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Title: Heroes of the 79th Expeditionary Fleet
Description: My PH army character fluff

ShroudFilm - April 3, 2009 12:28 PM (GMT)
Karsh, Champion of the Devourers and Angron's Personal Bodyguard

Vorhan, Captain of the 3rd Company

Brother-Chaplain Gerhardt Weiss
Since the Emperor's condemnation of psykers and sorcery at the Council of Nikaea, Weiss has been a vocal proponent of the Chaplain Edict and has enforced the Imperial Truth with a heavy hand at every opportunity. His hatred of witches and the Warp seems to know no bounds, and his brethren among the legion are at a loss to explain it since he never discusses his heritage or upbringing.

Before Nikaea, he was imprisoned for eighteen months for the supposedly accidental killing of a trainee Librarian in the duelling cages, and yet he refused to comment on allegations that he ignored his opponent's cries to end the bout. Also, he was severely reprimanded for ordering the murder of twenty-thousand civilians on Umar X before the fleet's Iterators could even address the conquered population.

More recently he has begun to associate closely with the Primarch Angron, and rumours abound that he has undergone cerebral implant surgery far beyond the norm for any Astartes legionnaire. His brutal attitudes are demonstrated every time he takes to the battlefield, as he has begun to take grisly trophies from his most worthy foes.

Lhort, Dreadnought
Lhort fell in battle shortly after Angron took command of the World Eaters legion. He had been a heavy support specialist trained in the use of experimental new plasma weaponry, but during a skirmish against xenos raiders in the Mortense Drift his slaved plasma cell was ruptured and began to overload. He gripped his ruined weapon tightly to his chest and dashed headlong towards the enemy, giving up his life to save his own squadmates and slaying dozens of raiders in the resulting explosion.

His body was recovered and deemed suitable for implantation into a recently vacant Dreadnought sarcophagus, and he has continued to serve the legion as a walking engine of pure firepower, unafraid to stride into the teeth of any enemy assault. He is the first and only member of the XII Legion to receive battle honours from the Emperor himself, which he wears upon the front of his sarcophagus in the form of a golden Aquila.

Harkan 'The Immortal', Dreadnought
As a company captain, Harkan led his troops on the ground during the invasion of Brakktyr Prime. He was grievously wounded during a final sweep of the ruined capital city, and left for dead until the legion's Apothecaries found him.

Such was his honoured position within the legion that the other company captains commissioned the artificers to adorn his new adamantium shell with his personal livery as a tribute to his former life. Harkan has never formally acknowledged the gesture, but seems to exist in a state of constant unease - he spends all of his time between campaigns scrolling through archive streams of trivial combat data.

Rumours persist that he experienced something terrible as he drifted between life and death on Brakktyr, and that he fears ever meeting his own demise. Against the advice of legion technicians and the fleet's Mechanicum envoys, he has remained conscious for over a century, refusing even to rest or to be put into a regenerative sleep-state. In his most recent field deployments, he has begun to exhibit odd behavioural patterns which give his retainers cause for alarm.

Kargori, Dreadnought

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Hailing from the Yndonesiac Bloc on ancient Terra, the War Hounds centurion Rafikel Kargori was among the first champions of the XII Legion Astartes to fall in battle and be interred within a dreadnought sarcophagus. At that time, before the process was refined by the Mechanicum of Mars, the legion's artificers had great trouble interfacing the host's nervous system with the mechanical elements and a great deal of irreversible and destructive experimentation took place upon Kargori's mortal remains.

Although his "Epsilon-Delta 209" MK1 dreadnought body has been rendered almost completely obsolete by more recent STC discoveries, Kargori can never be removed from it without massive cerebral damage and so he has resigned himself to an eternity of jammed weapon feeds, retouched paintwork and jury-rigged maintenance bays.

