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Title: 40k Of 40k: The Tau
Description: units so far (will be updated over time)

vedalslayer - February 3, 2009 10:33 PM (GMT)
in this articule, I shall attempt to go through all the tau units and how they will be used in this massive game.

NOTE: this will be updated over time.


Battlesuit commander:

no tau cadre would be complete without their battlesuit commander to lead them to battle. These formidable individuals are well armed and armoured and can be equiped with a variety of gear and, much like their xv-8 brethen, heavily customized for any situation. As standard their also cheap commanders, its only their gear that can slowly make them move expensive.

In the big game i invisionage them being deployed as 'lench pins' in the defense, moving from cover to cover in 'hit and run' attacks adding their firepower to that of firewarrior squads or xv-8 battlesuits. Their will be a total of prehapes 5 commanders with a varianty of specialist gear.


XV-8 battle suits

the tau battlesuit borne elite, heavily armed, armoured, and customizable for any battlefield situation. A lot has been written about the various weapons and equipment combinations and this is all well and good. But how will they be used in such a vast battlefield?

Their will be probably around 50 battlesuits in this battle, a good number. Their main deployment will be as part of the rapid insertion forces and independently.

The rapid insertion force will be the main make up, with a total of 4 being deployed. These units will be the most effective at hurting the marines, with fuzion guns and plasma guns a plenty, whilst at the same time offering the possibility of engaging the light vehicles of the guard with fuzion guns and missile pods.

Independent units will bolster the line and add their firepower as 'mobile heavy weapons' teams to the fire warrior squads. Missile pods will take on light vehicles like land speeders and chimera's whilst close range fuzion gun attacks can have a go at the Russ's should they venture too near.

Either way, the xv-8's will truly earn their name of 'crisis' battlesuits as they will be the fire brigade in this battle. Moving to were the fighting is thickest and were the tau will need their heavy armour and firepower.

stealth battle suits

stealth suits will be deployed on their own, as the advance scouts of the rapid insertion forces, but also as the lethal 'night hunter' units. Nasty little units that can arrive and tear apart enemy units in short order.

And we hope to have between 2 to 3 of these night hunter units with still enough 'normal' stealth suits for the rapid insertion forces to come in on target.

And not forgetting that the stealth suits have jump-jets (mean they can easily move out of enemy short range firepower on the turn they appear) and are stealth suits so benefit from the 'hard to shot' rule.

Multiple stealth suits will be the 'secret weapon' of the tau, hopefully ruining a few battle plans from the get go by simple weight of numbers.


fire warriors:

the humble fire warrior. Good armour, excellent weapon and options, very adaptable and not too expensive. With of course the standard disadvantage of the tau being that they suck in close combat.

There are likely to be as many as 300 fire warriors in the 40k of 40k wargame. They will furfil a number of roles.

Around 120 will likely form either counter strike forces or rapid redeployment units. These will either be used to take and hold objectives, or to move in and mop up after the rapid insertion forces of xv-8 battle suits have done their work. A total of well over 12 devilfish will thus be zipping about the battlefield either as fast skimmers or as strategic redeployments. Nice.

The rest will probably be employed as static or slightly mobile reserves, hopefully in good cover, to be used when the going gets really rough. They are longer range their their imperial counter parts plus greater strength should mean that any attempt at assaulting them from a distance will be costly.

However, it is likely that terminators or other deep striking troops will make mince meat of them once they start raining down so I expect many a proud fire warrior to go down fighting for the greatre good. I intend to insure their deaths are avenged.

kroot are standard, not-to-bad close combat troops with some nice weapons and are cheap to acquire. Placed in good cover and taking advantage of the 'mercenary' datasheet they will form an excellent auxilary to the fire warriors. Their will be around 100 of them deployed across the battlefield, hopefully in good cover to hold strategic locations and launch counter attacks through soft cover jungle / forest.

