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Title: Brother Handro's Slog
Description: Slow and Purposeful

Brother Handro - December 24, 2008 05:24 PM (GMT)
Hello and greetings to all. Having been inspired by all the work on here for quite some time, I was still not quite ready to go ahead and get stuck into my own project what with assembling the large amounts of parts I wanted, Forgeworld orders, finding a camera with the sacred Macro button, etc. But after stumbling across Apologist's truescale Ultras and seeing his flufftastic commentary on each model, I realised it was time to dive in head first.
Writing your own background before (or indeed after) assembling your models makes them so much more worthwhile in my opinion, and a bit o' backstory will help you decide on armament, armour, equipment, pose, the list is endless...
Anyway, on to the project. No truescale I'm afraid, that's still a rather daunting idea for me, but how about a demi-company of everyone's favourite no-nonsense footsloggers; the Death Guard. (Yes, I realise that the DG had only 7 huge companies, I'm not going to build a true half company's worth!)
The core force will be the four main squads (details below), and a command unit, with the eventual plan adding ten assault marines, 15 odd terminators, 2 MkIV dreads, a Rhino, and another 20 or so marines. (Not neccessarily all DG, I may break out the black and blue for some LWs and WEs).
All of this is sitting around waiting to be constructed, but it wasn't until the idea of a backstory was 'appropriated' from a certain Adept that I really wanted to sit down and start assembly.
A note about the equipment of each marine; I will try to keep them as rules legal as possible, (no dual powerfists then), but seeing as they will never be used to game with (I haven't played since 3rd ed.) I will concentrate on looks rather than rules.
So without further rambling, let the kitten-bashing commence!...










+++ACCESSING RESTRICTED FILE: Hub/GeneData/FirstFounding/Legios/Traitoris/XIV/NotableHistories/FragmentIII+++

+File submitted M30, updated M32, M36, M40?+

+Remembrancer Alaric Trix, attached to the XIVth Legion, 193rd year of the Great Crusade+

A Brief History of some of the Notable Squads of the Death Guard, 6th Company, Part III.

Notable Squads; Paraskevi Tactical Squad, Paraskaki Tactical Squad,
Solkhon Tactical Squad, Khardon Tactical Squad.

The histories of the four squads documented in this particular archive have always been closely entwined; squads Paraskaki and Paraskevi were two of the last squads drawn from the populace of Terra by the XIVth Legion at the close of the Unification Wars. Conversely, squads Solkhon and Khardon were some of the first of the new recruits from Barbarus, home of the Primarch Mortarion.
Squads Paraskaki and Paraskevi associated themselves closely with the traditions and beliefs of the Dusk Raiders, and their pride in the Emperor, whilst the members of Solkhon and Khardon embraced the ideas of the newly consecrated Death Guard and their genetic father Mortarion whole-heartedly.
Thus although the two pairs of squads are very close in terms of chronology of enlistment, they differ considerably in self-association and ideology.

After almost two centuries of fighting in the Great Crusade, the make-up of these four squads has inevitably changed. Although formed as complete squads, casualties from countless conflicts have been replaced on an as-and-when basis. The squads therefore retain their adherence to the original members' beliefs, as many of them still survive, but have also welcomed new blood. The physical appearance of the squad reflects this, with the older members maintaining their original suits of Mk. II and III armour where possible, whereas the new recruits have embraced the development of the brand new Mk. IV suit, reflecting as it does the Legion's favour with the mighty Horus.
Squads Solkhon and Khardon encourage their new recruits to take pride in such favour, and as such they have a higher proportion of the new suit than their brother units. [This also implies that the Barbaran units took more casualties than their Terran brothers]. Squads Paraskaki and Paraskevi on the other hand have traditionally done their utmost to maintain their earlier marks of armour out of respect to their squad predecessors, fostering close ties to their Techmarine brethren.

The two sets of squads that are so closely related [squads trained, barracked, messed and paraded in chronological order] naturally began to develop a keen rivalry, a competitiveness that was fostered and actively encouraged by the line officers of the company as the units sought and still seek to outdo each other in a never-ending game of one-upmanship. This competition has led to many bold-hearted and courageous deeds, [for service records see attached file #3781], and a grudging respect for each others' prowess was fostered. On occasion, however, disputes and dissension led to outright hostility and conflict between the two pairs. These feuds, often over some perceived slight to the honour of a particular squad, could last for months, or, on one occasion, even years. Ritual duels are fought to uphold the reputation of the squad(s) in question, with the outcome taken as the final judgement. [Currently Paraskaki squad members refuse to have their weapons and suits artificed by the same technicians as the Solkhoni, due to an argument over the relative merits of Mk. II and Mk. III armour].


To be continued!

Iron Corsair - December 24, 2008 06:03 PM (GMT)
Nice fluff, Brother Handro! Keep up the great work! :)

Brother Handro - December 25, 2008 11:09 PM (GMT)
Merry Christmas to all, and I hope you've got some space left after the turkey for another helping of fluff!


Elements of the 6th Company including all four of these squads [their proximity in a warzone naturally spurs on their rivalry] are currently deployed in the Tenlos system, against the self-styled Righteous Confederation, a number of human-populated worlds controlled by an alien elite. The unfortunate humans were held in thrall to their alien masters by whispered promises of serving a higher purpose in order to benefit in a next life. Upon encountering a minor alien leader, it was quickly discovered that this Confederation amounted to little more than pseudo-religious scaremongering, false promises, brain-washing and worse, the slavery of humanity on a system-wide scale. Neither alien domination nor religion can stand in the way of the Imperial Truth, and the emissaries of the Emperor immediately sent their petitions to the Legions.

