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Title: The Primarch Description Thread

Fulgrim - February 5, 2010 04:33 PM (GMT)
Ok, I was bored so I thought I'd compile a list of the given descriptions of the Primarchs in the HH novels.

Lion El'Jonson

QUOTE (Descent of Angels)

QUOTE (Fallen Angels)


QUOTE (Fulgrim)


QUOTE (Fulgrim @  pg496)
Grim-Faced Perturabo stood apart from his brothers, the firelight reflecting red off the burnished plates of his armour and mighty hammer.

QUOTE (Fallen Angels)

Jagahati Khan

Leman Russ

Rogal Dorn

QUOTE (Horus Rising)

QUOTE (Lightning Tower)

Night Haunter

QUOTE (Fulgrim @  pg496)
The lightning streaked armour of Night Haunter seemed darker than even the black podium, his skull-faced helmet a spot of white amid the shadows that wreathed him.

QUOTE (Dark King)
Lank hair hung to his neck like black ropes and spilled across his wide, powerful shoulders... He crossed the chamber and placed his hand on the skull-faced helmet...the sweeping wings rose from its sides like pinions of some avenging angel of night. The burnished plates were dark, each one contoured perfectly to his form and worked with gold edging that caught the sunlight...until the skull faced visor connected to his gorget... His vision shifted subtly and his perception broadened as he blended with the shadows. Curze owned the darkness...His fist punched through the armour of the first Phoenix Guard...Night Haunter felt the ever-present anger seething under his skin


QUOTE (Horus Rising @ pg334)
His long black hair was pressed down by the weight of the shawl of gold chain he wore across his head.The edges of it framed his solemn features. He had marked his cheeks with grey ash in mourning...He towered over the captain, his gold plate badged with rubies and bright jewels, and marked, like the armour of the Warmaster, with the unblinking Eye of Terra. Sanguinius' vast wings, like the pinions of a great eagle, were furled against his back, and hung with silver bands and loops of pearls. 

Ferrus Manus

QUOTE (Fulgrim @ pg120)
Ferrus Manus towered over his servants,his knotted flesh pale as though carved from the heart of a glacier...His close cropped hair was jet black, his eyes like glittering silver coins, and his features were battered by centuries of war...The flesh of his arms and hands shimmered and rippled as though formed from liquid mercury that flowed into mighty hands and had somehow trapped in that form forever.

QUOTE (Fulgrim @ pg121)
The primarch still towered over him, his silver eyes shining and without pupils...for those eyes were like chips of napped flint, hard, unforgiving and sharp.

QUOTE (Fulgrim @ pg124)
The primarch's armour was black, it's every surface hand forged, it's every curve and angle perfect, its majesty matched only by the being that wore it. A high gorget of dark iron rose at the back of his neck and embossed rivets stood proud on the silver edge trims of every plate...The primarch's face was as though carved from marble.


If your reading this thread and there is no info. Come back later, I'm editing it in :)

Fulgrim - February 5, 2010 05:14 PM (GMT)

QUOTE (False Gods @ pg380)
Angron, the bloody one: the Red Angel...Clad in a suit of ancient gladiatorial armour...a glittering mesh cape of chainmail hung from his high gorget and pauldrons, with skulls worked into its weave... Angron's face was murder itself, his thick features scarred and bloody. Dark iron glinted on his scalp where cerebral implants punctured his skull.

Roboute Gulliman


QUOTE (Galaxy in Flames)

QUOTE (Flight of the Eisenstein)

Magnus the Red

QUOTE (False Gods @ pg314)
Copper skin replaced fur and its eyes ran like liquid as they formed one, golden orb. Thick red hair sprouted from the figure's head and bronze coloured armour shimmered into existence...He wore a billowing cloak of feathers.

Horus the Warmaster

QUOTE (Horus Rising)


QUOTE (Fulgrim @  pg496)
Lorgar of the Word Bearers, who had only recently arrived, stood proud and tall with his red cloak wrapped around granite grey armour like a shroud.

QUOTE (Tales of the Heresy: Scions of the Storm @ pg202)
His scalp was completely hairless, and every inch of exposed flesh was caked in gold leaf... the sockets of his soulful, impossibly intense eyes were blackened with Kohl...He stood a head taller than Talgron, and his slender physique was encased within a magnificent suit of armour. Each overlapping plate was the colour of granite and inscribed with the intricate cuneiform of Colchis. Over this he wore an opulent robe the exact shade of congealed blood, the fabric heavy with gold stitching.


QUOTE (Fulgrim @ pg454-455)
Vulkan's skin was dark and swarthy, and his eyes carried a depth of wisdom that had humbled the greatest scholars of the Imperium. His armour was a shimmering sea green, though each plate was embellished with images of flame picked out in a profusion of coloured chips of quartz.One shoulder guard was fashioned from the skull of a great firedrake...while over the other was draped a long mantle of iron-hard scales taken from the hide of another mighty drake of Nocturne.


QUOTE (Fulgrim @ pg 454)
Corax of the Raven Guard was tall and slender. His armour was also black, but it seemed utterly unreflective, as though it swallowed any light that dared to fall upon it. The white trim of his shoulder guard was fashioned from pale ivory, and great wings of dark feathers swept upwards to either side of his pallid, aquiline features. His eyes were murderously dark coals, and long, gleaming talons of silver were unsheathed over his gauntlets.


QUOTE (Fulgrim @ pg496)
Alpharius, resplendent in purple and green held himself erect, as though trying to match the beings around him in stature.

QUOTE (Legion)


[05.02.10 - That's all for today.]

Uzthizzar, Librarian-Sorceror - March 4, 2010 02:01 PM (GMT)
Sorry if this counts as thread necro...

I swear that Sanguinius had blonde hair.

Fulgrim - March 4, 2010 09:41 PM (GMT)
Fraid not, even in A Thousand Sons he has brown/black hair.

I'll try and get some more updates soon.

Uzthizzar, Librarian-Sorceror - March 24, 2010 07:59 PM (GMT)
Doh! Its just that most BAs have blonde hair and I have seen models of Sanguinius with blonde hair (like the one that won Golden Demon about 8 years ago - its featured in the old 40k rulebook at the back)

Torg - March 25, 2010 09:12 AM (GMT)
In the HH Artbook Sang has blonde hair.
That's gotta count for something. :)

Provost Dylanof - March 25, 2010 05:58 PM (GMT)
Look at Sanguinius in the old spread where he lies dead at Horus' feet. The Emperor looks a bit upset in his golden armor.

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