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Title: JANUARY 2010 - Space Wolves Great Company
Description: Wolf Lord Mjolnir's WHW display army

ShroudFilm - January 4, 2010 11:38 PM (GMT)
Well now, some of you who are fitted with better augmetic eyes and more up-to-date cogitators will note that we've not had a Display Case entry throughout the WHOLE of 2009...! While this is attributable to confusion on both sides of the TGC fence, and more than a little apathy from two prospective contributors, we would like you all to rest assured that the quality of work produced by our members over the last year have been superb, and there is a list as long as my arm of projects which are slated for inclusion over the coming months.

To kick off 2010 in style, we turn to our very own flea-bitten wereMod, the inimitable and venerable Wolf Lord Mjolnir! Any of you who made it along to a TGC event or the excellent AOTE campaign weekends in 2009 will have seen this spectacle first-hand... the excellent Pre-Heresy Space Wolves Army led by the Primarch Leman Russ himself!

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The sheer scope of this army has earned it an entirely justified amount of interest from Mjol's fellow gamers and PH enthusiasts, and GW formally acknowledged this by setting the models on display in the Warhammer World exhibition hall. We've yet to see many armies with this level of detail and research behind them, so without further pre-amble, the Wolf Lord takes a break from ale-drinking in the halls of Fenris to talk us through his spectacular collection:

This has been one hell of an enjoyable ride starting from converting and painting a few models to see if I still could after eight years out of the hobby, to playing in Horus Heresy themed campaigns and winning 'best army' and then having my army displayed in the Hall of Heroes at Warhammer World.

I started the Space Wolves over two years ago with no intention of gaming - just something to enjoy with no pressure to rush. But like so many things model related you slowly find yourself getting more and more immersed into it until you find you have over 3000pts of plastic and metal critters!

The Horus Heresy novels also have a lot to answer for as after reading them who wouldn’t want to have a Space Marine army from a time when the Emperor and his sons walked the earth! At this point I should mention a book, which I am sure many will agree, is the pre-Heresy modellers bible: the Collected Visions of Heresy book. This is packed full of imagery and fluff including the Emperor, Primarchs and their legions – a must for anyone starting to meddle with the most climactic period of Imperial history.

A special mention to my mates Mark, Chris (DIStudios) and Steve (H-Gate). We formed a Tale of Four Gamers group, which really helped to encourage me to paint the army – I recommend this approach to anyone trying to get an army off the ground.

The Tempus Fugitive run events at Warhammer World are again a massive inspiration and Stu (Ulfhedin) and his team do a really amazing job with excellent rules and great scenarios. If you have a pre heresy army you must play in their next two campaigns in May and September 2010.

Building an Army
I started with a pack of Grey Hunters and decided I wanted them to feel barbaric and rugged so with my converters hat on I decided to kit bash. This is a great aspect of the hobby and one I have never previously pursued. I used a lot of parts from the Warhammer Chaos Warrior kit such as axes and capes to make my Space Wolves appear more ferocious.

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My Terminators were great fun to build and I unashamedly stole ideas for them left right and centre. I wanted them to seem huge and powerful and used forums such as TGC to find ideas of how to make improved termies. The oil drums for shoulder pads was one I saw floated around so I seized it. The reinforced legs idea came after someone said the legs looked a little small when compared to the top. Again, looking through forums I saw a Terminator model by a guy called Scibor (many of you will know his work – I am not always a fan but he is definitely talented). So I stole the idea of using two stacked shoulder pads over the legs topped off with a Space Marine Champion pad (I thank the Emperor that there are bits sites and trading threads around!)

user posted image

The Wulfen were really fun to make and I really like the final product. They came about as I refused to pay the over-priced eBay costs for the lame GW Wulfen produced way back during the "Eye of Terror" campaign. I wanted Wulfen that look like they were rushing to rip your face off and then chow down on your heart! I hope you’ll agree I have achieved that with these guys.

user posted image

My favourite model has to be Krom the Unbroken, my first Dreadnought that uses a World Eater dread as the base. I spent a lot of time on him making sure he had character... but unfortunately he seems to get popped every game after he lands in his dedicated Drop Pod to multimelta something heavy.

user posted image

The highlights of this army has to be the Tempus Fugitive events enabling me to use big bad boy Leman Russ himself (yes King Fluff's Magnus did lay the smack down on him – but only once!) and being asked to have my army displayed at Warhammer World – it was such an honour to have my models on display in the same room as models I had seen in White Dwarf when I was eleven!

The New Codex (after over ten years!)
Just before the new codex arrived I remember thinking "please Phill Kelly do not take away the Grey Hunters' option to have a bolter and CCW otherwise I am going to have to rip off over 30 bolters and would not see straight through all the tears". Luckily for me Grey Hunter have kept their bolter and CCW and now have bolt pistol too (they are under the capes if anyone wants to know ;-)).