The mercenary datasheet brings back the various 'sub-species' of kroot into one datasheet and give us their advantages once again. The sheet itself is not too expensive and makes the kroot a little more adaptive with options for 'elite' kroot, close combat kroot, jump pack kroot and sniper kroot, plus an enhanced sharper.

In turn the kroot themselves are nothing to be nuffed at even in a game that is likely to be demonated by heavy weapons. Their kroot guns are effectively bolters so they can have a go at the emperors finest and in close quarters they can at least best imperial guard or hold up tougher opponents. They also get additional saves and movement bonus's for in forest areas, which will be part of the game.

Fast attack


i'll only have one unit of vespid in this battle and they are likely to operate in a simular vein to the battlesuits, moving were needed. Their neutron blaster can kill marines easily but when fired on in turn they could get minced. Hopefully by using good cover they can counter this death stroke (plus use of marker lights).

whilst my colleague will be deploying his piranha's in a 'piranha assault wing', I have another use for them in my endeavours. I'll have 6 in total and each will be equipped with seekers so that the standard 'rush forward and marker light' tactic can be used to get those all important side shots on russ / other armoured vehicles. In turn, a disruption pod will make engaging them difficult.

They are likely to get a lot of fire coming their way and may die very quickly but if they survive they will split up. Some will have a go at the Russ tanks from side or rear with fuzion blasters, whilst others will harass the infantry with burst cannons. With targetting array's as standard they should give a good account of themselves.

another 'ace' up our slieve, they highly adaptive units will have three primary responsibilities.

The first will be marker lighting the vast array of armoured vehilces / enemies that will head our way from the off. If they survive they will be critical in getting first strike seekers and railgun hits in and slowing down the enemy advance.

Second, they have rail-sniper weapons with target lock, that can be used to pin units. High strenght and ap means they can engage both marines and light armoured vehicles. This could in turn slow the enemy advance down

finally, their devilfish come with advanced sensors, meaning they can more easily direct deep strike units. This could prove usefuls should the stealth teams for the rapid insertion forces be killed before the forces deploy. The devilfish can act as backup for this.

Gun drones
noone seems to make use of these all that often but i've a boat load of them (at least 100) and their deepstrike + pinning ability could tie up at least a few enemy squads. Their cheap too.

True, they may well be obliterated in short order by templates after they deep strike BUT with lots landing all at one time and hopefully the enemies fire concentrate on other things, they could tip the balance if correctly deployed.


Hammer head

the ever lethal hammer head tank hunter. With railguns, these boys will be our best chance against the battlefield dominance of the Russ, particularly the many vanquishers that are likely to be on station. Aided by marker lights they will deliver very accurate, very powerful munitions at critical enemy vehicles and hopefully cause some real damage. They can also move relatively well with multi-trackers AND are skimmers AND have disruption pods. So survivability wise they have a chance once they've come under fire. Which they will.

They will be prime targets and keeping them alive will be hard but if they can be kept alive they will delivery the necessary counter attacks, particularly in armoured interdiction forces.

XV-88 battlesuits
another 'ace' will be the many xv-88 battlesuits deployed, along with their many shield drones to keep these things alive amongst the battlefield. They, like the hammerheads, will be hit hard as the enemy advances. Their advanced stablisation system will help, allowing them to move at least a little to avoid mortar fire, but they will take a beating in the first turn. But the return fire they weld will be worth it.

Twin linked railguns, aided by markerlights, will ruin many a Russ's day. Plus smart missiles at close range will keep them alive should the enemy have a go.

most of the skyrays will be deployed with the skysweep squadrons but a few will be independent units.

They'll provide yet more seekers plus marker lights to the match but like the hammer heads will be prime targets for destruction. Disruption pods will be the main defense but I still expect to lose a few of these precious weapons. Avoiding casulties in such a vast battle is all but impossible. And unlike the guard i'll not have unlimited numbers to hurl at the enemy

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