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 Because I Am Insane..., I have done it again...
Posted: Jul 21 2010, 09:10 PM

Nimbosian High Commander

Group: Members
Posts: 160
Member No.: 9
Joined: 2-December 07

So, for those of you who were around at the inception of 5th edition, I had this crazy idea that I would redo the Tau codex. By no means have I been idle in this project. In between school and work, I've spent a fair amount of time looking over everything. I large impetus in this was the making of the XV9 Hazard suit by FW. It broke me of a lot of constraints I placed on myself, and I believe that the Redux is better because of it.

Before I post it, however, I have a few comments.

First, PLEASE clean your mind of any conception of the Tau power level in 4th edition. The 4th ed codex was in many ways a band aid to the 3rd edition codex. In addition, with the creation of the vastly more powerful 5th edition, codexes, I have made the newest version of the redux powerful. I ask that it is viewed in the same light as the other 5th ed codexes, and not against older renditions of itself or older codexes.

Second is that there are currently no special characters. This is intentional, as I still have a few kinks that need to be worked out before I am willing to bring in rules that may alter how the Tau work in a game. Rest assured I have them, and if people truly want to see them, I'll post them, as well as ideas for it. I also have Apocalypse ideas, but those are more shot to hell than the special characters, so lets wait on those. It also requires people who've played in Apocalypse matches at least a few times to comment on it. This isn't meant as an insult, but Apocalypse is a vastly different game than 40k, and requires a different mindset when making rules.

Without further ado:
Codex Tau Empire

I still have a few issues with it, the main thing being the Doctrines of the Cadre. I want the Tau to have some army wide benefit like Orders/Sagas/Synapse, etc. I might do it like this, or just radically alter markerlights.

What do you guys think? I know its VERY radical, but I do have reasons for everything that I did, which I'm sure I'll eventually tell.


"The gue'la will either except our destiny, or die!"
-Shas'o Castris

user posted image

The forum for the Tau Redux:
Posted: Jul 28 2010, 09:11 AM

Nimbosian High Commander

Group: Members
Posts: 160
Member No.: 9
Joined: 2-December 07

Of course, after I post this, I get a bunch of ideas.

First, currently I don't have access to my laptop, so I can't implement changes directly, but I'll post my ideas here.

First, Crisis Suits. Part of the design has always been to let them mix and match. As you've read in the Redux, I've taken away part of that. I've also expanded what the weapons can do, in the manner of Sternguard. I feel that this needs to go further. Crisis Suits, at least in my mind, are general engagement battlesuits that have a general purpose loadout that can take on a variety of things. So I propose that a Crisis Suit has a static choice of weapons, with the current options remaining:

Crisis Suit

(36", Str 8, AP 1, Heavy 1)
(24", Str 6, AP 2, Assault 2)
(18", Str 4, AP 4, Assault 4)
(36", Str 9, AP 1, Heavy 1) vre+

Suppression Launcher
(36", Str 7, AP 4, Assault 2)
(24", Str 5, AP 5, Heavy 4, Smart)
(18", Str 4, AP 5, Assault 1, 3" blast)
(18", Str 5, AP 4, Assault 1, 5" blast) vre+

These two weapons cover all bases that Crisis suits need to cover, giving a large variety of options. No more specialization can really occur. This is purposeful. I left it to the Hazards, whose weapons I envision as such:

Phased Ion Gun
(18", Str 5, AP 4, Assault 4, Rending)

The basic weapon, which can be upgraded to one of the following:

Fusion Cascade
(12", Str 8, AP 1, Assault 2)

Pulse Submunition Rifle
(18", Str 5, AP 4, Assault 1, 5" blast, Frag)

Flechette Cannon
(temp, Str 2, AP -, Assault 1, Rending, Poisoned (3+)

Yes, these weapons are MEAN. That's the idea. Hazards should be the suit that everybody fears. Tough to kill, but with the meanest scariest close range weapons that Tau have. If you are a unit the team has been designed to kill, you will DIE. That's the idea.

I haven't posted costs, but rest assured a full hazard team with drones would be ~400-450 points.

Stealth suits also need to be redone, my idea as such:

Burst Cannon (as current Tau codex)

Special Rules:
Disruptive Firing (as in current Redux)
Silenced Shooting: All successful cover saves against a Stealth Team must be rerolled.

I feel that this gives the Tau a much more interesting unit that what currently exists. Some of the other options remain, but certain pieces of wargear (the altitude thrusters, fusion retroburners and shimmers) are most likely to go. Asymmetric warfare can't be accurately represented by 40k, so I try and build it in.

Sniper Drone Teams also get the Silenced Shooting ability. Then I'd take them smile.gif

Only a Veteran team allows outflanking. Only one PF team per Fire Warrior Team.

Markerlights: Big changes. Now, if the unit was stationary, mark a unit within 36". Different things happen for different units.

Markerlights in squads: If there is only one markerlight in the unit, the unit fires at +1 BS. If there were 2+, 6 seeker missiles may be fired at the unit. You may choose not to fire a markerlight, if you so wish (to use the BS increase and not launch seekers, basically).

Pathfinder and Tetra Markerlights: When one of these units marks a unit, all subsequent firing at that unit is twin-linked (or at +1 BS if the weapons are already linked), and all successful cover saves must be rerolled (or cover is ignored if enemy passed saves were already rerolled). These DO stack with each other and other army effects.

The idea is that Tau should have a few select weapons capable of ignoring cover, but Pathfinders make whole swaths of the army semi-ignore against a single unit. I haven't tried it out, but I think it could work.

Tetras and Skyrays: Need a slight reworking. I'll get back to you all on that.

Tau Special Rules: The Doctrines are gone. Special rules for individual units take their place. The Doctrines seemed added on at the end, instead of well integrated (which they were) so I'm glad to be rid of them.

A new special rule is to be added:
Tau Jetpacks: Tau may take their jetpack move in the assault phase after deep striking.

This I feel represents the Tau warfare well. Go in, kill something, get out. And if other armies can assault after DS, we can run away as well.

Thoughts? Gripes? Flames?


"The gue'la will either except our destiny, or die!"
-Shas'o Castris

user posted image

The forum for the Tau Redux:
Posted: Aug 18 2010, 01:46 PM


Group: Admin
Posts: 372
Member No.: 10
Joined: 5-December 07

been taking a look through this and i must say, i like smile.gif. it makes each individual unit truely individual, as apposed to having to constantly flip back to the wargear section to go 'so which special rule do they have again?'. instead, each unit has its own specials. i say keep that smile.gif.

i also like the Hazards, the concept (not to mention the forgeworld models) look the business. and again, with the options, i agree, it simplifies the access whilst at the same time allowing customization.

can't really remark on much more as the whole thing looks very good. damn good job sir. you much else planned for the redux? e.g. apoca datasheets or special characters?

user posted image
The 'Fal'co' Contingent
Commander Sureblade
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