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Title: Pre-Heresy Dark Angel Tutorial

BigWill - November 29, 2008 03:55 AM (GMT)
This is a step by step guide on how to paint Pre-Heresy Dark Angels
Dark Angel Pre-Heresy wore black armor as opposed to the dark green of modern ones.
Since the Dark Angels are the first legion I like to give them older marks of armor
anything up to mk4 maximus armor
1)The first step is to prime him black,I use spray primer by Armory
user posted image

2)Then it is time to basecoat.Make sure you have solid coverage.
A good rule of thumb is when you think it's ready, give it one more coat
- Chaos Black for the armor not doing this is lazy
- Dheneb Stone for the robes and wings on the helmet and backpack
- Dark Flesh for the ropes on the robes
- Dark Angel green for the weapons and eyes which I think helps tie them to the modern DA
- Boltgun metal for the chainsword and bolter clip and barrel
- Shining gold for the faceplate,sword pommel,and the tips of the ropes
user posted image

3)-Deviln Brown wash and cover the robes with it.
I did three layers letting each one dry before adding a new layer
I like my robes to look dark like monks robes as opposed to cream colored
- One coat Babdab Black wash on everything painted boltgun metal
- One coat thinned purple wash on the gold areas once dry a coat of devlin brown wash.

user posted image

4)-Paint all raised areas of robe Graveyard Earth leaving the darker brown in the recesses
-Paint the inside of the robe Scab red
user posted image

5)-Using a 50/50 mix of Graveyard Earth and Kommando Khaki paint the raised edges of the robes
user posted image

6)-Using Kommando khaki paint the extreme edges for the robe
user posted image

7)-Using a thinned coat of devlin wash go over the robe to help tie it all together
user posted image

8)-Using Codex Grey highlight all the hard edges of the armor
-Using Goblin Green highlight the Bolter,chainsword,and the upper half of the eye lenses
user posted image

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