Assault Sergeant Fleiste, 'The Skull-Taker'

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Sergeant Fleiste appears to be the stereotypical World Eaters officer - he is aggressive, short-tempered and dismissive of non-Astartes personnel. He has embraced the ever more barbaric nature of his legion's conduct, and is known among his peers for his dark sense of humour and for revelling in the unease it causes in others.

When fresh legionnaires join his unit, he produces a dataslate which he carries at all times. Every single warrior under his command begins with a debt of one thousand skulls, which must be taken in combat and delivered to him personally. If any legionnaire repays the debt before they meet their own end, Fleiste has pledged to surrender command of the unit to them. So far, no one has succeeded.

Assault Sergeant Gharte

Tactical Sergeant Barsk

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A hulking figure in his outdated MK3 power armour, Sergeant Barsk possess a lacklustre and disappointing record in combat operations. His regular failure to meet tactical objectives, his dogged championing of obviously lost causes, and a staggering combat casualty rate among his men mean that he is unlikely to retain his rank for much longer... assuming he lives long enough to be demoted.

Scout Sergeant Drask

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Regarded with awe by his men, Sergeant Drask leads from the front, scouting out enemy positions for weaknesses in the vanguard of larger assaults. A veteran of the Unification Wars on Terra, he sometimes struggles to reign in the bloodthirsty and aggressive new recruits keen to make a name for themselves among the World Eaters... but once their mission is achieved, he lets them loose upon the enemy and withdraws to a safe distance to make his reports.

Scout Sergeant Darkt

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Known within the legion as a reserved and calculating individual, Darkt and his squad were among a few hundred recruits drawn from the lawless backwater planet of Rak. Although he had originally fought against the Imperial compliance of his world, he and all of his young gang members were selected by the XII Legion for Astartes modification, and Darkt soon rose to the top of the pile as squad Sergeant. Old rivalries cause ongoing tension among his men, often forcing him to deploy them as separate smaller units, but his excellent tactical record mark him as a possible future line officer of the World Eaters.

Recon Scout Sergeant Slearne
Slearne served his early days in the XII Legion as a scout, showing great proficiency with the standard issue 'needle' sniper rifle. When he was tenured to train new recruits in the finer points of infiltration and marksmanship, he was disappointed not to be ascending to the hallowed ranks of Vorhan's 3rd Company with the rest of his battle-brothers, but quietly withdrew to his new duties.

The infamous uprising on Garmin was reputedly halted by a single shot from Slearne's rifle from over a kilometre away, and he has rightly earned a reputation as a cold and detached assassin.

Scout Bike Squadron Leader Tyche
In spite of a clean military record, Tyche feels that he was promoted above his ability when he took command of his Scout Bike unit. The sergeant who trained him in vehicle handling and advanced recon techniques was killed, ironically enough, by jetbike gangers on the desert highways of Baltar, and in the absence of any other candidates Tyche reluctantly accepted the position.

His anxieties have led him to become fiercely defensive, and he would much rather undertake the most crucial missions alone. His former peers in the squadron now hold some resentment towards him, as he regularly denies them the opportunity to prove themselves in combat situations.

Imperial Governor Thellion Calpine
The scion of a wealthy gene-merchant dynasty from Gallant, Thellion Calpine broke with family tradition and enlisted as a science officer in the Imperial Army. His keen interest in military history and politics, combined with an extensive knowledge of gene-manipulation, saw him rise through the ranks and eventually ascend to the position of Imperial Governor for the newly compliant world of Brakktyr Prime.

Since the complete annihilation of the native population had left him few recruits to raise a new regiment, he used his family's influence to establish vast laboratory complexes and begin cloning his brightest and best troops in large numbers. Although the Terran authorities were at first concerned about his methods, Brakktyri clones soon became renowned as exceptional warriors and whole regiments were commissioned to serve in the Great Crusade, particularly in campaigns which were deemed to be high-risk or potentially attritional.

Although his role is supposedly purely administrational, Calpine often accompanies each new clone regiment on their first few military maneuvers, under the pretext of "quality control" for his product, and accompanied by a command staff of hardened veterans. As such, he has much front line combat experience and has become a valuable advisor to the Astartes commanders of the fleet.

