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Title: Army of frothing lunatics
Description: New BA codex on BOLS

Pacific - February 24, 2009 07:12 PM (GMT)
Hey guys

Just thought I would share this link from BOLS:

Army of Death

In summary, its meant to represent the entire Blood Angels force succumbing to the black rage just before a battle. However, I think its also great for representing a World Eater force that has been entirely fitted with the beserker neural implants.

It has the advantage over the [I'M ILLITERATE] deal that Khorne players got with the new chaos codex in that the normal marine/BA list remains largely unchanged, so you can represent a 'true' marine force with all of their vehicles and character types while having a balanced point system for working out the rending/feel no pain bonuses.

So, providing you are playing in a group thats not too ruthless and/or tournament orientated, this list should be pretty well balanced as most of BOLS stuff is, this could make a great 'beserker' themed army (well, at least until the proper Khorne codex comes out :) )

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