Elements from no less than four Legions began to arrive in system within six solar months; the Luna Wolves, sent by Horus to assume overall command of the conquest, Angron's World Eaters, the rightly feared Night Lords, and of course the hardy warriors of the Death Guard.
After initial skirmishes on the outer planets of the system, it became clear that the alien overfiend had no compunction in throwing wave after wave of humans, raised and trained only to serve the foul xenos, against humanity's finest. Unwilling to countenance the vast casualties that would inevitably ensue in a protracted conflict, the Astartes regrouped to reconsider their actions.

The Luna Wolves held strategic command, and formulated a plan that would allow the system to fall into Imperial hands with minimum loss of life to the billions enslaved by the callous xenos. The VIIIth Legion prepared the ground for the assault by launching a lightning raid on communication centres across the system, knocking out all forms of contact between the oppressed worlds. This not only denied the aliens a means of coordinating their defenses but severed the human population's ties to their masters by stemming the flow of mindless dogma that had been holding the people in check. The media blackout was slowly replaced by fractured broadcasts of eeie, soundless images displaying carnage on a grand scale, as white and blue-armoured warriors silently went about their butchery, an example to any who thought about continuing to obey their masters. Faced with the loss of their powerbase, the aliens are now forced to rely on their Yenicheri, elite regiments of humans schooled from birth to protect their leaders with unflinching loyalty. Thus the war has moved onto what will surely be its final stage, a protracted, but ultimately less bloody than otherwise, battle for the capital world, Syndrax, where the grit and determination of the Death Guard will be called on to stand in the line of battle and let their enemies break against them.

Brother Handro - December 30, 2009 03:45 PM (GMT)
Using the most foul and despicable of the dark arts of threadromancy, I implore Grandfather Nurgle to grant new unlife to this blog! All things must rot and decay, it is merely a question of time, and as any devoted acolyte of Nurgle (or Guinness) knows, good things come to those who wait...

Seeing as this blog is now a year old, I thought it might be useful to, y'know, put something in it....first up, one of my Terran squad's drop pods...

user posted image

And interior...

user posted image

And with Kastor of squad Solkhon...

user posted image

And finally a wide angle...

user posted image

The pics aren't really good enough to show the weathering or the rusty metal, or the shade of white, but you get the idea hopefully.

C&C is most welcome now I finally have something to show!

DaemonlordAbraxes - December 30, 2009 04:28 PM (GMT)
I really like Kastor

Brother Handro - January 28, 2010 09:48 PM (GMT)
Tiny update;

Today I tried out my new airbrush on a recovered Leman Russ hull and although it's difficult at first I hope in time to get used to it.
I'm hoping this will solve my problem of painting large, flat areas white without leaving streaks or brushmarks.

The Russ is a test bed for technique and colour schemes whilst a Rhino that was unfortunately subjected to a horribly out of date Humbrol primer has become a testbed for weathering techniques and Forgeworld powders.

In the works are a Mars Alpha pattern Russ, Malcador (heavy bolters) and a second Rhino, once I feel confident about not ruining expensive models with my spraywork.

Pics of the Rhino to follow soon I hope.

DLA; Kastor likes you too...

Brother Handro - March 30, 2010 03:30 PM (GMT)
Time for another update, although I bring new meaning to the term 'slow and steady'... :lol:

Progress on all things mechanical and tracked has ground to a halt, which is a shame, but it's only time- and cost-effective to airbrush several hulls at a time, so instead I have been focussing on the Legion;

Assault Squad Acantha

user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

Sargeant Dallara

user posted image


user posted image


user posted image

W(eathering)IP Rhino

user posted image

Hoping to get another Assault Squad, in MK. IV completed soon. I know the Death Guard weren't big on Speeders, jump packs or indeed anything that didn't involve walking, standing or firing bolters, but I believe the VIth Company Captain special character in the TF list has a jump pack, so his company will follow his example.

*Thought for the day* - 'It is better to lie for the Emperor, than fib for yourself'.

Brother Handro - December 30, 2010 06:00 PM (GMT)
Greetings once more! I have returned from Papa Nurgle's sweet rotting embrace once again to breathe new unlife into this plog!

In all seriousness I cannot believe how much time and thought I put into this army and how little actual building/painting I get round to doing. It's all namby-pamby blue-tacking and posing and would this helm look good on this chest? I suppose that's the aspect of the hobby I love best, but consequently means I have little to show for it on here. Must get off my fleshy cushions more! And on that note, vehicles ahoy! Pics courtesy of my sister's new duper-camera...



Extracted from the personal voxbank of Heropetus Mount, Archivist-Orator.

"Is it on?...Right...hem hem...On the humble Rhino.

Oh mighty beast, wondrous steed! What debt we owe your steely hide! How many worlds conquered, how many tyrants laid low? Thy name is spoken with reverence, oh Designated APC RH1N0 Standard Template Construct! Even now as I approach your sacred birthing place I feel myself trembling in anticipation! Red-robed Engineers stop and point as I pass them, perhaps even the lowly adepts of the Machine God have heard of my work...On then into the chamber, dark but with thy mighty frames lit from below, how refined, how artfully decorated you must be....more workers of the Mechanicus here, but I have yet to see any of the artificers who complete your handsome frame...I can see them clearly now...there...there must be some mistake...these constructs are barely painted, let crude, how primitive, they are positively ug....hey, give that back!....[sounds of struggle]...."

Vox recording ends.