Captain Armand Kruspe, Equerry to Governor Calpine
During the infamous campaign to pacify Tharn IV, one lowly trooper proved his heroic quality and became a legend in his own right. When the Imperial Army made an ill-advised assault on one of the Fire Cult's temples, they were caught in a suicide attack by cultists carrying incendiary charges - normally used to purge large tracts of vegetation to allow combat aircraft to land, these devices made short work of the poorly armoured troops and the regimental standard fell amid the flames.

Pvt. Armand Kruspe was one of only seven survivors of that fateful day, and when he emerged having single-handedly recovered the lost standard, his rapid promotion to sergeant and then to Thellion Calpine's personal command staff was assured.

Once the campaign was over, his exemplary combat record meant that he was selected as a candidate for military cloning, and some years later the Brakktyr 18th Regiment was founded exclusively from his genetic stock. It is rumoured that during the inaugural speech, Kruspe joked that it was "an army of one... but the right man for the job!"

Clone Trooper Sergeant 1145-G, 'Decker'
A squad sergeant from the new Brakktyr 18th Regiment, the clone Decker has received the best tactical and weapons training that the gene-facilities of his surrogate homeworld have to offer. His programmed speciality is in rapid infantry deployment maneuvers, and the regimental overseers expect great things of him once he reaches the front lines.

Clone Trooper Engineer 3284-B, 'Traxx'
Calpine's research into derivative phase cloning has returned time after time to the phenomenon of 'spontaneous acquisition', whereby cloned subjects have inexplicably shown aptitude for certain tasks or knowledge with which they have not been rote-programmed, even when their genetic host had no comparable skills. The clone Traxx has become the subject of Calpine's most recent study.

Although originally programmed for mechanical engineering and equipment maintenance, 3284-B upset his training cell's progress by requesting an active battlefield role as a member of a Landraider crew. In spite of his instructors' initial protests, Calpine personally approved the transfer and Traxx has become a valuable asset to the crew of the Foe Hammer as a gunnery officer (and occasional mechanic!)

Remembrancer Karyn Dana
Assigned to the fleet to aid in the composition of her latest work, Dana was a wordsmith of some limited fame in the hive-cities of Albion on Terra. Her more recent drafts seem to be conveying subtly the mistrust of cloned soldiers that some of the fleet crew are expressing behind closed doors, and she draws parallels with the ancient Jermanic ideas of the 'Ubermensch'.

She spends much of her time outside of combat operations interviewing clone troopers and their commanding officers, and is never without her mnemo-slate.

deadpool2345 - April 6, 2009 08:52 AM (GMT)
Looking good shroud!
I take it you are gonna make models of these.....
Cool. ;)


ShroudFilm - April 6, 2009 10:38 AM (GMT)
Indeed! The ones with background are already built...! :lol:

deadpool2345 - April 6, 2009 11:43 AM (GMT)


ShroudFilm - April 7, 2009 02:51 PM (GMT)
Drask and Wronde are up on my blog, unpainted.

deadpool2345 - April 7, 2009 07:55 PM (GMT)
They are both awesome.
(now i see what you wanted those items for shroud :lol:)
id love to see more information on the clone trooper segent(like what weapons he has, expermental or otherwise )
and would love remembrancer and clone trooper sergent models

Dp :ph43r:

Uzthizzar, Librarian-Sorceror - April 18, 2009 12:11 PM (GMT)
Quoting Borat; Is naz!

ShroudFilm - April 19, 2009 10:45 AM (GMT)
Thanks! :) I'm hoping to add pics as the minis are completed too.

ShroudFilm - July 23, 2009 04:18 PM (GMT)
Added a few more over the last few weeks. Got minis on the way for Traxx and Decker next...

ShroudFilm - April 5, 2010 09:37 PM (GMT)
Finally added some pics!

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