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Apologist - February 27, 2009 03:55 PM (GMT)
A bit of an off-shoot of my Praetors of Calth force:

WIP Oberst Moliccon Salstein
Calth has supplied numerous regiments to the Imperial Army since its Compliance, including the 'Ever-Ready First' and the famous Fourth Armoured. Its armies are well-equipped, highly motivated and enjoy an enviable success rate among the unofficial 'Regiments of Ultramar' a name for the area around Macragge that has struck up among the young men and women of the sector, despite official disapproval.

Rumours that the concept of 'Ultramar' has Guilliman's tacit approval are limited to a slight grin from the Primarch when questioned by the Remembrancers, an event that hasn't helped the regimental discipline masters' job one bit.

user posted image
It is common practise for Remembrancers to be accompanied on Planetfall Expeditions (or
PF 'Speds in Calthan military slang) by a bodyguard team, typically of two or three infantry soldiers headed by a minor officer. Not a popular duty, it often falls to injured or rear-line troopers.

Oberst Molican Salstein is a low-ranked officer of the Calthan Ninth, a rifle regiment that joined the Fourteenth Expedition following the Compliance of Syrtis, a populous world beyond Ymgarl. He has the thankless task of ensuring the safety of Velazqui Pascona.

This pict-capture shows Salstein in an unguarded moment, yelling over a sandbag emplacement. Unfortunately, the pict-capture does not show who the target of his ire happens to be. It does, however, show off the Calthan ninth's standard kit well. Salstein wears tear-resistant combat fatigues with moisture-wicking and heat transferral properties, allowing him to remain operational in a number of hostile environments. The fatigues contain reactive pressure-cells that help to maintain blood pressure in the event of minor trauma or concussive blows, as well as limited environmental isolation. It is clear that this pict was taken on a planet with a breathable atmosphere, owing to the absence of the discrete rebreather units typical of the Calthan regiments.

The standard kit also includes rigid plates of armasheath protecting the upper arms, groin, abdomen and torso; combat boots with activatable mag-soles; conducive webbing (three of the pouches are visible on the left-hand side of the pict) and a complement of fragmentary grenades (one of which has been hung in easy reach on Salstein's torso).

user posted image
This pict-capture shows the Oberst's slouch-cap, combat knife and equipment bundle (called a 'Bergun' by the Calthans). All Calthan regiments except the reconnaissance elements are encouraged to follow the spartan example of the Ultramarines, and carry all of their personal belongings with them. Since the soldiers are issued with standard kit, and the Calthans have a long tradition of self-reliance and self-denial, this is rarely seen as a particular hardship by the troopers. Most personal belongings are limited to sentimental keepsakes, journals or pict-captures of loved ones.

Since this is a rear-line duty, the Oberst still has his pack and slouch cap on in battle, the pack might be used for a small amount of cover, while the clouch cap would be replaced with a rigsteel helmet.

user posted image
This final pict-capture shows more webbing, pouches, an additional fragmentation grenade, and two non-lethal choke grenades hanging from the Bergun. While most operations in which the Fourteenth Expedition is involved are, by necessity, hard-fought; it is useful for troopers to be well-versed in non-lethal suppression whether for the purposes of capturing the enemy alive, dispersing hostile crowds without further inflaming situations, or simply to cover an expedient retreat.

An interesting note is the Phaeton-pattern lasrifle; merely for it being in the Oberst's possession. The Calthan regiments are more often equipped with their traditional type-56 solid-shot autorifle. The las-rifle's presence reinforces the idea that this is a well-supplied rear-echelon operation the possibility exists that this new pattern of rifle was issued to give a favourable impression to the Remembrancers, rather than the typical rough-and-ready look of the type-56.

Vredesbyrd - February 27, 2009 04:39 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Apologist @ Feb 27 2009, 03:55 PM)
+++Edit.+++ Scrapshunt! Wrong numerals in the title. Can a mod please alter 'XI' to 'IX', please?

Done. :D

He looks very promising, is a full army planned or just a small amount of troopers?

Itkovian - February 27, 2009 04:44 PM (GMT)
That pose is genius! love it!

ShroudFilm - February 27, 2009 05:17 PM (GMT)
Very nice pose! Where is the cap from?

Iron Corsair - February 27, 2009 11:46 PM (GMT)
Brilliant! I love the pose, makes me think of some Sergeant from a WW2 movie. Nice use of German ranks, too. I like him, keep it up!

Apologist - March 25, 2009 12:55 PM (GMT)
Thanks for the positive feedback he was a lot of fun to work on. The cap's from a Rackham AT-43 trooper.


Mystery Squad!
user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

I've always thought the Elysian models were fantastic; except for the heads. With a quick swap around, I think these guys look pretty good.

Not entirely sure what I'll use these fellas for yet, but I have some plans bubbling under. In the meantime, I think they look pretty good for a high-tech Pre-Heresy Imperial Army force, like the Calthan IX.

deadpool2345 - March 25, 2009 05:30 PM (GMT)
Storm troopers?
I really love your work dude.
I don't know why your called apologist as you don't have anything to be sorry for! :lol:

Are you planning on any ' unique' stuff?

KRUG_666 - April 2, 2009 04:43 AM (GMT)
Damn. Your so bad ass Apologist ,its not even funny. :blink:

malika - April 2, 2009 06:18 PM (GMT)
Where is that bare head from?

Where are those metal heads from?

ShroudFilm - April 2, 2009 07:06 PM (GMT)
FW bodies are slightly smaller than regular GW, so these will be great for emphasising your truescale Astartes' height! :D

Apologist - February 22, 2010 10:17 AM (GMT)
Oberst Salstein
During the treacherous invasion of Calth, the hard-bitten Calthan Commando force that had served in numerous theatres with the Praetors of Calth provided brave service at the front.
user posted image
Oberst of the Calthan IX passes vital intel to the Ultramarines regarding the enemy disposition.

Lord Commander Lucius - February 22, 2010 10:42 AM (GMT)
That's all very nice but more piccy's please!!

Apologist - February 22, 2010 11:42 AM (GMT)

user posted image
The Compliance of Libra Tertius was hard-fought, and eventually involved seventy-seven Army regiments and elements of both the Imperial Fist and Ultramarine Legions. This shot shows Astartes Apothecaries and an Army Medic assisting the defence of a triage station.

user posted image
An NCO hurriedly brings an officer up to speed at an Army staging post during the Invasion of Calth.

user posted image
Elements of the Starfire Skybears provided vital air support to the Calthan regiments. Pictured here is Madhouse of Uproar Squadron, and the whole of Babel Squadron.

The Red Sorcerer - February 23, 2010 04:00 PM (GMT)
Calthans looking good there Apologist, a good mix of parts.

And Forgeworld Aeronautica models as well! Lovely stuff - the Maurauder in particular looks like a great model, I'm tempted to get one myself now. Is this a foray into Aeronautica Imperialis or are they also going to be part of forthcoming epic armies?

Iron Corsair - February 23, 2010 10:57 PM (GMT)
Awesome job on the Calthans, Apologist!

*Hopes Imperialis minis are start of an Epic army*

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