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~This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius~

Last week he had been playing Quidditch on the University Grounds with his mates. It was exhilarating to fly around on the grounds playing a game he had not been able to enjoy his last couple years at Hogwarts. Reprising his role as seeker, he zipped up and down the field and high into the sky until he spied his prize. The match went on for a while as he was a touch out of practice and found his broom riding skills had atrophied like a muscle that had not been used in a while. Nevertheless, it was great.

Two days ago, he went on a date for the first time in three years. Having come to terms with his sexuality when he was a 5th year, it was difficult to find other like-minded individuals during a time where you were ridiculed for not performing a proper transfiguration. Now, he had no need to hide or worry - as he found University lifestyle was much more laid back and there were many others that were just like him.

Last night, he and his friends went to a pub in London and filled their night with alcohol consumption, laughter, good times, and tom-foolery. It had been a long time coming, but for the first time he felt his age, he felt alive, and normal. Well - as normal as a 19 year old wizard goes.

Perhaps he regretted the actions he partook in the night prior as he was having a hard time functioning in this very moment. This very…dire moment that he should have been in full control of all of his faculties. He didn’t see the dark figure that swept so fluidly from the shadows as he made his way through Diagon Alley. Nor did he detect that he was being followed as he visited Scrivenshaft’s to purchase a new quill and ink set for Uni.

It was quite possibly his interest in the darker aspects of the wizarding world that sealed his fate as he took a turn down Knockturne Alley to visit Borgin & Burkes. That was where he said he would be to Quentin Embres who had accompanied him to Diagon Alley on this shopping trip, but when Quentin walked into Borgin & Burke’s, the shop keeper had no account of his friend.

When he opened his eyes, Alessandro Darko found himself in the dark and wandless - no, as he groped around in the dark, his hands fumbled upon a familiar texture of the design wrapping itself around the shaft of his wand, only, now there were two halves that remained attached by the dragon heartstring core. Panic erupted inside of him as he brought himself upright and was greeted with unbearable pain - everywhere. He felt as if he had been beaten by bludgers repeatedly. As his eyes began to adjust to the darkness he was only able to make out a dull metal grate that seemed to be hovering in mid-air. No - as he limped closer with his hands outstretched, he felt the coarse, splintery wood of a thick door with a small grate. The only reason the grate was visible was due to some far, far off light source that was probably reflecting off a puddle to cast the marginal light to reflect off the dull metal of the grate.

More panic now as he realized he was a prisoner - but of whom? It had been three years since he had been involved in clandestine activities so dark and unpleasant that he would find himself in this predicament - but the problem had been resolved…So who would take him prisoner? He began to call out into the void for help, but the only response was his echo, and then a noise that he didn’t realize was coming from him until after several moments of despondency - the sound of his own sobs. Then he heard it.


They were ominous portents analogous to a death knell. He felt it in his bones - just by hearing the pace at which they moved - no hurry, yet no time to waste. No these footsteps did not belong to his savior but to his condemner.

The door flung open with such force it knocked him on his backside and the enshrouded figure rose his wand and fired off some strange sounding spell that made everything feel light and he felt like he was flying and then just as abruptly as the experience happened, he was halted. The momentum he seemed to carry lurched him forward, but his arms were bound tightly stretched out at either side, so his body kind of slumped forward and down as the strength from his legs seemed to be completely exhausted. He didn’t have to worry about standing on his own anyway, because from that point on he would have the unfortunate discomfort of being the subject of some very ancient magic.

“Heralds of the Queen, we have acquired our first key to unlocking our mistresses prison.” Said an ugly, wretched voice coming from the shrouded figure in front of him. As he picked up his gaze, he noticed that there were 11 other shrouded figures surrounding him and they seemed to be standing at even intervals as designated by a large, complex circular glyph that he seemed to be in the center of…

“Harvesting this key will begin our journey and open one of the locks in the Caelestes Carcerum. We do not know which lock it will open, but we have identified that this…boy…harbors a celestial key.”

“What?! No…I don’t have your key…please…let me go…” He pleaded, tired, beaten, and frightened.

Without a beat, the shrouded figure in front of him turned and began to walk to his position in the circle, a direct line from where he was standing right in front of Alessandro. “You are not aware that you have it - as are the rest. The flaw in the design by the Grand Ones.” he said with something that sounded like a snicker, but interspersed with wheezes and horrible guttural noises. When he arrived to his position he turned and raised his hands. “Heralds, for the Queen! Begin your incantations!” He croaked. In that moment several voices rang out through the air speaking a language that Alessandro couldn't readily identify in his state of mind.

“You should be honored, boy, to be the first to bring about the revival of Our Queen, the Pernicious One, Lady of Calamity…” He was cut off. “Please! I don’t have your key! I don’t have what you need!” Alessandro cried feeling absolutely helpless as he felt his body rise up into the air, his feet now hovering above the floor, and a searing sensation begin to grow in his chest.

“It is your HEART - Your HEART is the key and it glows with the power of a celestial that would see our demise. Libera nos! Libera nos cor clave de caelestes.”

Bright lights began to appear inside of him all over his exposed flesh and through his clothes as they began to create luminous networks of veins, shooting pulses of light down them straight to his chest where a mass of light began to pool and grow bigger and brighter as the Heralds continued their incantations.

The pain was intense as each pulse of light added itself to the collective, the burning sensation intensifying greatly - it was as if his insides were on fire and he chest felt as if it were to burst open at any time. He struggled against his restraints holding his arms out, and his feet weren’t touching the floor so there wasn’t much he could do; he threw his head back and screamed. The sound would have shocked him under normal circumstances as it sounded as if two people were crying out instead of one, and the room shook with such violence it brought down chunks of stone from the walls and ceilings.

“Maintain your incantations! It’s fighting us!”

As he screamed and they continued to chant, the lights just grew more aggressive and moved faster now adding to the huge glowing, burning mass that was encapsulating his heart - which was now quite visible in the midst of the sphere of violently glowing light, beating profusely. With such radiance emitting from him the darkness kept no secret of what his surroundings looked like now as Alessandro could see they were in a stone room - a basement of some sort and on one of the far walls a circular, very intricate, sinister looking door with 12 slots arranged evenly around it, and a very complex and strange locking mechanism at the center.

That was the last thing he saw before he felt a horrible wrenching, ripping feeling in his chest and then all the shaking and screaming stopped. He stopped. His body ceased to glow as all of the light began to dim into the object floating now two feet in front of him: His heart. It was different though - not fleshy, moist, and bloody as one would expect, but now it looked as if it had crystallized, and from within a vague sigil could be seen; two parallel jagged lines.

There was audible panting in the room as they moved about to light torches and gain their bearings while the Herald that seemed to have been their leader approached the floating crystal heart. He was not looking at the heart, though, he was looking behind it, staring at what had become of its previous owner. What the Herald was now looking at was the form of Alessandro, but he had become crystallized as well- glittering like a diamond in the torchlight completely transparent, except for a black, smokey, scorch mark suspended inside the middle of his chest where his heart used to be.

“I didn’t foresee this…get rid of it.” The lead Herald commanded, his gaze lingering maliciously on the crystalline nineteen year old, his face frozen in agony. Now, turning his eyes on the glowing chunk of red ice that was the boy's heart, he snatched it up in his hand and inspected the sigil.

“Ahh…Aquarius, glad you could join us.”
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