+Appended Date File+

Esteemed Lord,

had I but known of your man's interest in our output I assure you the matter would have been handled more delicately. At the very least he would have been directed to one of our production silos given over to a more fitting Legion, the Emperor's Children, perhaps, or the Blood Angels. As for your own interest, let me take steps to reassure you of our competence. The Astartes APC designate RH1N0 STC produced in the facility your man so erroneously entered are shipped exclusively to the XIVth Legion, the Death Guard.

As Orator Mount discovered, the vehicles constructed here are not the most delicately crafted or ornately artificed, but they meet each and every one of the exacting standards of damage resistance, weapon tolerances and extended functionality that the Legion demands. Each one is individual, crafted to the Legion's needs, often down to a single expedition's unique requirements. Some are often refitted as and when it is needed while others take advantage of newer STC discoveries. Although the Death Guard care little for aesthetics, each is extensively monitored and tested to ensure it performs without flaw. The time and attention lavished upon these machines is an irony apparently lost on your Orator and presumably the Legion as well.

I hope this knowledge placates any fears you may have had concerning our production and that your man continues his fine work spreading the Imperial Truth.

Yours most humbly,

Magos Constructor, 2nd Class Iogi Desh, Martian-Terran Liaison.









user posted image

The Astartes-class Rhino Nenad is one of many Ilmar pattern transports in service with the VIth Company. Although an older design, the Ilmar is fully able to take advantage of updates and modification thanks to its STC nature. Nenad was shipped to the XIVth Regiment upon their restructuring as a Legion and has a combat/deployment ready rate of an impressive 96.725%.




user posted image

The Rhino Anaxis is a heavily modified example of the venerable design, and originally started life as an Imperial Army-class vehicle. The shell was recovered from the field after the pacification of Junt IV [Compliance data here], and claimed as a prize of war by the VIth Company. Stripped and refitted for Astartes service, Anaxis now resembles an Ilmar pattern chassis with uprated headlights and a heavier pattern of bolter. Its front glacis plate was replaced after severe damage by a newer design incorporating iconography relatively flamboyant for such an uncompromising Legion.



+++DISPLAYING FILE 113 OF 217+++

user posted image

Mortis Redentor is one of the many newer patterns of Rhino shipped to the XIVth Legion towards the close of the Great Crusade, reflecting the Legion's favour with the Warmaster. Its MkIIc chassis allows larger ingress/egress doors, seen decorated with Legion devices, and it also takes advantage of the newer Storm pattern combi-bolter. Its front glacis plate resembles that of the older Ilmar pattern, but this may be cosmetic. Its name is unusual, being clearly Barbaran in origin but rendered in High Gothic, which is favoured by the Terran elements of the Legion. Its history notes that it saw combat/deployment with various units of the VIth Company, which may go some way to explaining its hybrid name.



+++ACCESSING RESTRICTED FILE: Hub/GeneData/FirstFounding/Legios/Traitoris/XIV/VI/Honours/+++

Banner bearers, often veteran battle-brothers, or sometimes newer recruits who have performed truly heroic deeds, are granted the honour of carrying their squad's personal heraldry into battle. Traditionally colours are carried into battle proudly for all to see mounted upon a reinforced pole, a practice which still continues amongst the majority of the company. Recently however they have begun to assume the form of a telescopic banner pole which is carried together with the squad's colours in a sealed container which is often magnetically locked to the bearer's armour when not in combat.

user posted image

Durica of Ulluthi Veteran Squad

user posted image

Ayal of Argaion Tactical Squad

user posted image

Ti'Kir of the Toloi Veteran Squad

I'll be experimenting with the tamiya grey primer on the rhinos (and an MGB too if anyone's interested!...) and it's looking quite good so far, think I just went too thick on the coverage first time round. In addition, my second batch of MicroartsStudios bases finally arrived (damned snow!), so I have enough of them now to...well, to cover the bases as far as my marine squads go. Got 70 of the buggers to wash now. :o

Hope to make some painting progress on the rhinos after new year, cheers for looking!

Edited for pics.

Lunasteve - December 30, 2010 09:08 PM (GMT)
looking great dude, liking the parts youve put together for the armour, i think they go well, the forgeworld stuff is really nice, your stud work and the bits youve added look great also, look forward to seeing these painted!


Ilmarinen - December 31, 2010 02:42 AM (GMT)
Great stuff. I really like the mix of parts too ...and the rhinos! :D

Brother Handro - June 27, 2011 04:02 PM (GMT)
'Lay down your arms and surrender, for there is no shield proof against Death'





user posted image

Brother Hadan of the Ulluthi alerts his brethren to Confederation activity

user posted image

Brother Fraydo moves in to deal with the enemy forces

It has been so long (again!) since the last time I updated this log despite the fact that I work constantly (relatively speaking!) and exclusively on the sons of Mortarion.

So this is a teaser of what I've been up to, and also an introduction to the debate that continually bounces around my skull; to Forgeworld or not to Forgeworld?; an exercise in degrees......i.e. what do you prefer; all FW squads, mixed units or squads with FW sprinkled amongst them, a helmet here, a backpack there, etc.

I will be posting examples of all three in the near future, (he says!), should have more for you tonight or tomorrow!

Azkaellon - June 28, 2011 12:08 AM (GMT)
really nice use of bits! so inspiring, especially Brother Hadan of the Ulluthi! looking forward to seeing more....

