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Title: The Legacy of the 5th Jovian Grenadiers
Description: THe fluff for my Epic: Armageddon Army

Iron Corsair - April 7, 2010 09:34 PM (GMT)

The 5th Jovian Grenadier Regiment was formed during the very early days of the Great Crusade, just after the Emperor of Mankind had finished conquering the Sol System. After securing an agreement with the rulers of Jupiter, the Emperor conscripted vast brigades of troopers raised on the many different moons of Jupiter, ranging from the hives of Io, to the vast underground cities of Ganymede. The 5th was the last regiment to be recruited before the Emperor set off for the stars.


The 5th Jovian Grenadier’s first commander, Lord Commander Marius Fabri, was actually a Terran born veteran of the Unification Wars, and steadfast follower of the Emperor. Marius’s regiment was put to the test on the nearby world of Ghünter’s World. A mere one hundred fifty light years from Terra, Ghünter’s World was boldly resisting the Emperor’s benevolent offer of peace and prosperity. Ghünter’s World’s leaders ruled as an oligarchy, and were divided as to how to deal with the Emperor’s forces. At first, the 3rd Merican Armored Regiment was sent to wipe out all resistance on Ghünter’s World. However, using guerrilla warfare tactics, the rebels routed the 3rd Armored and forced them to hide within the forested regions on Ghünter’s World. The 5th Jovian Grenadiers were sent in to reinforce the defeated Merican Regiment. When the 5th landed, Marius marched into the commander post of the 3rd Merican Regiment and immediately and arrogantly ordered that full command of the situation be given to him. Disregarding him, the 3rd Merican’s Commander, Lord Commander Hector Noss ordered incompetently that a massive orbital bombardment be used against the capital city of Ghünter’s World. Following his orders, the fleet above decimated the city, leaving few survivors. Horrified, Marius realized that by destroying the city filled with civilians, Noss had just angered a hornet’s nest. Throughout Ghünter’s World, militias were formed and before Noss knew it, he was surrounded by nearly one million angry civilians. Running low on food, and water, Noss and the 3rd Merican Armored left the 5th Jovian Grenadiers and surrendered unconditionally all Imperial forces on Ghünter’s World. Marius and the 5th Jovian disagreed, however, and hid among a series of cliffs and watched as the infuriated civilians wiped out the entire 3rd Merican Armored, after they had laid down their arms. Furious, Marius immediately ordered his men to open fire from the cliffs. Artillery fired not stop anti-personnel shells. The ill-prepared militias ran, terrified by the barrage. The shrapnel caused appalling injuries against the enemy troops. Calling upon the fleet, increased bombardments destroyed most cities on Ghünter’s World, reducing those that remained to rubble. The leaders of Ghünter’s World immediately offered surrender, which was accepted. The Emperor, however, demanded tribute from Ghünter’s World for the lives of all the dead of the 3rd Armored Regiment. The 5th Jovian Grenadiers were sent to collect this tribute. The Emperor was given many valuable weapons, but the Emperor did not want trinkets. He ordered that all men women, and children, on Ghünter’s World be forced to work in the Mechanicum’s factories for the rest of their lives. The 5th Jovian Grenadiers were the enforcers during this time, herding huge bands of people onto the Mechanicum slave ships. Among the field of dead the decomposing remains of the 3rd Merican Regiment were buried. Few survived among the 3rd Armored Regiment; those who did were folded into the 5th Jovian Grenadiers. A private Bartholomew Noss was among those who became a trooper among the Grenadiers. Noss was the son of the deceased Lord Commander Hector Noss. Bartholomew would later erase the stain of shame and humiliation from his family name. The 5th Jovian Grenadiers served faithfully and garrisoned many worlds conquered by the Astartes. Bartholomew Noss cleaned the blemish on his honor when he led an almost suicidal assault against a well prepared Ork Warband during the later days of the Great Crusade. By then Noss was a Colonel, but by the end of the battle, he had been promoted to Lord Commander after the last lord commander, Jonathon Hukloth, died during the operation.

Horus Heresy

During the Horus Heresy, 5th Jovian Grenadiers would face many horrors. During the opening months of the war, they fought against the twisted Emperor’s Children and their equally perverse Archite Palatines. Fighting a slowly losing war of attrition, the 5th Jovian Grenadiers were forced to retreat. Linking up with reinforcements in the Sol System, the 5th Jovian Grenadiers were ordered by Imperial Fist Primarch Rogal Dorn, to report to his captain, Captain Camba Diaz. Captain Diaz and First Captain Sigismund had been ordered to fight their way to the loyal forges of Mars, and rescue all the personnel and equipment needed to withstand a siege. The 5th Jovian Grenadiers fought tenaciously against a foe superior in fire power, and numbers at the Mondus Gamma Forge Complex. Holding off long enough with their allies the Imperial Fists, the Grenadiers allowed all the armor, weapons, and munitions needed for a long battle to be placed in the shuttles and sent with them back to Terra.

