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Title: Tarsis Ultra

DaemonlordAbraxes - January 5, 2010 12:40 AM (GMT)
Did the Word Bearers conquer the world currently (WH40K) known as Tarsis (SP) Ultra, because there is a city named Erebus City, and i was wondering if it was named after 1st chaplain Erebus?

ShroudFilm - January 5, 2010 01:01 AM (GMT)
It's entirely possible!

Buuuut... from Wikipedia:

In Greek mythology, Erebus (also Erebos or Erebes - Ancient Greek: Ἔρεβος, "deep darkness or shadow") was the son of the primordial god Kaos, and represented the personification of darkness and shadow, which filled in all the corners and crannies of the world. His name is used interchangeably with Tartarus and Hades since Erebus is often thought of as part of the underworld. Erebus married his sister Nyx (goddess of the night) and their children included Aether, Hemera, Nemesis, and Charon.

So it's a name which could feasibly apply to more than one person, or even be that the city was named after the ancient god himself?

More likely, it's just a cool sounding name. :lol:

DaemonlordAbraxes - January 5, 2010 01:52 AM (GMT)
Yeah :lol: Note that he was the son of Kaos

Magos Explorator - January 5, 2010 08:27 AM (GMT)
GW's names often contain some foreshadowing!

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