Brother Handro - June 28, 2011 01:32 PM (GMT)

+++FILE FOUND...+++

+++ACCESSING RESTRICTED FILE: Hub/GeneData/FirstFounding/Legios/Traitoris/XIV/NotableHistories/FragmentVI+++

Argaion were created in the decade leading up to Horus Lupercal's ascension to Warmaster, and as such were outfitted with the very latest in Astartes arms and armour, namely the Umbra pattern bolter and the Maximus suit. The squad of Barbaran recruits were brought together under the leadership of Sergeant Xamas and his nominated Squad Leader Yull, decorated veterans both, and took their name from a previously existing unit within the Company. It is not an unusual practise across the Legions for a unit's name to live on throughout the decades, with new Astartes seamlessly filling empty spaces in venerable squads so that they may span unbroken the length of this great undertaking, but in this circumstance seemed out of place owing to the fact that the original unit had been ignominiously lost on an already-compliant world when their Stormhawk transport mysteriously lost power and crash-landed, killing all its occupants. [See crashsite investigation and cleanup operations here and controlled local Administratum press release here]. Still it was decreed that the honoured title be returned to active duty. The squad are ignorant of their predecessors' fate and Company veterans decline or are unable to shed any light upon it. Despite this relatively inglorious start, Argaion have already begun to carve themselves a new chapter in the VIth Company's history and will continue to do so into the next century of the Crusade.

user posted image

Sergeant Xamas of Argaion

user posted image

Squad leader Yull

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

I waited until this morning for better was dull today! Typical, sorry for dark photos but hopefully you'll get the gist of my argument. Argaion are made up of a set of FW Mark IV, FW Red Scorpions upgrade leftovers and various bits of plastic to make up the rest. I like to think they look like a reasonably coherent unit in reasonably coherent armour, what do you reckon?

@Azkaellon; thanks mate, Grey Knights bits are cool aren't they? Your work has inspired me too, just wait for the Blood Angels bits to start sneaking in! :P

I needed to get back on track with my beloved XIV and it was the Grey Knights bitz wot done it, that and my discovery of brass wire and fine chain...the flamer and the psycannon screamed out to me; have a look...

user posted image

Brother Enrick of Paraskaki

Any comments/criticism will be taken will good grace, can I get away with it as a 30k heavy bolter if you suspend your knowledge of the fact it obviously started life out as a psycannon? Its still a bolt weapon, right?

More updates tomorrow, possibly Thursday. I will continue to lay out my thoughts on mixed armour with the mainly plastic Ulluthi. Thanks for looking!

BigWill - June 28, 2011 02:57 PM (GMT)
I think you'd get away with it,you can even call it Master Crafted if you want.
I like your wire cable good idea
Now slap some paint on a few of them :)

Archangel - June 29, 2011 07:52 AM (GMT)
Really nice conversion work! Seeing them make me get a modelling knife and start to convert some models... Oh, but it's work-time (for another 6 more hours). :-( :blink:

Brother Handro - June 30, 2011 03:48 PM (GMT)
@BigWill: Paint? Paint?! Heresy! [Makes loud hissing noises whilst trying to claw the eyes out of his restrainers] Don't you know the Death Guard are supposed to be grey? :D

Like many hobbyists I know which side my modelling bread is buttered and I'm firmly in the building/converting rather than the painting camp. (Brass wire for the Brass God! A Chain for the Chain Throne!) Add to that the fact that I regularly go through the PH enthusiast's mini-crisis of wanting to switch Legion. I love the Death Guard, but I don't love painting white. Rest assured however that there will be paint, and it will be white. Just, y'know, not for a while...I'd like to have everything I have built before I paint en masse.

Oh and thanks for your thoughts on the heavy bolter!

@Archangel: Thanks mate, it's good when the creative juices are flowing, eh? Your Sons of Dorn scout is really nice, post it on our boards!

Now I said I would post the mainly-plastic Ulluthi today, but I've realised that in order to understand their fluff I'd have to post their resinous counterpart the Toloi first. Unfortunately they are only half-built ATM (Glory to Blu-tac!) so you'll have to wait to see them.

However, here are a couple of WIPs;

user posted image

Sergeant Aias of Paraskevi

user posted image

Sergeant Meremython of Paraskaki

Aias is obviously based on Adrain Smith's awesome artwork (CV, p109), and Meremython is just a typical MyFirstBionic attempt with Bezerker legs. Everyone's done one at some point I guess. GS is rough and will need more work but I like the bionic leg itself.

Also, I imagine people might be getting confused with all these different squads names being bandied about, (myself included sometimes!), so here's some clarity;

Solkhon (Tactical, plastic, built)
Khardon (Tactical, plastic, built)
Paraskaki (Tactical, plastic, half-built)
Paraskevi (Tactical, plastic, NOT built)
Argaion (Tactical, FW MKIV, built)
Platon (Tactical, FW MkII, half-built)

The Toloi (Veteran, FW MKIII, half-built)
The Ulluthi (Veteran, plastic, built)

Motaib (Devastator ML, plastic, half-built)
Gharradran (Devastator Las, plastic, NOT built)

Acantha (Assault, plastic, built)
Asteras (Command Assault, plastic, half-built)
Achara (Assault, FW RS Ass., half-built, waiting on FW MkIV jumppack appearance)

10 Scouts (5 metal, 5 plastic with bolters)

15 Terminators (half-built, waiting on my giving in and buying GK box for helmet plundering)

3 FW Dreads (MkIV, MkIV Venerable, World Eater, built, awaiting fine-detailing - Chain for the Chain God!)

1 Landspeeder (NOT built, deciding on level of connversion I want to do)

4 Rhinos (3 undercoated, 1 possibly going to meet the acid bath)

2 Droppods (1 painted, 1 painted awaiting weathering)

Aaaand I think that's it! That's a whole lotta Death Guard right there! And I wonder why I have traitorous thought of not wanting to paint white!.... :lol:

Sorry for massive text post, but I'm currently building the Toloi as fast as I can, till then....

