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Title: Luna Wolves & Emperors Children vs The Gerintile C
Description: Space Marines vs. Imperial Guard

Yvraith - April 22, 2009 09:09 AM (GMT)
In the early days of the Crusade, the Luna Wolves and the under strength, Emperors Children Legions fought side by side. What follows is a recounting of one of the many conflicts that occurred during this time.

It all started well, but mankind can at times be stubborn.
The Gerintile Confederacy was spread over four different planets within their local system.

After the Confederacy leaders had recovered, from their initial reaction of seeing Astartes in full Battle Plate for the first time. Negotiations started to stall and then became heated.
Mournival Captain Yvraith Syrakul’s orders were clear. Make the Confederacy compliant by any means necessary.
He delivered the final ultimatum to the Confederacy leaders, “Join us or die!”
They thought they could stand against the might of the Luna Wolves 9th Company, they were wrong.

The initial assaults were brutal, inexperienced men bore the brunt of the Luna Wolves invasion, it wasn’t a battle it was slaughter.
Then finally the Confederacy realised it had underestimated the abilities of the Imperial Forces and were forced to deploy their veteran units.
The Confederacy recalled Commander Ranga Tan back from exile, to lead his men, the fighting became a more protracted affair.

The following battle report is from a culminating point of the conflict. The Luna Wolves had traced the location of Commander Tan’s headquarters and launched a Speartip directly into the area with the intention of killing the command structure of the resistance forces.

The battle takes place in the outskirts of the ruined capital city of the 3rd Planet, Mae’erth.
This battle was fought with 2000pt forces, playing the mission “Capture & Control” with a “Pitched Battle” style of deployment.

Army Lists Used.
Luna Wolves and Emperor’s Children Speartip.

Mournival Captain Yvraith Syrakul (Chapter Master)
Artificer Armour, Power Weapon, Digital Weapons
“The Bloodguard” - Honour Guard (4) with Coy/Chapter Banner.

Tactical Squad “Lupus” (10)
Plasma Cannon & Flamer

Tactical Squad “Jehannum” (10)
Melta Gun & Rhino

Tactical Squad “Constantia” (10)
Lascannon & Flamer

Scout Squad “Insidiae” (5)
Sniper Rifles

Sternguard Squad “Melior” (10 x Emperor’s Children)
2 Combi-flamers & Drop Pod.

Dreadnought “Honoured Brother Hapheastian”
Extra Armour & Plasma Cannon

Dreadnought “Honoured Brother Parmenion”
Extra Armour & Multi-Melta

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder with Multi-Melta

Land Speeder with Multi-Melta

H. Support:
Whirlwind “Retribution”

Land Raider “Swift Strike”

Gerintile Confederacy Forces


Senior Officer “Commander Ranga Tan”
Medic, Master Vox, Standard Bearer, Sanctioned Psyker,Drill Master (Commissar).

Sentinel Squad (3) with Autocannons
Heavy Weapons Squad with Missile Launchers
Heavy Weapon Squad with Autocannons

Infantry Platoon 1: HQ & 2 Squads (10) Autocannon & Grenade launcher

Infantry Platoon 2: HQ & 2 Squads (10) one with Heavy Bolter

Storm Troopers (10) Grenade Launcher & Plasma Gun.

Ogryns (3)

Hardened Veteran Squad (5) Chimera

H. Support:
Leman Russ Battle Tank, Hull Mounted Heavy Bolter.

Basilisk with Indirect Fire

As they neared their objective the Luna Wolves sensors picked up life readings and battle was joined.
(In game shots only, not all miniatures are painted, on both sides, so sue me) ;)

Luna Wolf Deployment (Vinidicator is being used as the Whirlwind.)
user posted image

Luna Wolf Left Flank
user posted image

Luna Wolf Right Flank
user posted image

The Confederacy Deployment
user posted image

Confederacy Left
user posted image

Confederacy Right Flank
user posted image

Yvraith - April 22, 2009 09:39 AM (GMT)
GC Turn 1:
There was some slight jockeying of position to try to gain better lines of sight to acquire targets. Shooting was ineffectual as they were only able to stun the crew of Squad Jehannum’s Rhino.

LW Turn 1:
The Emperor’s Children Drop Pod landed amongst the Confederacy troops. Emerging from their transport, they gun down a hapless infantry squad to a man. The Luna Wolves fire support Whirlwind “Retribution” opens fire hitting another squad of infantry, who thought they were safe behind cover, killing 8, however the remaining two squad members dig in for the long stay, inspired by the close presence of their commander. Honoured Brother-Dreadnought “Hapheastian” detects what appears to be a Platoon command squad and fires his Plasma Cannon, killing two of the enemy. Mournival Captain Syrakul’s Land Raider, “Swift Strike”, detects what appears to be a fire suppression squad and guns down one of them with its Heavy Bolters.

