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Macewind - May 21, 2009 08:44 PM (GMT)
This army was created for the tempus fugitives great campaign weekend. The whole army was built and painted on a very tight scedule so there are alot of things im not 100% happy with and would change. That being said, I must of done something right as it won the best xeno's army award!

The force will be getting alot of new models and new takes on the old models as I prepare it for future campaigns. More dragons, better conversions and new paint schemes are all on the cards. Ill keep you updated here with my progress, however ill be working on custodes for the next event so updates may take a while!

Heres the force as it stands now. Ill post a single picture of each unit, and then link to further pictures on the same unit to save bandwidth.

Before I start, im sorry about the quality of some of the pictures, they were taken as work progressed. Im going to take completely new ones of the entire army and ill post them once done.

First up, The Visionary. He is the oldest living Exodite on the maiden world. His visions have helped keep the world safe for millennia. Some say he is so old he was one of the Farseers that saw the fall coming and was responsable for saving his people. The second picture shows the visionary with a shrine to asuryan.
user posted image

These are the visionary's personal guard, known as maiden guard. I decided to use warlocks as the base model to refelct the farseer like Visionary. The Barons Maiden Guard have been modelled like him, although both types follow the same rules.
user posted image

The Exodite Baron, Leader of his people. I modelled two versions of him, one on foot which was created by a simple weapon swap, and one mounted on a velosaur, the lizard most commonly used by exodite dragoons or knights. Unfortunatly Ive only got a photo of the baron on foot. His Maiden guard are in the second pic.
user posted image

This is my Drake Lord. Originally he was to be a 'counts as' Falcon, but when the Exodite codex was released with rules for him, his weaponary was changed.
user posted image

These are the Sidhe Kinship. Powerful fighters with 2+ poisoned weapons and the ability to doom a single unit every turn. I eventually gave them dark corsair cloaks, however I havnt got photo's of the updated squad yet.
user posted image

My pathfinders, I chose to paint them in a range of craftworld colours to represent them coming from all over to defend the maiden world.
user posted image

This is my shadow kinship, packing 2 fusion pistols and the ability to infiltrate and scout they were a perfect assassin squad. I painted them in dark browns to reflect the stealthy nature of them, and gave them bright blue gems to give them some contrast.
user posted image

This is my thundersaur. It was a last minute addition to the list and painted in just 6 hours. For the speed im really surprised at how the paint job came out, I think its one of my best works of the whole army!
user posted image

Now onto my hunters, general rank and file troopers.
user posted image

My Dragoons originally had white armour as you can see in the bottom pics, but I felt it clashed to much with the rest of the army so toned it down to a bone colour.
user posted image

My war walkers were probably the unit that caused me the most trouble. I hated them with a passion, almost nothing went right with them! I was glad when they were finally finished!
user posted image

I really wanted to have a dragon flying above the battlefield so modelled this one to count as an eldar nightwing. The colours were diliberatly kept dark to make it fit in with its namesake.
user posted image

Heres my Harlequins, they arnt really exodite, but since they see all eldar as equals they arnt really that out of place. I chose there colours based on the Joker from batman.
user posted image

This is my Bright Stallion Knight. Scratchbuilt using an artists manequin dummy and some falcon and vyper bits. The head and arms are spare revenant titan bits. Weapons were added after the photo's were taken, ill get some up to date photo's asap.
user posted image

Heres my Objective counter. An injured hunter with a bag of collected spirit stones. His friend signalling for help.

Models that didnt make it.
These were my original maiden guard, but I felt they didnt suit the army and they were dropped.

This was my take on the Avatar. By the time I finished writing my lists, I found he just wasnt needed so got left behind.

This was to be a vyper. Unfortunatly no rules were given for it and it wasnt included in the army.

I scratchbuilt this Vampire to include in the force but it is so expensive and not really exodite, so it also got left out.

Just for fun, I tried to trian my own bearded dragon to act as a transport. Unfortunatly training didnt go well so she had to stay at home!

Magos Explorator - May 21, 2009 09:45 PM (GMT)
Very nice--I particularly like the thundersaur. And will look out for the Custodes! Congratulations on the award.

Gagoc TheAncient - May 22, 2009 12:26 AM (GMT)
Instead of your Bearded Dragon as transport, how about a Stegadon?
user posted image

Macewind - May 22, 2009 02:03 AM (GMT)
Thanks Magos. And the steg would work, but its just not as cute!

teejay91b - May 22, 2009 05:55 AM (GMT)
Hiya Mace! It's HMH. I go by Teejay91b over here. Congratulations again on the award!

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