Brother Handro - July 1, 2011 05:11 PM (GMT)
Stand with your brothers!




+++ACCESSING RESTRICTED FILE: Hub/GeneData/FirstFounding/Legios/Traitoris/XIV/VI/Veteran/+++

A Legion as honoured and long-serving as the XIVth naturally counts many decorated heroes, champions and chosen amongst its number, and the majority of these serve as members of the revered first company. However a large minority of these respected warriors take their place amongst the other six companies, serving as honour guards and command squads to ranking officers or as complete squads in their own right. Often this is because after nearly two centuries of warfare, the status of veteran may be applied to a great many of a company's Astartes but more rarely it may be bestowed upon an entire squad as a whole, usually after a feat of extraordinary magnitude. The VIth Company is no exception in this regard, and counts at least 35% of its strength as veteran battle brothers.



The Toloi have endured for as long as the Legion itself has existed; indeed its name is listed amongst the roll of honour for the VIth Company of the Dusk Raiders Regiment during the unification of Terra itself. Wherever the XIVth has waged war, the Toloi have stood and fought and bled with them. A unit as old as the Legion itself naturally comprised purely Terran Astartes (and proto-Astartes) when it earned the honour of veteran status, and when the time came to replace a fallen brother, it seemed only natural to seek his successor amongst the Terran stock that filled the Company. As time went on however, the squad began increasingly to select Terran brothers to the exclusion of Barbarun or even inner Sol System Astartes, and what started as a vainglorious attempt to maintain the flavour and tradition of the unit eventually fell into a petty and discriminatory institution. Matters came to a head 87 years into the Crusade when the time came to replace Brother Dumas, slain by a terrible champion of the Kriff during the fighting for Menagor Prime. The only outstanding candidate that presented himself to the unit was Jovian by birth, and although well aware of the genetic tradition of the squad, most assumed that this would at last be the time that the hardliners would relent and appoint the only brother worthy of veteran status. Alas, when the squad came together to announce that they had in fact chosen a minor tactical sargeant of Terran stock but no special promise to ascend the ranks it became clear that the Toloi had no intention of letting go of their traditions. Thus the blood of Terra continues to flow through the Toloi, and although their record can be matched by only the greatest of the XIV's units, the controversy that arises whenever a new member is sought has meant that the honour of being chosen is seen a double-edged sword by many who still carry the blood of humanity's birthplace within them.

user posted image

Sergeant Frekas

user posted image

Squad Leader Kirhin

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Apothecary Jeko

And the last member is Ti'Kir, who is further up the thread.

So the Toloi are Terran stock, which fits in nicely with them being mainly stock FW Mk III. The Ulluthi I will post soon, are their counterbalance in both culture and building materials!

I think I would like to make Meremython into a sort of Doctor Octopus techmarine, (more like a quatropus really, I'm really getting carried away with this brass wire thing, Brass for the brass...oh I've already said that...), but still have him as a sergeant. As the DG famously have no fixed Assault, bikers, speeder crew(?) I could see as a logical step that they would expect their auxilliary command staff to be as much an infantryman as a specialist. What do you reckon?

Plus a white marine with red arm decoration would be a nice nod to the Dusk Raider heritage.

Thanks for looking, more on the way soon.

Gagoc TheAncient - July 1, 2011 06:33 PM (GMT)
Actually Collected Visions shows them as having Assault squads (p232, 260), Bikes (p287, 384), Attack Bikes (p253), Land Speeders (p62), and even Jetbikes (p243).

Just nowhere near as many as some other Legions.
So I'd say they are a rare option in the DG.

Brother Handro - July 1, 2011 07:13 PM (GMT)
Thanks for the info Gagoc. What I meant was that they have no dedicated specialist squads.

'Mortarion learned battle in a theatre of rocky mountainous terrain, without benefit of machinery. Though his considerable intellect allowed him to grasp the value of such support when his elevation to Primarch of a Space Marine Legion made such things as tanks and transport available, the primacy of the foot soldier remained ever the trademark of the Death Guard. Mortarion preferred to utilise huge waves of infantry, well-equipped and highly-trained on an individual level. He demanded that they be able to function and fight in almost any kind of atmosphere, and gave little emphasis on specialised units using jump packs or bikes. In fact, the Death Guard did not have dedicated Assault and Tactical squads as such; all his Space Marines were expected by Mortarion to be equally adept with bolter, pistol and close combat weapon, to fight with whatever weapon circumstance dictated. Such doctrine lent itself well to the use of Tactical Dreadnought armour, and the Death Guard regularly used Terminators before the Heresy.'

(IA: Death Guard, bold mine)

Thus I thought Techmarines, Apothecaries, etc would be expected to be soldiers first and foremost ('the primacy of the footsoldier...') which is why I want to scatter some across my squads, purely in an aesthetic way, this is a shelf army for my own satisfaction. (And to share with you guys of course!).

Brother Handro - July 2, 2011 07:07 PM (GMT)
For Mortarion!

