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Title: Emperors Childeren Verus Anti Necron Guard

ghostmaker - February 10, 2008 01:45 PM (GMT)
well first time to post Battle Report
Ig Army Camo Line, Iron Dis., Sharp Shoot, Ratlings

HQ HSO Power weapon 4 plasmas Commiser power fist and Chrimea
Inqusitor ...and worth less stuff ( just sat around whole game)

The SOB Jump Infantry 5 women squad

1 Demolisher

1 Russ

1 Baskillisk

1 squad Ratlings

In Both of the *Paltoon HQ's
*1 Lascannon heavy Weapons Team
*1 Heavy Bolter HEavy weapons team
One had Lascannon and other heavy

then 6 squads of Base IG with Lascannons every squad

squad of 6 orgyns

My Army

Troops 15 Marines Including Champion Powerfist
*6 Troop Slots

Kharn 165pts (Chapter Master)

1 Havoc Squads 6 men * 4 Rockets

Put out like a IG player with Camo line could in bulidings

EC 1st Turn I got to go Advanced up the middle and sides Rockets fired and destoryed Chrimea first turn (only thing in sight)

IG 1st Turn Unleashed Hell Bascially and moved Orgyns to counter attack shot into one squad with 4 squads killed 5
other two squads shot at havocs killed 1 Russ drove up shot killed no Havocs Baskilisk Shot killing 8 in 2 squads.

EC 2nd Turn Advance again Unloaded with bolters into 2 squads killed 13 guys
then Shot in heavy weapon team killing 2 stands Havocs destoryed Russ's Main Cannon Kharn got into combat and killed all he could and massacred into more Guardsmen

IG 3rd Turn Move in to counter attack Shots again one squad from ratling and Demo. is destoryed..then bask. hits Havoc buliding and kills none (cover save)
Then Orgyns Charge Squad in open go same time I win he stays then the Cannoses i belive (SOB jump unit) Charged and killed 4 guys and ran away 4 in. adn thorw 2 squads at Kharn he killed 5 men then got brought down to a wound.

EC 3rd Turn Havocs Destoryed Demo.s Main gun One unit prepares a counter charge on the orgyns and gets ready another unit prepares to charge a unit holed up in the Kharn bulding.Kharn goes killing 5 more then dies Top squad kills all of10 out of the 10 piled into them ....The orgyns are borken after 26 marines (basically) are into them run and get ran down...The Cannones are caught by one sqaud and killed then ...The whole Flank where he had everything crumpled and called it i had 45 Models left 4 socring Units and one 5 man unit he had nothing

Kharn Killed HQS

2 squads killed Orgyns and Heavy weapons
1 squad killed Cannones (S.O.B. jump)
1 Squad killed 3 squads
1 squad sucked and died
1 squad held the line
Havos took two turrets off and destoryed 2 Tanks and made two worth less

His units pretty much ran away .......

If there spellin mistakes sorry (Iknow there are ) 1st tiem to post battle sorry if not good ....


ShroudFilm - February 10, 2008 07:19 PM (GMT)
Sorry, this is clearly not PRE-Heresy.

No Commissars, Necrons, Sisters of Battle, or Inquisitors in the PH era.


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