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  1. Important: Epic Minis Photography
  2. Betrayal on an Epic scale
  3. Alternative epic minis
  4. Horus' Own
  5. Epic battlefields
  6. Warrior Kings of Ultramar
  7. The Mighty IV Legion
  8. Children of the Emperor
  9. NetEA Horus Heresy Legion army list development
  10. The Wolves of Russ
  11. Noob questions
  12. Basing Epic Miniatures
  13. New to Epic
  14. Yvraith's Wittle Warriors
  15. The Epic Crusade
  16. My Epic army
  17. You are my unbroken blades. You are the Death Guar
  18. In Midnight Clad
  19. Epic Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons
  20. Conflict at the Sino-Habs
  21. Counterstrike at Marrianna City

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