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Title: Pre-Heresy Space Wolf Names.

Gagoc TheAncient - August 11, 2009 05:32 PM (GMT)
Names from Collected Visions.

Bjorn, Wolfguard Champion
Domarr Gunnarrsson, Wolf Priest
Dreadnought Aesir
Dreadnought Patrekr The Great-Fanged
Dreadnought Ymir
Solvarr Fjoltson, Wolflord of the 13th Co.
Squad Aldrim, Fenris Hunters
Squad Ansgar, Long Fang
Squad Ansvarr, Fenris Bloods
Squad Brynjolf, Long Fangs (P2 L1
Squad Davyn, Hunter Fire Team
Squad Eldgrim, Long Fang
Squad Freyr, Long Fang
Squad Garan, Fenris Bloods
Squad Greyfell, Long Fangs
Squad Guntor, Fenris Bloods
Squad Horgun, Fenris Bloods
Squad Jorlund, Support (Flamer)
Squad Jortan, Stalker
Squad Karsson-Tolk, 13th Co. Wolfguard Terminator
Squad Kolbyr, Hunter Support
Squad Leiknir, Wulfen Pack (P27 L4)
Squad Mjollnir, Wolfguard Terminator
Squad Myskia, Fenris Hunter
Squad Odin, Command
Squad Olfun, Long Fangs
Squad Ornulfr, Hunter
Squad Ragvard, Claw Assault
Squad Sigfasti, Seeker
Squad Sigvard, Claw Assault
Squad Skirnir, Wolfguard Terminator
Squad Tammikk, Wulfen Pack
Squad Thorbrand, Hunter
Squad Thorlief, Wolfguard
Squad Valgyr, Seeker
Tobias Heimdall, Wolfpriest

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