Ulluthi veteran squad were created as a direct response to the controversy and prospective disunity created by the selection methods of the Toloi.
The First Company Captain at the time of the Dumas debacle realised that although he had the authority to order the Toloi to alter their recruiting standards it would probably have caused ructions unwanted by any commander amongst his troops. Thus when the opportunity to restore the balance of status within the VIth Company presented itself, he did not hesitate to act. Ulluthi tactical squad were the first unit in the company to be elevated to veteran status as a whole, thanks to their stubborn refusal to give ground when hopelessly outgunned during the Skyran Landings [see battle report and exterminatus authorisation here]. Ulluthi at the time of its elevation contained one Terran, three Astartes borne of the Sol system and six who called Barbarus home. Thus in one fell swoop, a unit capable of displaying the best the company had to offer regardless of genestock was created, and the practice of creating veteran squads for acts of true heroism by an entire squad was quickly assimilated by the other companies. In order to show its unbiased selection standards, the unit occasionally recruits a Terran Astartes if he is the best candidate, although it has become increasingly rare due to their ever-dwindling numbers. Ulluthi squad are often referred to as 'the Ulluthi' by company members as a gentle insult to members of the Toloi, but never in formal circumstances and certainly never in their presence.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Squad Leader Torun

user posted image

Sergeant Kerlon


+++Run Linebreaker Datashunt access program K314+++





+++Authorisation sequence Omega Z716-259+++





With the other three members Durica, Hadan and Fraydo posted further up the thread.

This is one of my favourite squads so far thanks to the sheer variety of bits used and fun I had putting them all together, and it represents the opposite end of the spectrum from the Toloi in terms of kitbashing. Also I managed to unwittingly get a skull symbol on eight them, which hopefully ties them together a little. I'm hoping as a whole all my squads look unified, but paint will help a lot to tie them together.

Particularly pleased with my GSing on Torun's rebreather pipe as my GS-fu is pretty damn weak. Not that you can see brilliantly in the dark pic but the helm looks like it's fresh off the sprue when in reality I had cut most of the beak off for a previous conversion.

Next up on my worktop; plastic Paraskaki!

Thanks for looking!

IngoPech - July 2, 2011 10:51 PM (GMT)
Your conversions are brilliant mate! Excellent variety and use of bits.

Looking forward to seeing paint on these!!! :D

Brother Handro - July 5, 2011 02:28 PM (GMT)
@Ingo thanks man!

Kitbashing is my favourite aspect of the hobby. GW will undoubtedly be happy anyway, as I think I've used every single plasitc Marine power armour kit they produce in this army, with the exceptions of Sanguinary Guard, (too angelic) and Possessed (obviously). Ouch, my pocket. :lol:

Not much progress to report, Paraskaki continues slowly, but I've got an essay to write this week, so I doubt I'll get to finish them. :( However, newly rechristened Tech-Sergeant Meremython is coming on nicely. I decided against the old metal servo-arm powerpack because it just looked too Techmarine, and I want him to be a Sergeant with Tech skillz, not a fullblown servant of the Machine-God.

Anyhoo, to prevent this being a pict-less post, here's a scout Veteran Sergeant

user posted image

Not much to shout about, just a Wolf scout pistol arm, the scout sarge's chainsword on a different arm for a nicer postion, and a marine rebreather head to emphasise that he's a full Marine. Plus 'rebreather = Death Guard' in my book :)

On a closing note, does anyone have any good ideas for highlighting Charadon Granite? I was looking for alternatives to simply adding white. Yes, that's right, I have been painting... :ph43r:

Thanks for looking.

Magos Explorator - July 6, 2011 12:01 AM (GMT)
Nice work. I highlight with Adeptus Battlegrey.

Pacific - July 6, 2011 03:40 AM (GMT)
Some really great stuff in this blog! In particular I like the extra work you are doing in so far as conversions are concerned, and the dynamic posing you are using - every single model seems well done.

Now, I would love you to start slapping some paint on these guys and bring them to life :)

Brother Handro - July 6, 2011 03:23 PM (GMT)
Thanks Magos, I'll have a go with Adeptus Battlegrey, think I have some lying around somewhere...

Thank you Pacific. I do like to put that extra bit of work into each Marine, purely because there's no deadline I'm working to, and because of the universe these guys inhabit; it's a Pre-Heresy army for a reason - I want each and every one to be a hero of mankind. You'll find very few 'Tactical Filler Marine with Boltgun #317 in my squads. (Although it pains me to say it, there are a few, MkIII and MkIV giving limited poses). If I wasn't interested in these things, I'd collect some faceless Mk7 and rush for a tournament deadline. :P

A shelf army has to have character because that's how it's tells it's story; I can't say 'Ooh these guys are awesome, they took down a Primarch on the last turn of the game' or something, they have to speak (silently) for themselves.

As for dynamic posing, I give a lot of credit to the bases for that. Elevation and crucially an angle change can do wonders for even Mr. Filler Marine and his Boltgun. They are a bit of an expense tho', I'd hate to have a horde army with all resin bases...but they would work well for Deathwing or GK I guess...props to Magos anyway, it was his Thousand Sons that made me decide to go with bases.

However, in order to make each Marine look as cool as possible, I have devised a simple test, and I call it the DOW Test.

Step 1; Assemble Marine with Blu-tac.

Step 2; Place Marine on table edge and crouch down at eye-level with it.

Step 3; Play original Dawn of War intro video, specifically 35 seconds in, when the Sergeant makes his RAAAAWWGH scream of fury.

Step 4; If you can imagine the Marine making this noise in his current pose, break out the glue. If not, return to step 1.

Lol it never fails :lol:

Anyhoo, I have bad news everyone; I haven't been writing my essay...the good news is that's because I've finished Tech-Sergeant M! :rolleyes:

'Death or Artifice; I care not which you seek'

user posted image

Tech-Sergeant Meremython

user posted image

user posted image

In the first one and maybe that last one you can see what I think makes a big difference to the pose; the left hand give a bit more sense of gravity to the occasion as he looks at rest on the crest of a hill. Maybe not so RAAAWWGH after all...