The Siege of Terra

It was during the Siege of Terra that the 5th Jovian Grenadiers’ name was forever placed in history. The 5th Jovian Grenadiers under Lord Commander Bartholomew Noss fought with the White Scars to defend the Lion's Gate space port. Fighting against Daemons from the Immaterium, traitorous Astartes perverted by the foul powers of Chaos, and Army regiments turned to Chaos, the 5th Jovian Grenadiers were literally wiped out. With only about fifty men remaining, Lord Commander Bartholomew Noss donned his carapace armor, grabbed his Bolt Pistol, and slid on his Lighting Claws before charging, with his men and Astartes of the White Scars, into a blood-soaked mob of World Eaters of the 6th Company. Bartholomew Noss was the last of his men to die. With his Bolt Pistol empty, and clutching his regiment’s tattered banner, Noss was cut down by a traitor Astartes’ chainaxe. Even as he fell, Noss stabbed with his Lighting Claws and smote the foul heretic a mortal blow to his chest. As the Marine fell, Noss’s eyes glazed over, and he watched, unseeing, as the Blood Angel detachment that had been fighting with him was wiped out. After the Siege of Terra, Noss’s body was found and given a burial tomb on Terra where he fell. Noss was given a medal for heroism.

The Aftermath

In the Aftermath of the Horus Heresy, the 5th Jovian Grenadiers were re-formed from various veterans of the Imperial Army who had lost their Regiments. These men and women would begin training new young men and women in the art of war and thus continue the long standing traditions of the 5th Jovian Grenadiers. Captain Oscar Belerius instated a new tradition. Deciding that all Lord Commanders of the 5th Jovian Grenadiers should aspire to be as similar to Lord Commander Bartholomew Noss as possible, they would be renamed Lord Commander Bartholomew Noss. If a woman became Lord Commander of the Regiment, she would keep her old first name, but change her last name to Noss. Over the years, with the disbanding of the Imperial Army, and the formation of the Imperial Guard, the rank ‘Lord Commander’ became Colonel, since Lord Commanders commanded far more then a single Regiment. Ever since the Siege of Terra, the 5th Jovian Grenadiers have fought many of the foes of the Imperium, and have served with the Blood Angels chapter on numerous occasions. To this day, the 5th Jovian Grenadiers are serving the God-Emperor, fighting in the far reaches of the galaxy.

C&C welcome!

The Red Sorcerer - April 8, 2010 04:03 PM (GMT)
Nicely done background there, I like the way you have integrated the known background from the novels into your own!

Mind you, 'gorilla warfare'? :D This wasn't the planet of the Apes was it?

I'd place them at the Eternity Wall Spaceport during the Siege of Terra if you want them fighting the World Eaters - going by the original background this was the one the World Eaters were assaulting. In contrast to the Lions Gate (which fell almost immediately when the majority of the defenders went over to Chaos) the Eternity Wall put up a proper fight before falling to the Traitor forces, which fits well with the 'heroic last stand' idea you are going for. The Blood Angels wouldn't have been at the Space Ports though, they were with the Emperor defending the palace itself. If you want the remnants of the regiment fighting with Spoace Marines before they are wiped out, probably the best way to do it is have the survivors of the fall of Eternity Wall joining with the White Scars in their counterattack on the Lions Gate Space port, seeing as the attack was
"spearheaded by the savage warriors of the White Scars, who led the remnants of the 1st Tank Division and elements of the surviving Guard armies".
Alternatively you could have the survivors falling back to the palace walls, where they could indeed have fought and died alongside the BA.

And its worth sticking in that it was the Mondus Gamma Forge Complex where they fought on Mars. After all, there's so little detail about these guys its worth including everything there is!

Iron Corsair - April 8, 2010 04:24 PM (GMT)
Nicely done background there, I like the way you have integrated the known background from the novels into your own!

Thanks Red! It was partly through skimming through your articles in the Q&A section that I figured out some the various Imperial Army Regiments(I'm looking at the Archite Palantines), and other little tidbits. :D

Mind you, 'gorilla warfare'? :D This wasn't the planet of the Apes was it?
Well to my credit, it was the afternoon and I did have the sun shining on me so I was getting a bit sleepy. :lol:

I've switched some of the things up, from the Eternity Gate to the White Scars. Thanks for bringing that up. ;)

And its worth sticking in that it was the Mondus Gamma Forge Complex where they fought on Mars. After all, there's so little detail about these guys its worth including everything there is!
Added! Thanks for reminding me about which Forge it was.

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