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Title: Concept works

Totenkopf - February 21, 2010 11:07 PM (GMT)
Hey guys, I think I need a bit of help here. I am using the Tempus Fugitives army list.
First off my Sagittarius Concept model:
This one is still very WIP, and likely to be the tribune, so I will have to give him a Signum. What does that look like? And obviously he has a Plasma Pistol, which I then discovered that he cannot have... But considering that the damn plasma pistol and the wires attaching it were more damn effort and tears than the whole rest of the model, the damn thing is staying!
Also, as I said, this is a concept piece and I am trying to find potential issues. I just found one. How the hell do I model a lascannon on this guy? I guess I could use the same thing as with my vindicare/archaeotech_sniper/Tech Magos down below, but does anyone have any other ideas? Thanks.

Totenkopf - February 21, 2010 11:11 PM (GMT)
Next up are my Praetorian Auxilia. I have been trying to find suitable arms for them (Assault cannon and clunky close combat attachment arm thingie...).
Again, these are just WIP.

I also fumbled this together, without any real notion of what to use it as

Magos Explorator - February 22, 2010 08:39 AM (GMT)
Looks very nice. :) The sniper magos is cool! I will be posting some of my newer efforts on the boards in the near-ish future, although I'm going in a different style from my previous work, and building the list based on the Imperial Guard codex rather than Witch Hunters as before.

Maxmini recently released some bionic combat and gun arms, which may be of use to you. Terminator bits may also fit your Auxilia quite well.

For a lascannon, you could use one of the IG plastic but strip it down a lot (e.g. shortened barrel), so it looks like a lascannon but perhaps an advanced pattern. That way it might be easier to fit it on the model somewhere.

As for a signum, I figured that some sort of targetting array/bionic eye would do? I don't think it necessarily has to be modelled.

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