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  1. ShroudFilm's Trade Thread
  2. wanted: dutch edition 40k rulebook (AOBR)
  3. Yvraith's Want List
  4. Pre Heresy Vehicles
  5. Leaving the Hobby
  6. Selling Merican Lancer IG Strike Force
  7. Dave Taylor PH marine army up on ebay
  8. Leman Russ on ebay!
  9. New Pre Heresy Jumppacks
  10. Superheavies Longshot
  11. roboute mini for sale
  12. Space Marine Battlefleet Gothic Fleet
  13. Valdor mini on ebay
  14. has anyone got a copy of BLOODLINE by J S?
  15. Crusader legs?
  16. Wanted: Current Space Wolf Codex
  17. EVERYTHING MUST GO! Space Marine sale galore
  18. Horny bits
  19. Mortarion and Magnus on ebay from mrs velard
  20. Wanted: Fulgrim
  21. Wanted: Emperor Shoulderpad
  22. Terminator Hero CONVERTED
  23. Need some heads and shoulders
  24. What bits would you be most interested in?
  25. primarchs for sale!
  26. Blood Angels Sanguinary guard torso
  27. legion shoulder pads
  28. night lords
  29. Looking for ForgeWorld Thunderbolt pilot
  30. OOP Terminators, Dreadnought, SST stuff and WFB
  31. WANTED: Specific Librarian mini
  32. Space Wolves Army for sale
  33. Looking for sentinel power-lifter
  34. Custodian Guard Tems on ebay
  35. Casting needed.
  36. Need Forgeworld Chimera Searchlight
  37. Angels_Blades super duper new trade thread
  38. [Ebay] Selling some stuff...
  39. Cleaning the closet...
  40. Attention Ork players I need this grot
  41. W:HB and HFlamer from oop landspeeder H:paypal
  42. Need a pot of Scaly Green
  43. Armourcast Cauldron of Blood for sale
  44. I need old sentinel pilot heads
  45. Space marine Captain cloak
  47. Crazy request for any members who live in the USA
  48. Looking for commander backpacks
  49. Astelan's Trade Thread
  50. Daenyathos Black Library Limited Edition Novella

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