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renlegunvrs - January 28, 2008 06:50 PM (GMT)
Umbrea Insidior strike cruiser
Zso Sahaal Talonmaster chosen chapter master of Konrad Cruz, first and creator of the raptors.
Mordax Tenebrae Zso's ornate bolter (Dark's bite)
Unguis Raptus Raptor comand company, also Zso's lightning claws.
Vastitas Victris Night Lords warship
Preysight Magnification view in marine helmets
Quissax Kergai Master of the armoury (scoured Launeus Forgeworld crippling the Trigonym sector)
Vyridium Silvadi Lord of the fleet (bombarded Raven guard for 5 days at Istvaan drop massacre).
Koor Mass Captain encassed in Dreadnaught armour during the Heresy.
Krieg Acerbus youngest captain, Axe master (power axe), The head-taker.
Corona Nox Konrad Cruz's crown. Made of adamantium with a bloodstone in a platinum at the brow, a crown of thorns with 2 needle straight horns with jagged-edges. Imbued with Night Haunters divine essence.

above is from entries in Lord of the Night by simon spurrier.

UR-CURLON Night lord veteran infantry squad with bat wing on helm.
RAD-URZON Night lord veterans purity seals "unique"
PA-GURBOD Night lord landraider MKII
KON-DRAYUR Night lord tactical squad
KA-PERMODE Night lord battery squad (heavy bolter and lascannon tarantulas)
Horus's Pride Night lord "Influence" card depicts Horus's face with a Night lord marine standing in front of it pointing at the holder of the card.

above are from the Sabretooth Games Cards

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