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"The phrase “bite my head off” was not entirely a figure of speech when it came to Leah." - Bella Swan

 Alysaa Wolf
Posted: Jan 28 2008, 04:39 PM

The Twilight Queen

Group: Admin
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Joined: 18-January 08

Name: Alysaa (Aly / Al / Ash) Wolf

Gender: Female

Species: (young) Werewolve

Age: 17 (should be 19 by now)

Resident: currently situated at La Push/Forks.

Character's Physical Description: Alysaa has long, curly blond hair, and blue eyes. She always wears it free, falling down her back, so if you ever see her in a pony tale you should consider yourself lucky. Even though she was always pretty tall and slim for her age, she never thought how much actually stood behind that. She loves wearing all different sorts of clothes, probably light colored, cause it expresses her free spirit the best. You can almost always carrying her guitar, with her iPod stuck in her ears, fors she couldn't live without music of any kind. She was always told she was beautiful, but it never really mattered to her, though she takes great pride in her diamond blue eyes. She never takes off a tear drop necklace her mother agve her before she died.

History: Alysaa grew up in Los Angeles. fora while she had a pretty perfect life. Despite the fact she often got into huge fights with her 4 years older brother Aaron. Always being daddy's little girl, and mom's little angel, got her brother jelous. Alysaa and her mother were always extremly close. she would tell her stories before she went to sleep. They would talk about castles and princesses and magic, and her mom always used to call her 'princess', telling her how one day a prince will come and take her away. And than Alyssa would say how she'd punch him if he tried taking her away from her mother. And they would both laugh. Happy. Life was perfect. They were best friends and so much more. Until one day, when she was 10, her mom got in a car accident, and died. The world around her seemed to fall down, and it all lost sense. The whole family was devestated, she never saw her father that sad, depressed, lost. And after that day, nothing was the same. Her brother changed. She could see his face covered with tears after Mom died, and than he just disapeared, he didn't go out of his room for a little overa week. When he did come out finally, he changed so much Alysaa was scared of him. His face looked much older. Wrong placed like that ona 14 year old boy. His whole face seemed different. and his eyes. His eyes were dark. New anger hidden in it. He would snap for the smallest things, she didn't even speak to him any more, she was afraid. Finally, she tried looking for help in her father, but he was too lost, too hurt by her mothers death to even care. So she was left on her one. She kept herself happy, rereading her mothers stories, keeeping her memory alive. And as she grew up, she still stayed her old happy self, finding comfort in music, she learned to play guitar, just like her mother, and it became her safe harbor, it was her sanctuary. With time even her brother changed. He became better to her, her father figure, since their real dad was already too far gone in his pain and misery to notice any of them. And so life was getting back to normal. Alysaa even fell in love. He was just an ordinary boy from school, not the only one in the world, but he still ment the world to her. It hit her at once and it hit her heard. It was love. And she was happy. Already planning their lif etogether. Her life with the love of her life. Until, the day of the prom, she saw him witha nother girl. Her heart broke into pieces, and her whole body started to shake. First she though she was having hysterics, shaking of shock, but it didn't stop. Her body just kept shaking more and more. she ran out, into the woods, far away from her school, far away fro her broken heart, and she could feel herself exploading. She colapsed on the floor, and soon her brother found her and carried her home. The pain she felt didn't stop for a week, and her brother was by her side the whole time But it felt like forever, it felt like it would never stop. When it ended, her brother explained what she now became, what he was. And seh laughed, not believeing it. And than he brother just said to go see for myself and took her to the forest, saying she should just set all her emotions free, and feel what she feels, be one with the nature. And so she did. she let it all get to her. the pain of loosing her Mom, the pain of a broken heart, the lonelyness, and soon her whole body was on fire, she was on fire, and she felt so free, so natural, so normal. And soon she was running through the forest on four legs, a big white wolf. She was a werewolf. It was always there, in her blood. Her father was a werewolf, until he met her Mom, his wife, than he let go, finally growing old, trying to forget about his werewolf life. Now, with this new life, Alysaa felt like she needed a change. to start over. and so she decided to go to La Push. the place where her father was born, where it all started. She packed her bags, and her guitar, and kissing her brother good bye she was finally on her way. She had no real idea where she was going, nor what awaits her. Now, that she was finally free, all she was looking for, was home.
She stopped in a lot of cities mostly choosing those by the forest and in one she 'met' a black wolf. He was injured, dying, and she took him home and took care of him until he felt better. After, they became inseperable. And are still together.

Personality: She has always been a free spirit, optimistic, never judging anyone, always ready to help. It often got her into trouble, cause she barely stood up for herself for a long time. After becoming a werewolf her self-confidence grew a little and she became cocky. Now she tries hiding her true self in a shell around strangers cause she's afraid of being used again. She has little trust in people and finds animals to be much better company, specially her 'pet' wolf.

Education: in high school

Family members:
Alysaa's mother - She was always a kind woman, and she carried it on to alysaa. Always close to her daughter made her the most important person in Alysaa's life even when she died. She would always tell Alysaa how beautiful she was, how happy her life will be in the future. She was also a very creative person, and used to play guitar to Alysaa all the time when she was little.

Alysaa's father - A werewolf. He loved her mother so much that after her death it was as if he died with her. He became a living shadow. Alysaa didn't know him any more, he became a stranger to her, and it made her heart ache whenever she thought about it.

Alysaa's brother : Aaron - Always jelous of Alysaa when they were kids. They used to fight all the time when they were kids, but when he grew up, the fights stopped acsue he realized there were more important stuff in life. After his mother died, his whole life changed. Feeling thet sort of pain made him turn intoa werewolf much sooner than most people. He became more secretive, pushing people away, not wanting to hurt any one, and by doing her he hurt alysaa more then he ever could by bitting her of hitting her. With time, when he managed to controle his emotions, he became closer with Alysaa, over protective of her, her father figure. He hoped she would never have to become a werewolf so he hid the secret of what he and his father are from her. When she did become on eof them, he tried his best in helping her through it all, wanting to be there for her, buts he decided to leve, start over. She asked him to come with her, but he refused because he needed to take care of her father, but one day, he hopes of joining her and being her family again.

Picture :
user posted image user posted image

"In the end, everythings going to be ok. If its not ok, its not the end."
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"You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That's where I'll always love you. That's where I'll be waiting..."
Posted: Jan 28 2008, 08:56 PM

RPG Admin

Group: RPG Admin
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Joined: 18-January 08

*accepted* yay anouther wolf biggrin.gif

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