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Title: Pre-Heresy Emperor's Children tutorial

BigWill - December 4, 2008 05:46 PM (GMT)
There are a few things from a modeling standpoint about the Emperors Children

A)They are the ONLY Legion permitted to wear the Aquilla.
(The Double-headed eagle)
If you are using the pose like I have here where the arms cover the chest it is not as important than if you have a clear view of the chest.
I used a bolter with aquilla on it
B)They have lots and lots of bling and were considered to go overboard with it by almost every other legion.
Now you want to put some extras on the model but don't get too crazy remember less is more
For this model I used the roman tabard and painted the bolter gold to help portray this

With this in mind we begin painting
1)I started with a white undercoat which helps get the right shade of purple later on
user posted image

2)I basecoated the armor in Hormguant Purple,any leather Scorched Brown ,the eyes and oaths of movement(purity seals) goblin green and dheneb stone , any trim and the tips of the tabbard shining gold,and boltgun metal for any steel
Remember even coverage for the basecoat is key to a good looking model that is not blotchy,give it one more coat than you think it needs
user posted image

3)Then use a 50/50 mix of warlock purple and liche purple and paint the armor plate
-Then use a thinned purple wash on the plate,bolter and trim,and tabbard tips
-Then use a thinned green wash to go over the oath,eyes and bolter case,and tabbard tips
-Then use a thinned black wash on the clip and barrel of the boltgun
-Then go back over the armor plate with the 50/50 mix being careful not to let it bleed into the carcks and crevaces where the wash is.
user posted image

4)Then use warlock purple for the highlights on the armor plate and use Dark Flesh to go over the leather
-use goblin green for the hightlights on the green as the wash should of darkened it up quite a bit
-If you have'nt yet finish the oath by giving it a gryphonne sepia wash then do the script with a black and scorched brown mix.
(pure black is too harsh for purity seals IMO)
user posted image

5)For the badge use this tutorial by Dargor (thats what I did)

Magos Explorator - December 5, 2008 05:17 PM (GMT)
Have added to the Tutorials forum sticky.

I don't agree with your point A, though. As far as I know, they are the only Legion permitted to wear the Aquila automatically. It can still be awarded to other Imperial troops as a badge of honour, though.

BigWill - December 6, 2008 01:20 AM (GMT)
I've always heard the opposite infact everone is rabid about it.
But you know what I have never seen anything to prove you wrong,infact it makes scense.
The Aquila is like the Medal of Honar and the EC are so good the get them automatically.

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