I know people don't like the comically oversized Stormbolters and in general I agree with them, but I think it works in this case. Leaves his hand free to work on things or go two-handed with his axe...what do you think?

Sorry for dark pics; it's thundering one minute and sunny the next and neither good for photography!

Not sure when next update will be but thanks as always for looking!

Mortarion - July 6, 2011 05:09 PM (GMT)
Looking good, I like the bionic leg, looks really in keeping.

not to nitpick but weren't Storm Bolters kindof, not invented at this point?

Michaelangelos - July 6, 2011 09:22 PM (GMT)
QUOTE (Mortarion @ Jul 6 2011, 05:09 PM)
Looking good, I like the bionic leg, looks really in keeping.

not to nitpick but weren't Storm Bolters kindof, not invented at this point?

if they werent u could call it "a customized bolter"

Pacific - July 7, 2011 01:03 AM (GMT)
In all honesty it's the way of representing anything in Pre-Heresy that shouldn't be Pre-heresy, that it's a 'custom job'. In this case it could be 'knocked together in his garden shed' B)

Brother Handro - July 16, 2011 03:47 PM (GMT)
@Mortarion; Michaelangelos; Pacific;

What Pacific said! He's a sometime servant of the Machine God and so would have access to either prototypes or highly artificed items, maybe he even made it himself!

Alternatively the DG were infantry heavy; it stands to reason that without much vehicular support (relatively speaking) said infantry would be pretty tooled up.

Alternatively/futhermore, the DG were favoured by Horus towards the end of the Great Crusade, and had access to MkIV plate, and were heavy with Terminator armour too. Stands to reason they would have awesome bolters. Plainly decorated mind! ;)

Alternatively; Rule of Cool! I liked the model with a Storm/combibolter. I could have gone bolt pistol - I didn't. Its not meant to be a WYSIWYG army.


'We have come for you!'

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

Ok so an update of sorts. Yes, itís not white. I know. But its paint isnít it? Thatís what the masses demand, and thus I have delivered.

I was tired of constantly fearing the white paint, and fearing that at best I would learn on the job and have half-decently painted models by the end whilst the first to be completed looked like they were coloured in by crayon. So in the end I painted a model that has sat on my shelf for about eight(?) years as a challenge, to see what I was capable of within the slightly more forgiving embrace of midnight blue.

It ties in as it happens, the VIII Legion was always part of my fluff, sowing fear amongst the human populace in order to stop them from fighting for their alien overlords, and my next project after this (ha!) will be a shattered Night Lords warband fleeing the Scouring in Mk IV/V/VI.

Itís just that I wanted something to paint without leading my Death Guard into temptation, spitting on my oaths, hoisting the black flag and going Iron Hands :lol: . Night Lords fit this perfectly, itís not black, and it gives me something to learn on that isnít just a side project. And just because, yíknow, AD-B is the freaking man, man.

Anyway believe it or not, this is the first marine model I have ever painted that has been anything more than dark angels green Ė red bolter Ė crayon eyes- snakebite leather base so Iím in desperate need of your comments and criticism, anything you want, just throw it out at me. (Not that, thatís metal. You should probably put that down). Highlights, layers, shading, glazing, washing have all been new to me in terms of physically using them. I make no attempt to hide my noobishness when it comes to painting.

Having said that, a few things I should mention just so no-one wastes their time on them;

The eyes I canít do any better, I only have mechrite red and Baal red ATM, ditto for the plasma coils, DG plasma will be blue.

It would look and Ďpopí a hundred times better with paint on the base, I know, but itís only a test scheme.

Close-ups always make a model look worse than it does in reality; the bonus of this is that it lets you spot things you missed. Lord knows I've seen too many already...

It looks pretty good at armís length or closer; whether itís tabletop quality or not I leave to you guys. For my DG I eventually hope to be painting at (just) above tabletop quality, seeing as they will be for display, not battle.

Anyway, bring on the c&c, it will be much appreciated.

Sorry for dark pics, but they should be enough to get a feel for the painting.

@Magos; thanks for the tip with Adeptus Battlegrey. I didnít have any but picked some up and it worked a treat! Yes, I have been painting something white. Something white, charadon granite and adeptus battlegrey, amongst other things. Eyes peeled!

Thanks for looking!

Maratheus - July 16, 2011 04:45 PM (GMT)
Lovely bit of intricate and clean converting. The poses are also great.

Calas Typhon - July 16, 2011 10:22 PM (GMT)
Really nice looking Night Lord you have there! But, is it me? Or does that plasma gun seem smaller than the space marine one...

Lunasteve - July 17, 2011 01:32 AM (GMT)
nice converting, the bionic leg looks ace and the test model is spot on! i think its just a chaos plasma gun with the chaos details removed?


Brother Handro - July 18, 2011 03:15 PM (GMT)
@Mara; Thanks for your input. Lovely bit of intricate what tho'? :)

Edit; Oh I see! I get it. Facepalm. :rolleyes:

@Calas; Thanks man. And well-spotted. It's the old 'new' plastic Chaos marine kit plasma gun.

When the kit was first released, and had the chaos mutation sprue in it, this is the plasma gun that came with it. The new 'new' Chaos marine kit has the separate weapons/Chaos Icons upgrade sprue and the plasma gun is bigger and more in line with the Tactical Marine plasma gun.