Arrival of the Emperor's Children
user posted imageuser posted image
user posted image

Whirlwind "Retribution" strikes.
user posted image

GC Turn 2:
The Confederacy Sentinel’s ignores the Emperor’s Children to their rear and continued to advance, firing on the deadly Whirlwind, stunning the crew. The Emperor’s Children are targeted by 3 whole squads of infantry and four of them go down under a hail of Lasfire. Commander Tan obviously worried by the threat posed by the Emperor’s Children on his right flank orders the Leman Russ to target them as well. The Main Battle Tanks battle cannon fires and engulfs the area in a dust cloud as the shell strike true. As the dust settles two more of the feared Astartes are down, along with two Confederacy Storm Troopers in the nearby ruins.
The Basilisk’s big gun fires, hitting Squad “Lupus” killing 3 marines and forcing them to take cover.

Sentinels Advance with the pinned Squad "Lupus" in the background
user posted image

Emperor's Children fight on
user posted image

LW Turn 2:
Brother-Dreadnought “Hapheastian” targets the 2nd Platoon Command squad once more and his plasma Cannon slays the last 3 members of the squad. The Scouts of Squad “Insidiae” in the tower take down a Confederacy Storm Trooper, with Squad Jehannum’s Rhino gunning down another.
One of the Anti-Armour equipped Land Speeders screamed in from the sky, firing its Multi-melta at the Confederacy Leman Russ, but the shot fails to penetrate the tanks thick armour.
The Emperor’s Children use their two combi-flamers to great effect, five of the Confederacy troops go down wreathed in burning promethium, the rest of the squad calmly gun down four more and the lone survivor flees in terror.
“Swift Strike” manoeuvres into position to assault the Confederacy infantry squad holding the building on the Left Flank next turn.

The lone survivor flees.
user posted image

GC Turn 3:
A squad of Ogryns moves up to support the infantry on the left in anticipation of an assault next turn.
The Confederacy Sentinel’s advance and target the stunned Whirlwind and their autocannons chew through the vehicles armour and detonate the ammunition inside. The whirlwind explodes in a ball of flame, destroying the partially ruined wall it was using for cover.
user posted image

The Confederacy Storm Troopers, fire on the deadly Emperor’s Children once more, gunning down three more. The last two marines are in turn shot down by a squad of hardened veterans, disembarking from their Chimera, who had moved to reinforce the beleaguered right flank.
user posted image

The Confederacy Basilisk fires upon Squad “Constantia” holding the Luna Wolf objective, but the shot is off target exploding ineffectually in the open, short and to the left. The rest of the Confederacy troop’s fire is ineffectual once again.

LW Turn 3:
The forgotten Drop Pod exacts some revenge on the Confederacy Veterans, killing two.
Squad “Lupus” opened fire with their Plasma Cannon destroying one of the nearby sentinels.
user posted image

While Squad “Constantia’s” Lascannon fires at the Confederacy Chimera, shaking the crew into a stupor.
The second Anti-armour Land Speeder screamed down hot on the heels of the first one, firing at the Leman Russ and immobilising it.
“Swift Strike” moved to the edge of the ruined building and Mournival Captain Syrakul, led his men down the assault ramp, “Swift Strike’s” Twin-linked Heavy Bolters fires to suppress the enemy, gunning down one of the Ogryns and wounding another.
Captain Syrakul quickly assaults the disorganised Ogryn squad, which he and his squad, “The Bloodguard”, dispatch efficiently.

Yvraith - April 22, 2009 10:39 AM (GMT)
GC Turn 4:
The Sentinels, shaken by the loss of a comrade jockey back to make the best use of cover.
The Confederacy Storm Troopers realise the danger of the Astartes Drop Pod and destroy it with a Krak Grenade from their grenade launcher.
user posted image

The Hardened Veteran squad then take aim at Squad ”Jehannum’s” Rhino shaking the crew.
user posted image

The Confederacy Autocannon Squad, open fire at one of the Land Speeders, shaking the craft so violently that the Multi-melta's targeting system needs a turn to recalibrate.

