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Title: Tau Redux (Apocalypse)

shasocastris - December 4, 2007 09:17 PM (GMT)
Tau Redux (Apocalypse)
Tau Redux (Intro)

Moray Assault Ship Contingent

Moray 480 13 13 12 3(4)

Formation: 1-3 Morays.

Structure Points: 3

Type: Super-heavy skimmer.

Equipment: Heavy Ion Phalanx, TL heavy burst cannon, Tau deflector shield, targeting array.

Options: You may replace the Heavy Ion Phalanx with a TL Railcannon at +70pts. It may select up to four hunter missiles at +15 points each, and/or up to two tracer missiles at +20 points each. In addition, the Moray may select any upgrade from Tau vehicle armoury.

Special Rules
Strike Force: One Moray must be designated as the command tank. All units must be deployed within 12” of the command tank. If coming on from Strategic Reserve, they must enter within 12” of the point the command tank entered from.

Scorpionfish Missile Gunship
Scorpionfish 520 13 13 12 3

Formation: 1 Scorpionfish. Any formation consist entirely of tanks may attach itself to the Scorpionfish. If they do, they all act as one formation, and all tanks must start within 18” of the Scorpionfish.

Structure Points: 3

Type: Skimmer, Warmachine.

Equipment: 2 twin-linked long range heavy missile pods, Tau variable munitions launcher, Tau deflector shield.

Options: The Scorpionfish can take any upgrade from the Tau vehicle armoury.

Special Rules:
Command Tank: If the Tau command tank option is chosen, this means that the Scorpionfish is being commanded by a Tau shas’o, and as such, it is equipped with various upgrades. The Scorpionfish counts as a Supreme Headquarters strategic asset, with all the benefits that come with it.
Tactical Control: Each Scorpionfish is equipped with a markerlight array that is able to mark any unit within 72” of the Scorpionfish with D6+2 markerlights each turn. These must be used to fire the variable munitions launcher.
Unstable Payload: If the Scorpionfish is destroyed, all models within 6” take a Str 6 hit.

Swordfish Strike Force

Swordfish 205 13 12 10 3(4)

Formation: 2+ Swordfish Gunships.

Type: Tank, Skimmer.

Equipment: TL railgun, TL missile pod, burst cannon, targeting array.

Options: The Swordfish may select any upgrade from the Tau vehicle armoury.

Special Rules:
Command Tank: One Swordfish must be designated as the command tank. The formation must deploy within 12” of the command tank. If the formation is placed in strategic reserve, the formation must come in within 12” of the point the command tank entered.

Stingray Missile Defense Cadre

Stingray 170 12 11 10 3

Formation: 2+ Stingray Missile Gunship

Type: Tank, Skimmer.

Equipment: Smart Missile System, 6 seeker missiles, 4 submunition missiles.

Options: The Stingray may select any upgrade from the Tau vehicle armoury.

Special Rules:
Tactical Support: Each Stingray is equipped with a markerlight array. At the beginning of each shooting phase, the Stingray generates D3+1 markerlights that can be placed on any enemy unit within LOS. These must be used to fire either Stingray of Skyray guided missiles.

Tau Defense Turret

Turret 190 13 13 13 3(4)

Formation: 2-6 Defense Turrets

Type: Immobile.

Equipment: Heavy Ion Phalanx, targeting array.

Options: The defense turret may replace its Heavy Ion Phalanx with a Railcannon at +60pts.

Special Rules:
Fortification: While not a transport, the defense turret offers any Tau infantry squad a 4+ cover save if they reside in the area just below the weapon.

Skyray Air Defense Force

Skyray 125 13 12 10 3

Formation: 3+ Skyrays.

Type: Skimmer, Tank.

Equipment: 6 seeker missiles, 2 markerlights.

Options: A Skyray must choose a hammerhead secondary weapon choice at the cost listed. In addition, a Skyray may choose two replace any seeker missile for a hunter missile at +5 pts each. They may also take any option from the Tau armoury.

Apocalypse Summary

Weapon Summary
range Str AP type notes
Railcannon 108” D 1 ordnance 1
Railcannon (sub) 108” 7 3 heavy 1 5” blast
Heavy Ion Phalanx 90” 8 2 heavy 3D3
Long-range Missile Pod 72” 7 4 assault 4

Vehicles Summary
Scorpionfish 3 13 13 12
Moray 3(4) 13 13 12
Swordfish 3(4) 13 12 10
Stingray 3 12 11 10
Tau Defense Turret 3(4) 13 13 13

Special Summary:[b]

[b]Tau Variable Munitions Launcher:
Before any engagement, this weapon is loaded with an immense amount of any type of seeker missile or seeker missile variants before the battle. These are organized into bundles that can be launched from the launcher. Each turn choose a mode to fire. The launcher may choose to fire either 6 seeker missiles, 6 submunition missiles, or 4 tracer missiles.

Tau Deflector Shield: This shield is designed to repel fire depending on how powerful it is, granting an invulnerable save to all incoming shots. If a weapon is Str D, or an attack from a Gargantuan creature the save against the attack is a 4+. If it is a monstrous creature, an ordnance weapon, or a melta weapon, the save is 5+. Against all other weapons, the save is a 6+.


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