I love the new Sagas and think GW have done very well with the Codex!

What Am I Up To Now?
Currently I am really enjoying using Ragnar in a local campaign run here in Maidstone (Hail to the Barming Wargaming club) who has cleaved many a squad and character in half with over ten power weapon attacks at S6, I6! I’m soon to face an accomplished Ork general so we’ll see how that goes!

Next projects for me are to build a pre-Heresy version of Ulrik and Logan Grimnar and get some Thunder Wolves (I may wait and see what GW do with them as I hear they are in the works).

How can I write all this without thanking the brilliant Great Crusade forum! You all have been a great inspiration and have helped me out no end to get those annoying pelts, heads, arms, hands and shoulder pads. You’ve all made a great forum – thank you.

Lastly – thank you to my fiancé Vickie. Many of use with better halves will know what I am talking about when I say they sometimes have to put up with insubstantial grunts as they try to talk to you while painting. Don’t worry babe just one more pack to do and then I’m finished (of course that doesn’t include my next projects mentioned above...) ;)

- Wolf Lord Mjolnir


Hopefully this trend towards TGC members working on full armies as well as just single miniatures will continue, and we can see lots more work along these lines in 2010 and beyond...

As always guy, keep submitting those nominations for future Display Case entries - we need to see what sort of things are most popular with our members!

Magos Explorator - January 5, 2010 08:24 AM (GMT)
This is a great army and looks even better in the flesh. :) Well done Mjol!

Dargor - January 5, 2010 10:45 AM (GMT)
Once again and i will never tire of saying it,CONGRATS on a well desereved recognition mate!Your army was one of the main inspirations for me to start a second pre-heresy force in the form of the Space Wolves Legion.

Cheers! :)

The Red Sorcerer - January 5, 2010 01:21 PM (GMT)
Hurrah! Finally we get a Display Case up. Massive fan of this army, the conversion work and the effective Wolfy theme throughout the whole army makes this my favourite Space Wolf army out of all that I have seen online.

One minor grumble though - we need more pictures! No army shot, no pictures of the standard marine squads.... I know they are all in Mjol's blog but it would be good to have a few more pics of whole squads and so on included....

custodesboy1506 - January 5, 2010 02:58 PM (GMT)
Wow! A great looking army and certainly worthy of being the display case. I really like the Leman Russ. May have to steal one or two ideas. Also glad the display case is back up. :)

Itkovian - January 5, 2010 07:13 PM (GMT)
Congratulations sir! Very well deserved. Can't wait to lay the smack down on these guys... :D

Apologist - January 6, 2010 11:38 AM (GMT)
Great to see the Display Case resurrected, and I can't think of a better army to lead the charge! A fantastically well-done army, from concept to execution; this is really what the hobby is all about.

Well done Mjol – I'll have to dig my new orks and eldar out and head over to Maidstone sometime :)

Inquisitor Malaclypse - January 18, 2010 06:00 AM (GMT)

your army is an inspiration.


Lord_Mortirion - January 20, 2010 02:01 AM (GMT)
How did you do that patchy grey on yer fellblade, my Wordbearers one looks a bit dull, rather do a good job than ruin a good mini... pm me instead of cluttering up this thread...

and again bloody sexy army mate

rabblerouser - January 20, 2010 04:13 AM (GMT)
Nice! Uh oh are those non-citadel bits I see on an army displayed at warhammer world?

Lord_Mortirion - January 20, 2010 04:19 AM (GMT)
nah, those are all original sculpts :lol:

Iacton - January 20, 2010 08:51 AM (GMT)
QUOTE (rabblerouser @ Jan 20 2010, 04:13 AM)
Nice! Uh oh are those non-citadel bits I see on an army displayed at warhammer world?

I can neither confirm nor deny that those parts were indeed supplied from a little collection of spares from a certain company that may have been sat around in my cupboard at some point in the not too distant past..... :ph43r:

Top work Mr Mjolnir. Congratumalations! :D

Wolf Lord Mjolnir - January 20, 2010 08:16 PM (GMT)
Hi guys,

Thank you for the kind comments. I informed WHW about the *cough* spare bits and originally they said they would not be able to display them but when it came to it they said it would be a real shame not to display some of the key elements of the army so displayed it all!

Mr. Iacton was indeed vital to the completion of Mr. Russ!

ShroudFilm - January 21, 2010 12:22 AM (GMT)
Let this mark the beginning of GW ceasing to deny that other miniatures exist! :lol:

Vredesbyrd - January 21, 2010 12:23 AM (GMT)
Congratulations Mjol, can't think of an army more deserving. One of the things I love about your army is that we've seen it grow from those first mould line covered concept figures for your Wolf Guard right the way through to the beast it is today. Very well done!

ShroudFilm - January 21, 2010 01:41 AM (GMT)
Aye, I've really enjoyed following this one - long may it continue! :D

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