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Title: World Eater roster

Horn - July 17, 2008 11:50 AM (GMT)
I'm posting my list and plans and asking for comments on accuracy and theme. I'd like to keep as close to the true background of the XII as much as I can, but may be treading down the wrong path unknowingly in some places.

Leading characters:
Kharn in powered armour, with chain axe and holster for pistol.
He has his traditional helmet minus the ears, and is dressed in Mk 5/6.

[planned] Chaplain and initiates.
I want to do a tribute to the tragedy of the World Eater Chaplains. I'm planning *shock* a black rhino, a chaplain (as sergenat or IC) and a small squad of marines that are 'trainee' chaplains, preferably in chaplain-esque armour.
I need some advice on how justifiable this is!

Some kind of standard bearer!

10 tactical marines with bolt guns, including special weapon and/or missile launcher. Rhino.
Depends on if I figure out how to integrate RT launchers with modern models.

10 'tactical' marines with chain weapons and pistols. Special weapon, Rhino.

10 assault marines with jump packs. Chain weapons and pistols. Champion with some kind of chain halberd or banner pole.

5 Assault Terminators
Currently 1 has lightning claws. I was planning 4x LC and the serg to have a TH+SS.

Land Raider - traditional outfit.

Pacific - July 28, 2008 03:42 PM (GMT)
Wow I like this idea Horn!

I'm sure I read somewhere that the legions which sided with Horus killed their Chaplains at that time, but I guess they must have existed prior to that point.

One thing I am not sure about is their colour - whether they were black back then, or like the first librarians carried their legion colours. I had a quick look at the IA article for it, but it really didnt help at all :(

But, it is nice to see a WE army which is space marine based, rather than chaos based!

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