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Title: Spartan Land Raider Tutorial
Description: Build your own (WIP).

Gagoc TheAncient - March 7, 2010 07:09 PM (GMT)
I've written a rough guide to building a Spartan Land Raider, but it's rough.
So any questions and feedback will help me refine it and will be welcomed gladly.

I don't have diagrams, just WIP and pre-painting pics.

My version of a Spartan built with a Mk III Land Raider and a Mk II Rhino.
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

Spartan Land Raider. 300 points (at least)

BS: 4, Armour; F: 14, S: 14, R: 14.

Transport Capacity 20 models (power armour, or 10 Terminators)
Twin-linked heavy bolters (hull-mounted)
2x Twin-linked lascannons (sponson-mounted)
Heavy bolter (pintle-mounted)
Smoke launchers

May replace heavy bolter with:
-heavy flamer (? either Free or for 5pts)
-multi-melta 10pts

May take:
Extra armour (? either 15pts or should be standard)
A storm bolter 10pts
A hunter-killer missile 10pts
A dozer blade 5pts

If the Extra Armour comes as standard, with any increase to armour stats, then the points cost for the Spartan should be raised but I'm not sure by how much.

Parts list:
Hull= One Land Raider kit, either the standard or Crusader - Redeemer type;
From the Rhino kit the upper, top or dorsal hull, the central floor, the front plus viewing slit, and the pair of upper doors for the hull.
The Rhino parts are freely available from Bits websites.

PH sponsons= 2 of each of the Leman Russí sponsors, either from the standard kit or the demolisher kit; 2x demolisher sponson Lascannons, and 2x IG heavy weapons team Lascannons.

Pintle Mounted Weapons: You can probably get away with the Crusaders Multi-melta, but if you want to do the others then itís a Heavy Bolter, I suggest the Attack Bikes/Land Speeder one, and a Heavy Flamer, I used the Sentinelís as a basis. And you will need the three hatches to mount them.

You will also need: Plasticard, plastic rod (square/oblong),

Assembling the hull. Assemble the Land Raider hull as normal, except for the assault ramps and the upper hull pieces.
From the main upper hull piece, the one that also covers the tracks, you need to remove the piece sticking out with the three studs on it. This is so you have more room to fit the Rhino bits.

When it comes to altering the Rhino top to fit in the Land Raider there is a fluke of design. The flanges (raised oblongs on the hull over the tops of the tracks), or at least the inner set, just fit into the gap between the Land Raiders track covers.
As such you just a few millimetres, about 3mm, either side of the Rhino flanges to act as a tab to fit between the Land Raiderís passenger compartment and the main upper hull.

Then you need to cut down the Rhino upper hull to just the main hatch. This means losing the vents and vox stuff at the back, the hatches at the front, and most of the track covers.
With my own conversion I kept some of the rhino hull between the main hatch and forward hatches for character. But this made the conversion tougher.

Next you need to work on the Land Raiders forward hull, this is the part where you mount the Twin-Linked hull weapon, usually Heavy Bolters.
Youíll need to remove the part that meets the back of the upper Assault Ramp, and some from either side so itís the same width as the piece of Rhino hull youíve altered. You will also need to work on the Assault Ramp hinges at the front, either removing them or cutting them down. Youíll need to keep the vertical part of the hull, just behind the Assault Ramp bit, so the top of the Rhino front plate has somewhere to stick to.

Youíll need to attach the cut-down Rhino hull to the back of the Land Raiderís forward hull. Because of my conversion I did this the hard way. The easiest way I can think of is to get where these two pieces meet to the same thickness, and then use plastic rod to connect them.

The front of the Spartan is made from the Rhino front plate and Floor. Youíll need to stick these two together first, I found that the best way was to get the inner sides of the passenger compartment from an unassembled Rhino and use them to hold the floor and front in place whilst gluing.
I even stick a rod of plastic between the front plate and floor to brace and hold them in position.

Now, you will want to dry fit what youíve done together, but you canít. Why? Because a) the Rhino floor is to wide for the lower door of the Assault Ramp, and B) when in place the Rhino floor is higher than the Land Raiders, usually 3-5mm.

To solve these you will first have to cut a narrow strip at least from the internal lip, and possibly from the sides of the lower assault ramp doorway, a few mm from each side about 3-5mm above the Land Raiders floor.
You will then need some plastic square rod for between the two floors. I stuck a 3mm wide piece across the front of the Land Raiders floor, and another a couple of cm back. If it wasnít tall enough I had the ability of adding strips of plasticard on top to raise it.

Once I got these so that I could dry-fit them together I started to box-in the front with plasticard.
Not easy as I had problems working out the shapes I had to cut out of plasticard. Instead of having one big piece either side I had two, one part for the side of the Rhino front and floor, the other for the Land Raiderís forward hull and any of the Rhino top that juts out. Mine has the upper of these plasticard pieces overlapping the lower.

I had to do it roughly first leaving gaps where the plasticard would meet the Land Raiderís main body, with the upper I also had to cut a notch for the forward heavy bolters recess. Luckily it would the main body along where the assault ramp would be.
I shaped it this upper piece to echo the shape of the armour where it has those recesses at the front side of the track.

Once I had these plasticard pieces in place, I assembled the main body of the Spartan. I then used wide strips of plasticard to add an raised edge where the plasticard would meet the rhino hull pieces, as well as where they met the assault ramp thereby covering the gaps.

Then all I had to do was GS any gaps and assemble model, ready for final embellishments and painting.

MrBojab - June 23, 2010 12:36 PM (GMT)
well, that is not actually a proper spartan
Have a look at the tempus fugitive rules then you will have an understanding of what the look like and have.

Cheers MrBojab

Gagoc TheAncient - June 23, 2010 11:08 PM (GMT)
MrBojab, I started on this Spartan project before TF released their rules. I've been planning it for years, pretty much since I read the original article, and I did my research.

I've even posted a version of this article here:

It lacks the originals artwork, but I've appended my own stuff to the end of it.

And finally, I believe that mine is truer to the spirit of the background for this tank than the TF rules.
I am right in thinking that their rules are for a glorified, open-decked Land Raider?!?

fritzagelmann - June 24, 2010 12:01 PM (GMT)
user posted image

Ah, those were the days...

IngoPech - June 25, 2010 12:55 PM (GMT)
Yes, Those were indeed the days... ;)

Gagoc TheAncient - June 24, 2012 04:12 PM (GMT)
Found pics.

user posted image

user posted image

These two pics show the three sections of roof completed.

user posted image

Shows the Spartan main body with the spacers for raising the Rhino floor.

user posted image

The one above shows the roof unit dry fiteed with Land Raider body and Rhino front and floor.

user posted image

Beginning to box-in the lower front section.

user posted image

Front end boxed-in with extra plasticard strips used to create a pattern in the armour.

user posted image

Basic hull finished with gaps filled by plasticard.

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