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The Red Sorcerer - February 4, 2010 12:54 PM (GMT)
Have a question? Problems with the search function? Don't want to dredge through the archives of the Q&A section looking for the info you need? We've done it for you!

Aren't we nice. :D

In the interests of keeping the most important info all archived in one place, here's a list of previous discussions that may well address what you are after. Any suggestions for topics here greatfully recieved.

So, in no particular order:

Pre-Heresy Vehicles and War Machines
Discussion and background on which vehicles are pre-heresy, when they were introduced, and so on.

Armour Discussion
Where we have much joy attempting to work out a definitive timeline for at what point the various armour variants were developed and supplied to the legions, including discussion on useage of the Aquila. Also see here for the original Armour background

Weapons in use pre-heresy
Official background on what weaponry was in use by the Legions and army during the Great Crusade and Heresy period

Titan Legions
Info on known Pre-Heresy Legions, their colour schemes and famous battles.

Imperial Army Regiments
Info on known Pre-Heresy Regiments, their uniforms, equipment and battles.

Librarians, Sorcery and the Council of Nicaea
Discussion of the Emperor's Nicaea Edict and use of psykers by the Legions.

Collection of all the background on them and discussion of what they looked like.

The Pre-Heresy Timeline
What happened when? The definitive guide.

Expeditionary Fleets of the Great Crusade
Known fleets and where they were involved

Legions II and XI
Discussion of the lost legions - see also here for 'is one of them the Blood Ravens' (short answer - no :P )

Is Alpharius Dead
The dreaded Alpharius discussion - is he? isn't he? :ph43r: :o

Pre-Unity Terra
Known details about Terra prior to unification. Currently a work in progress, detailing Ursh and Hy Brasil.

The Ullanor Campaign
A collection of background on the largest campaign of the Great Crusade.

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