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Title: Xeno Species
Description: from Horus Heresy novels

Apologist - September 18, 2008 10:57 AM (GMT)
A list of canonical Xeno species encountered in the Great Crusade/Heresy era.

Auretian Technocracy
* Human civilisation.
* Led by Fabricator Consul.
* STC technology gave them power armour/boltgun etc equivalents; thought troops (the Brotherhood) were not geno-enhanced.
* Defeated by World Eaters.

* A Chaos-tainted rebellious human military force.
* Inhabited Nurth
* Wore pink silk robes and silvered breastplates engraved with their symbols, entwined reeds and crocodilia. Instead of banners, their formations trailed kites.
* Possessed forms of armoured fighting vehicles, as well as firearms, but preferred to fight with a pattern of polearm called a Falx.

* Human civilisation.
* Allied with Xeno races such as Kinebrach.
* Discovered by 63rd Expedition (Luna Wolves et al.)

* Non-humanoid xenos exterminated by the Emperor's Children (pre-Heresy) during the 28th Expedition.

* Fearsome and violent Xenos race, resembling giant spiders and winged insects.
* Long sword-like claws which appeared to be made from an organic metallic substance.
* Lived and worked in large swarms.
* Defeated in distant past by Interex, and exiled to Urisarach.
* Fought by Blood Angels, Emperor's Children and Luna Wolves.

A link to Lexicanium's list of all sentient species in 40k for further inspiration.

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Please feel free to add additional info/species. It'd be good to have an entry on the Cabal, and some more info on the Laer! :)

Weiss - September 18, 2008 11:11 AM (GMT)
* Fleet-based conglomerate of Human and Xenos species.
* Democratic in nature.
* Used ships of ancient Terran design, as well as xenos and alien/human hybrid ones as well
* Eradicated by a combined action between the Iron Hands and Emperor's Children within the corona of the Carrollis Star

The Red Sorcerer - September 18, 2008 11:32 AM (GMT)
OK couple of additions.

Have added more info on the Laer, as well as adding the Jorgall. And of course the Sons of Horus were involved in the defeat of the Auretian Technocracy as well. Will think about potential other additions...

* Non-humanoid xenos exterminated by the Emperor's Children (pre-Heresy) during the 28th Expedition.
* Had serpentine bodies and made extensive use of surgical enhancement to improve their combat ability
* They inhabited the planet Laeran, an ocean world where the Laer lived in floating cities above the surface
* Their society was dedicated to the Chaos God Slaanesh

* A nomadic xenos race encountered on several occasions throughout the Great Crusade
* The Jorgall traverse the galaxy on giant cylnder ships until they find suitable planets to colonise
* They are usually four and a half metres tall, with three legs , three arms, scaly skin and a long neck with an oval head, although the brain is located within the torso.
* They make extensive use of cybernetic enhancements (such as wings and combat attachments) including the use of cyborgs in battle
* Some of the young of the species have psychic abilities.

Gagoc TheAncient - September 19, 2008 07:05 PM (GMT)
*Reptilian based race
*Technological level unrecorded
*Home planet, Keylek, possible Death World
*Society Abhor war. Built special Battlefields, designated as 'Slaughterhouses' by Imperial forces, which were reserved for combat.
*Though the Keylekid waited to meet Imperials in Slaughterhouses, the Imperials waged standard war and wiped them out.

The Overseers
*Machine race, artificial sentiency violates Imperial law.
*Commanded by a machine called the Archdroid, on their world of Dahinta.
*They lived within once fine now derelict cities, waging a loosing battle to repair maintain these cities against the ravages of Millennia.
*After their total defeat and destruction, it was discovered that they were the product of Human science. They oversaw the cities for a civilisation of humans long extinct.
*As the battles were fought only by Astartes it is possible they would have welcomed Humans back as their masters thus enabling an easy compliance.

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