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Title: 500 points battle, Astartes Vs. Eldar
Description: A Tale Of X Gamers battle.

Gagoc TheAncient - March 27, 2010 08:26 PM (GMT)
Some of you might have read that I'm taking part in a Tale of X gamers project at my local GW.
This month I had to battle witth a 500 point army against the shop manager's army.

Now, originally he said he was doing Space Wolves (Logan Grimnar and Wolf Guard), so I made a list to face such a force and went to set the when only to find he'd changed to Imperial Guard.

So today was set as the day of battle (last possible day to succeed the first month).

I took most of my army and the lists for facing either SW or IG. He'd changed again, this time to Eldar.

So I spent some time getting advice and coming up with a new army list.

PH Astartes:
Librarian 100 pts.
Scout squad: 4 snipers, 1 heavy bolter plus camo cloaks 100 pts.
Devastator squad: 1 sergeant, 2 boltguns, 2 heavy bolters, 1 missile launcher, 1 lascannon 202 pts.
Predator destructor with heavy bolter sponsons 85 pts.

Total: 487 points.

Vs. Eldar (estimated list)
Farseer 55, Runes of Warding +15 & Guide +20 = 90pts.
5 Fire Dragons 80, Exarch +12 = 92pts.
5(?) Rangers = 95pts.
5 Dark Reapers 175, Exarch + 12 & missile launcher +10 = 197pts


Players: Gagoc vs. James Wise (GW Sheffield manager)
Game type: Capture And Control.
Army size: 500 points or less.
Special Rules: normal FOC not in force only 1 troop type is necessary.
Table: small with a hill and three buildings. The buildings in opposite corners are the objectives.

I chose The Gate Of Infinity and Avenger for my Librarian’s psychic powers.
Eldar won the toss, chose deployment zone and deployed first.
He chose to deploy in the objective building in his deployment zone (building 1), with the Fire Dragons behind the building, the Farseer on the first, and the Dark Reapers also on the first floor with 2 on the roof.

user posted image

I deployed my Predator Reshef on the ground floor, poking out, of the objective building in my deployment zone (building 2), the Librarian S’Tekh to the predators left, and the Devastators on the building (1 HB, Las, ML) with the sergeant, the 2 bolter and a heavy bolter to the right of the Predator, around the buildings corner.

user posted image
user posted image

SM won infiltration roll and deployed scouts first.
user posted image

Farseer: “(Have your Rangers infiltrate and deploy in the building to our west.)”
Ranger Leader: “(I cannot. Mon-keigh scouts are there already.)”
Farseer: “(What! Then deploy your squad on the ground floor of this building.)”

That’s right. I deployed my only scoring unit, scouts, on the third building’s roof. They had line of sight to most of his men, and were in striking distance of claiming the objective if he vacated. I thought it would split his fire if he chose to deal with both at the same time.

Turn 1, Eldar turn.
He Ran his Fire Dragons over towards building 3.
Had the Farseer cast Guide on the Dark Reapers and opened fire on my Devastators.

The Farseer watched as the Dark Reapers opened fire on the armour clad mon-keigh.
Dark Reaper Exarch: “(Farseer, with your aid three shots struck!”)
Farseer: “(And how many died?)”

Sgt Gereint: “My lord S’Tekh I must report that brother Bors has fallen to enemy fire.”

The Farseer felt a slight tremor of uncertainty. “(only one!?)” he said.

Turn 1, Astartes turn.
I used The Gate Of Infinity to teleport my Librarian to the scouts side.

S’Tekh: “Gereint. I leave you now to lend aid to our scouts.”
….. “Ooooohhhhh dear!”
He had expected to find himself standing just behind the scouts on the roof of the third building, so it was quite a surprise when he instead found himself stood between the third and enemy held buildings just as the Fire Dragons ran past a few metres in front of him.

I opened fire on the Fire Dragons with the Librarians boltgun.

S’Tekh: “%&*$£”
S’Tekh realised that his pistol had the effect of both attracting the Fire Dragons attention…. And angering them.

Next I targeted the Fire Dragons with my Devastators, but only the heavy weapons were in range, and the missile launcher fired a krak missile.
I got four hits, 1 las, the Krak missile, and two heavy bolter rounds. One heavy bolter round was allocated to the Exarch.

S’Tekh was grateful when the Devastator squads heavy weapons opened up on the Fire Dragons and all that was left standing was the squad commander and one the troops.

Then Reshef opened fire on them with auto cannon and heavy bolters. Each surviving Fire Dragon took two hit each.

After Reshef had spoken of its deadly intent with autocannon and heavy bolt rounds, S’Tekh was temporarily alone but for five dead xenos.

The scouts were the last to fire, with no effect.

Eldar: One squad of Fire Dragons lost.
Astartes: One Space Marine lost.

Turn 2, Eldar Turn.
The Farseer once more cast guide on the Dark Reapers, but my Librarian was close enough to use his psychic hood which failed against the Farseer’s Runes Of Warding. The Dark Reapers once more opened up on the Devastators.

Dark Reaper Exarch: “(Once again only three shots struck, Farseer. But Two fell!)”

Sergeant Gereint and Khaten died, but Oremkhu (who had been demonstrating a suicidal streak by constantly ‘falling’ off the top of the building) survived.
They failed their Morale test and ran 6”.

Farseer: “(The mon-keigh run! No.. Wait…. “)
The Farseer began to feel dreads icy hand upon him. “(They’ve returned.)”

Thank you And They Shall Know No Fear. My squad regrouped back to the building by 6”, which meant that they returned to their original positions except for one heavy bolter that moved from the ground to the first floor with the rest.

The Rangers opened fire upon my Librarian, and completely missed!

Turn 2, Astartes turn.
I moved my Librarian towards the Eldar-held building, within striking distance of the Rangers and used Avenger.

S’Tekh called upon the power of the warp through his hood, and focused it into stream of eldritch flame directed at the xenos.
When the flames died the are was scoured clear of the enemy except for one scout.

The Farseer felt the sudden burst of psyker power and opened his senses. “(Aaahhh shazbot!)” quietly pased his lips once he knew what had befell the Rangers.

Next I turned my predator’s weapons upon the Eldar within in the building. It and the Devastators opened fire, killing a Dark Reaper and the Exarch. Finally the scouts scored another kill leaving only the Farseer,a Ranger, and a Dark Reaper.

Dark Reaper: “(Farseer, what shall we do now?)” He turned find the Farseer gone and looked to the Ranger who pointed to the Farseer briskly walking away, in the opposite direction of the enemy tank.
As discretion is the better part of valour, both Eldar decided to join him.

Eldar: One squad of Rangers lost but for one, Dark Reapers all but one dead; Farseer and survivors run.
Astartes: One Space Marine Sergeant and on SM lost.

Win: Astartes!

We shook hands, and then I started laughing my head off at both the surprise at and the joy of winning! And against the store manager too!

Did I forget to mention it's been a couple of years since I last fought a battle (4th Ed.) and even then I can count the number of battles I've fought on one hand?!

Iron Corsair - March 28, 2010 12:48 PM (GMT)
Excellent victory and report, Gagoc!

Lucius - March 31, 2010 07:20 PM (GMT)
Good Work ;) , I always like to hear eldar losing :)

Siegemaster - August 18, 2010 05:00 AM (GMT)
If I may comment, the pics could have a bit of work. But otherwise, an interesting battle report

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