dreads around in the Heresy? Are Lascannon sponsons kosher on a 'Destructor' model in the Heresy? I know the 5 ML Devsquad is a deviation, but that's acceptable for me. I had also thought to put a Cyclone Missile Launcher termi with the devs.. another thing I'm not sure about in the heresy fluff.

rfen031 - May 14, 2010 07:00 PM (GMT)
have a look at the following for ideas for fluff and what is and what isn't available.

heresy cards

just click on the card to see the image.

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