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  1. WANTED: Proteus Heavy Bolter
  2. WANTED Epic Warlord Titan
  3. Selling a tons of Warhammer sprues
  4. Cloud Runners eBay items
  5. Tau Battle Suit Army for Sale
  6. FW Tank Crew
  7. pre heresy thousand sons
  8. Painted Eagle Warrior Space Marine Army For Sale
  9. wanted stuff
  10. Looking for Mark Bedford Unrelesed Ogyrn
  11. want tyranids
  12. Wanted: Squats
  13. Rapier crew
  14. Who's Going to FW Open Day?
  15. Imperial Guard greatcoat army for sale!
  16. 2nd ed metal stuff wanted
  17. Ebay: Various Black Library background books
  18. jet bikes on ebay (hopefully in right board)
  19. Have: Sons of Horus | Want: Vostroyans
  20. Looking for Elysian HW teams and DKOK Towed Gun
  21. wanted imperial guard tank weapons
  22. Torg and Shroudfilm
  23. Wanted - LOTR Rohan
  24. want - imperial terminator torso's
  25. Looking for Rogal Dorn
  26. looking for primarch model
  27. Bit of a clearout
  28. Looking for IG tank accessories
  29. Anyone have chaos lord head (from manticore)
  30. island of blood bits up for trade
  31. 1500pts+ Grey Knight Terminator Army
  32. Mk4 dreadnought targeters needed.
  33. Blood Talons
  34. Necron Flayed Ones needed...
  35. Selling Velard Horus & Honored Imperium
  36. Armorcast Reaver Titan for sale
  37. Emperor Model Horus Model and More
  38. looking for a few things
  39. Kairos Fateweaver bit needed
  40. Looking for FW World Eaters
  41. FW stuff for FW stuff
  42. wanted - metal robed dark angels
  43. Have Eldar/$, want FW/$
  44. Jedi Robes for Warhammer 40K Collection
  45. Gun barrels?
  46. babylon 5 call to arms
  47. FW missile launcher missing bits needed
  48. For Sale: Pre Heresy Iron Warriors
  49. FS: MK3 style bolters
  50. Scarab Knight (Magnus)?

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