Like I said, this marine is about eight years old at least. I much prefer this plasma gun but it's the only one I've got! :(

@Lunasteve; Thanks for your comments mate, much appreciated. I have been paying close attention to your method of painting white, despite my Midnight Blue distractions. :) See above for plasma gun.

To prevent this being a pict-less post, some progress on the plastic Paraskaki;

user posted image

Phocion the Good

Any more c&c, Night Lord-related or otherwise, is greatly appreciated.

Thanks for looking!

Brother Handro - July 25, 2011 03:17 PM (GMT)

I have been making progress with the sons of Curze. It's nice to be able to use all the bits of MkV and VI you've been accumulating when you're usually limited to II, III and IV!

user posted image

user posted image

'Bring him to meee!'

user posted image

'I obey'

user posted image

Vlachor the Condemned

user posted image

'Hello, my name is Uzas...err I mean Siovas, yes, Siovas, that'll do...'

user posted image

'Eat my plasma. Eat it!'

I have just undercoated these guys and will hopefully be painting them up this week and/or finishing the next five off.

The Night Lords are perfect if you want an army that can represent anywhere from the late Crusade era up to post-Scouring, but I see these guys as being somewhere from the beginning of the Scouring. Basically the Legion is weakening but not yet broken, the Night Haunter may or may not yet be dead (don't think we have a definate date for that yet?). The chain of command still exists so these guys follow their Librarian-sorceror but are not quite sure about that eight-pointed star thing he's got going on...

I'm trying to keep my enthusiasm for actually building and painting things up by doing Night Lords but it's that age old cliche of forgetting about the army you started with. Hopefully the 60-odd still-grey Death Guard staring at me from my shelf will be pressure enough!

Paint soon!

Doghouse - July 25, 2011 03:46 PM (GMT)
Very nice stuff! Always great to see some Night Lords action.

Just out of interest where did you get those bases from?

Brother Handro - July 27, 2011 03:19 PM (GMT)
Thanks Doghouse, I'm sure you don't need me to tell you how greatly your work is admired.

Bases are from Micro Art Studios, the Temple design. £4.03 for five, with eleven designs available. I bought over a hundred and still don't have enough :blink:

As for painting progress, I'm struggling to match the same shade of midnight that I got on the test mini. I thought batch painting would be easier! :rolleyes: I will finish one off first and then see what went wrong so that I don't have to start from scratch will all of them if I can't rescue it. I'm hoping all it will take is an extra wash of Asurmen blue or two to get it as dark as Mr. Plasma gun.

Update soon hopefully!

Doghouse - July 27, 2011 04:21 PM (GMT)
Nice one! Look forward to seeing them mate. :)

Brother Handro - October 3, 2012 12:45 PM (GMT)
*Blows foot of dust off thread*....I think it's still salvageable!...

Although I'll be concentrating on my Sons of Horus and PDF forces, (with a wistful look at the Emperor's Children and having my head turned by the Blood Angels whilst reading Fear to Tread), it was the steady and dependable Death Guard that really got me into 30k.

Seeing my avatar and title, I thought it's about time this thread had an actual painted XIV Legion Astartes in it! :rolleyes: :lol:

user posted image

This is about 90% done. Base needs another drybrush or two and the metals on it another wash, but I'm happy with the overall look.

Although I really don't like the lean towards camo coloured shoulder pads and white trim in the new FW book, the colour is canonical. I will probably switch between green pad - white trim and vice versa on an individual or squad basis, not sure which would look better.

Apologies for an even worse than usual pic, but I have tried sponging battle damage for the first times thanks to quite a few logs I've seen on here. It works especially well on white armour as it concentrates the eye away from the lack of highlights.

Painting lots of white armour should get easier from a white primer coat, this guy was already grey.

Hope to paint a few of his squad between now and Xmas, before switching back to the boys in pale/sea/metallic/muddy green!

Thanks for looking!

Brother Handro - November 19, 2012 09:56 PM (GMT)
'Although two Deathshroud can be seen to accompany the Death Lord at any time, their visible numbers increase when they take to the battlefield. Either as sentinels of their Primarch, or attached to the command squads of other officers, these silent warriors stand firm against any foe, the relentless, mechanical precision of their scythe work striking fear into their enemies and putting steel into the backs of their brothers'.

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

As you can see Iíve decided to leave most of the GK iconography intact; itís really nice, and at this scale leaves a general artificer look to the armour signifying that these guys are not standard terminators, something I was loathe to file flat. Also the skull with three lines through it looks rather like the Death Guard symbol anyway!

If I expand the squad in the future I will go to town on them a little, but I wanted to knock these out while I has some building mojo. These guys are 90% complete; will add FW DG brass etch/transfers as and when I can get my hands on them, and the odd cracked helm on the bases - can't really decide on a legion colour for this that would let the allegiance remain neutral. (Obviously all the Deathshroud would have turned traitor at Isstvan, but broken helms could belong to allies as well).

I imagine FW will eventually release Deathshroud models anyway. There was a WIP scythe at Gamesday IIRC? Hopefully a weapons kit at least then, although I guess it could just have been for Mortarion himself.

Big thanks to Der_H for the tyranid warrior talons! B)

As for progress in general, we have decided between us that the scale we wanted for our Space Hulk board was too ambitious; the dowelling we needed alone would have cost over £100Öso instead we have settled on a 30k board with a Fellblade sized highway down the middle (guess what Der_H wants for Xmas! I prefer the Spartan), and modular, hopefully stackable hab blocks and defences, providing elevation for Necromunda games. We also plan a modular Zone Mortalis board for campaign boarding actions, and 30k Zone Mortalis bunker missions.

Thanks for looking! :)

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