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Title: Hazard stripes?
Description: on Heresy-era loyalists?

Ilmarinen - April 11, 2010 09:35 PM (GMT)
I've noticed that several Legions (not just Iron Warriors) seem to display hazard markings in Collected Visions.

The Alpha Legion have them on their bolters in yellow-black. The Blood Angels and Imperial Fists have black stripes on their chainswords (with red and yellow respectively).

I was wondering whether the stripes are a Heresy-era feature, and therefore whether or not I should use them on my White Scars?

At the moment I'm going to have black gun casings, but I was wondering if they might look good with either black and white or black and yellow hazard markings? (Siege shields on vindicators, power fists, chainswords, bolter casings - some or all of these options).

What are your opinions? :)

Hero of Istvaan - April 11, 2010 09:49 PM (GMT)
well i have them on my poser fists and siege shields. ive not put them on my bolters or chain swords though as in thinking it would be too much

ShroudFilm - April 11, 2010 09:57 PM (GMT)
"Poser fists"? Never has a truer truism been stated... :lol:

I use hazard stripes on my IW and WE. Nothing more hazardous than artillery and Berserkers.

Dargor - April 11, 2010 09:59 PM (GMT)
The Scars i always saw as a ritualistic Legion rather than a industrial/techy one.If you want to paint something similar to hazard stripes on your chainswords and such,i suggest you go the true Scar way and paint little red triangles on them(like this <,one on top of the other).

Cheers! :)

King Fluff - April 11, 2010 10:32 PM (GMT)
I agree with Dargor - something like the PH blood claw pack markings.....or go somethign similar to the bolter details of the 1990's grey hunters just a couple of very thin yellow tracer lines across the bolter casing

Magos Explorator - April 12, 2010 06:54 AM (GMT)
I agree with Dargor for White Scars (although think hazard stripes would look good on most Legions, too).

Ilmarinen - April 12, 2010 07:23 AM (GMT)
Thanks for the replies guys!

I probably should have mentioned that I'm thinking of sticking to more of a Rogue Trader feel with my army, rather than the red zags everywhere tribal look (I'll claim they're Terrans). My marines will be almost entirely white, with gold details. The only red bits will be the veteran helmets and the robes on the captain. My marines won't have any tactical markings (I thought about the right shin, but decided to stick with all-white).

I'll see what looks better - black triangles or black stripes (on white - I think yellow would be too much).

Arden Fell - April 12, 2010 11:22 AM (GMT)
Well by the time of the Heresy, the HSE will have completely taken over the running of Terra. In fact i imagine that the Emperor himself is the Chief Inspector, and has a rule book in his gold armoured briefcase, along with several triplicarte 'does not comply' and 'immediate cestation' forms. And a pair of safety glasses.

Hazard markings on a chinsword? For an added flourish why not write in small letters "Away from Body" with a little arrow.


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