LW Turn 4:
Squad “Constantia” targets the sentinels with their Lascannon, which rips the Autocannon from one of the enemy machines.
Squad “Lupus” inspired, fire at the Sentinel squad as well, the Plasma Cannon hits but fails to penetrate the Enemy Walkers armour.
The Scouts continue to hamper any of the Confederacy Infantry who emerge from cover, taking down one of the Hardened Veterans.
The Second Land Speeder fires on the Immobilised Leman Russ, its Multi-Melta burns clean through the Confederacy tank and it explodes killing a nearby infantryman in the blast.
user posted image

Mournival Captain Syrakul and “The Bloodguard”, assault the Confederacy 1st Platoon, 2nd Squad, wiping them out.
user posted image

GC Turn 5:
The Confederacy Storm Troopers holed up in the small building, target the nearby speeding Land Speeder, blasting it from the sky.
It explodes on impact killing a nearby Luna Wolf scout.
1st Platoon HQ Squad, target the Luna Wolves Command Squad gunning down one of the 9th Companies finest.
The Confederacy Autocannons fire at Squad “Constantia” causing three wounds, but the power armour of the marines kept them from harm.
The Basilisk attempts to hit Squad “Constantia” also and misses, the high explosive shell detonating harmlessly nearby.

LW Turn 5:
Honoured Brother-Dreadnought “Hapheastian’s” Plasma Cannon destroys the remaining members of the Hardened Veterans.
Squad “Jehannum” disembark from their Rhino, ignoring the two men closest, they fire at the Confederacy HQ Unit, killing 3 and wounding Commander Tan.user posted image

Mournival Captain Syrakul and “The Bloodguard” as well as Honoured Brother-Dreadnought “Parmenion” assault and destroy 1st Platoon HQ.
user posted image

The Luna Wolves Close in
user posted image

CG Turn 6:
The last armed Sentinel fires its Autocannon at Honoured Brother-Dreadnought “Hapheastian” breaching his armour, bringing the mighty machine’s fight to an end.
The Storm Troopers fire at the Rhino and kill it with their Plasmagun.

Issuing a challenge, Commander Tan, bravely steps forward to do battle with Captain Syrakul.
Syrakul wounds Tan 3 times, but underestimates the power of Tan’s refractor field.
Commander Tan retaliates, causing 3 wounds, striking the mighty Luna Wolf down.
user posted image

“The Bloodguard” Champion Jern Apollo watches his beloved Captain fall and attacks, dealing Commander Tan 3 wounds, the refractor field can’t save him from the Luna Wolf’s vengeful wrath and he falls.
user posted image

LW Turn 6:
Squad “Lupus” fails to damage the sentinels once again.
But the remaining Land Speeder silences the Basilisk for all time. “The Bloodguard” fire at the Confederacy Anti-tank squad in the nearby building, killing one of the squad.
Squad “Jehannum” pour bolter shells in to the last two guardsmen on the enemy objective, leaving nothing but a bloody smear where they once stood.

As the reality of their Commander falling hits home the surviving Confederacy troops, use their superior knowledge of the city to retreat to safety. Leaving both of the objectives under the control of the Luna Wolves.

The Aftermath
Jern Apollo approached the immobile body of Mournival Captain Syrakul. Fearing for what he would find he carefully rolled his commander on to his back. The remainder of The Bloodguard stood around in silent reverence, watching.
He reached up with great care and removed Syrakul’s Helmet. His mind raced with how he was going report to Commander Horus Lupercal, that he had failed in his duty to protect his Captain.
As he lifted the Captains helmet clear, the sun broke through the cloud cover, spilling its light over the small group. Jern considered his captains face for a moment, as the sunlight touched his captains face, he thought he saw his Captain’s eye twitch. A trick of the light he thought, suddenly much to his delight Captain Syrakul’s eyes opened, suddenly clear.
"Apothecary!" he yelled.

The Luna Wolves tended and collected their fallen comrades moving on quickly to press their advantage.

Amongst the smoking remains of the Confederacy Field HQ, electricity played over Commander Tans corpse. Unknown to the Luna Wolves Commander Tan had been exiled for dabbling in forbidden arts, merging man with machine.
Slowly the the electricity died down and a small whirring filled the air.
Commander Tan's body sat up with a shudder, his left eye glowing an ruby red.
Looking about him to ensure no one was observing he dragged himself to a new by sewer entry and vanished into the depths below.

Brother Mordeus - December 30, 2009 05:54 PM (GMT)
Love, love, love your Luna Wolves, im making some too and yours are really an inspiration.

One question, how did you make the Luna Wolves's heraldry? Transfer sheet? If so how did you get those. Cheers,

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