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Title: Andrew Dawn

Serena - January 13, 2012 12:43 AM (GMT)
Name: Andrew Jace Walker Dawn

Age: 105 years old (looks 18 yrs)

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire

Resident: San Francisco Birthplace: Born in San Francisco and has a house in different places in the US and UK.

Character's Physical Description: He's tall, around 6'1". Has sandy blond hair (between brown and blond) and has silver eyes (black when thirsty). He looks like a young adult, with one exception, the fact that he looks like a greek god; from a distance he looks skinny and lanky, but up close he's very muscular and fit. His skin is white with a slight tan and is cool to the touch, the hallow under his eyes is slightly purple and get darker the more thirsty he gets. he usually wears casual comfortable clothes but to everyone else he easily looks like a model.

Personality: He's not the shy type but he doesn't like to talk much unless he's intrigued by the person. When someone does finally get him talking they find that he's very kind, very polite, and the perfect gentleman. he's also old fashioned when it comes to romance. He holds doors open, pays for dinner, brings flowers...the works. When someone makes him angry he is able to control his feelings and actions but all that changes when he feels that his life or the life of a friend or loved one is in danger. He will do everything in his power to keep hem safe. He also doesn't like to hurt humans, so he shys away from many activities that wold bring him in close contact with human blood.

History: He was born on May 2 in San Francisco in the year 1902. His father died of an illness before he was born and he was raised by his mother- who taught him manners, how to be polite and to be a gentleman- until the year 1920 when they were attacked on their way home. A group of thugs "gangsters" attacked them and beat and forced him to watch as they did unspeakable things to his mother before they killed her. Then they continued to beat and stab him with knives and left him for dead near his mother. He looked at his mother one last time then blackout.
The next thing he remembered was an awful, aganizing, intense pain throughout his entire body. It felt like his insides were on fire, a fire that got hotter the longer it lasted, and there was no way to put it out. He has no idea how long it laid where ever he was wreathing in pain, but the pain eventually began to sunside and he was able to understand where he was. He was in a nice room, on a large soft bed in someones house. He could feel, as the pain ceased, himself getting stronger and he wondered how he came to be where he was and what was happening to him.
The pain eventually stopped altogether and he was able to get up and look around more. He found that there was a body length mirror on the far side of the room and when he looked into it he thought he might have heart attack from what he saw, but then he realized that his heart wasn't even beating and he sank to the floor in horror, not understanding what had happened to him.
Then he heard and smelt someone coming, and he was so confused and sad that he didn't even care. he didn't even flinch when a hand touched his shoulder. The person began talking to him, explaining to him what had happened and what he had become. From the voice he could tell that it was a woman and saw, when he looked in the mirror, that she didn't look too much older then him. He also learned that her name was Annabell Dawn and that she would be his new sister if he wished to stay with her family.
After a few hours of sitting in silence with Annabell he realized how thirsty he was and he couldn't concentrate on his thoughts. She then took him out into the forest to hunt animals, and when his thirst was as quinched as it was going to be he talked a little with Annabell, but only enough to let her know that he would like to be apart of her family. He was quiet for many days just listening to his adopted family and learning everything he could. He was glad to know that they were not vampires who fed on humans, but he realized quickly how hard it was not to feed on them.
For months h struggled with his thirst for human blood, and also with what he had become. He missed his mother terribly and wanted revenge for what had happened to them both.
He got his chance. two years after he had become a vampire he came across those very same thugs doing exactly what they had done to him and his mother. His anger flared; he was murderously angry and he went and took his revenge. He killed every last one of them and drank all heir blood and made sure they knew exactly who he was before he did it. He enjoyed the look on their faces as they realized who he was, and then in a matter of minutes it was over. He destroyed all evidence; those thugs would simply go missing and no one would know. The would be victims had run away before the meyham started. He ran home satidfied with himself, but it then turned quickly to disgust. He was appalled at what he had done, and it would stay with him for eternity.
It was the first and last human blood he had ever drank. The years went by and he went on living with the memory of what he had done; never telling any of his family. He didn't want them to know and luckily his eyes had not changed color to alert them to his dark deed. He just became more quiet then usual as went on with his non-life.

Education: Has been through both high school and college a number of times

Family members: Birth Mother: Helen Elizabeth Walker
Birth Father: Andrew Victor Walker Sr.

Mother: Geneve Claire Dawn - 659 years old (looks to be in mid 20's)
She has brown wavy hair down to the middle of her back, and golden amber eyes to show her vegetarian diet

Father: Maurice Zachariah Dawn - 726 years old (looks to be in mid - late 20's)
He has short blond hair, and golden amber eyes to show his vegetarian diet

Sister: Annabell Sarah Dawn - 420 years old (looks 19 yrs)
born: 1587
turned: 1606- 19 yrs old
meets Andrew: 1920- 333 yrs old
She has long blond hair down to the small of her back, golden amber eyes to show her vegetarian diet

Extra for Vamps:
Vampire talents: he's incrediably fast when he runs, he's an excellent hunter when it comes to his prey, able to blend in fine with humans as long as he's not too thirsty. He also has an ability that allows him to speak the language of whoever he is speaking too, which naturally turned into him learning many languages. he's able to use his looks, eyes, smell, and voice to charm anyone he wants.

Vegetarian or non vegetarian: Vegetarian

Fears/Weakness: His weakness is blood. When he sees it or smells it his thirst for it comes on strong and it is difficult to control. He fears that one day he may slip up, lose his control and attack a human.

Miscilanious: no hard marble-like body, As for the sparkles and normal vampires the sun acts like a charger for the sparkle effect to take place, but for him the sparkle effect is immediate once the sun touches his skin- something he's terribly bitter about. Another unusual thing about him is that he has fangs that he can bring in and out on command. Normally vampires don't have them and he's not happy about seeming more like the traditional vampires from movies and books. As for the vampire creating process...he needs to bite them to get his venom into them, but they need to drink his blood to take away the pain.

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