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It is the summer of 1532 at Whitehall in London; the Princess Consort, Anne Boleyn, is pregnant with her second child. The Queen, Katherine of Aragon, pines for her daughter Mary, who lives with her brother Arthur at Hatfield. While Ambassador Chapuys plots to get rid of Anne, Thomas Cromwell tries to find a way to annul the King’s first marriage and bastardize Princess Mary.

Below, you can find important information about the site and its characters.

We have one administrator riht now: Rachel (Rach) who plays Katherine of Aragon. She is friendly and helpful! Please feel free to PM her with any questions, or ask them in the "Questions for the Admin" forum in the OOC area.

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Anne Boleyn Posted on Oct 28 2011, 09:20 PM
  "Nothing is wrong with wanting attention my love. Besides, drawing attention is too much fun for both of us." Anne smirked as he brought his lips to her ear. She smiled widely as he nipped at her ear. "Of course they envy us." She whispered.

Anne brought her hand to his cheek gently letting her fingertips running over his cheeks letting them run over again and again. "I am glad I am able ease it." She was captured by him all the time. He was captured by them.

As Henry hooked the necklace around her neck Anne smiled and closed her eyes at his fingers staying on her neck a moment longer before pulling back. She turned around and put her arms out to let him see the necklace. She was going to tease him."Well I guess it isn't that beautiful on me since you are just staring at me my love!" She teased moving towards him more.
Henry Tudor Posted on Oct 19 2011, 09:52 AM
  Once Anne was in his arms, her voice a soft caress to his addled brain, the brush of her lips like a lightning strike beneath his skin, Henry felt better. His burdens melted off of his shoulders as he grinned down at his one, true wife. The mother of his son and heir, and in Henry's eyes the most beautiful woman in all of England. "Is it wrong that I enjoy drawing attention my dear?" He asked, "For when I'm with you it's all I ever feel like doing." Moving his lips he brought them to her ear, one hand cupping the other side of her face, his thumb gently brushing her cheek. "I love how they envy us." He whispered, nipping at her ear before drawing back.

"As I am glad I have you to ease it" He met her eyes, captivated by their depth. Anne's eyes were what had captured his heart in the first place, shinning from behind a mask they'd called to him and every time he met her gaze he could feel himself falling. Tripping deeper and deeper into those shimmering orbs.

And then to see them shinning with delight at the sight of her present. Oh, well Henry almost felt like he'd burst with the joy that ran unchecked through his body. How was it possible for a man to go from anger and resentment to such pleasure in such a short time? What had he done for God to bless him with such a gift as the beautiful woman that stood before him? Grinning at her joy, Henry nodded "Of course, sweetheart." He said kissing her forehead before taking the ruby and waiting for her to turn. Once she'd lifted her long dark hair he gently placed the necklace on her neck. Closing the clasp he adjusted it so that it rested just right, his hand lingering to brush her neck for a moment longer. "Now turn, I want to see how it look on you."
Anne Boleyn Posted on Aug 18 2011, 04:25 AM
  "We always draw attention my love. Besides my ladies do not care." Anne quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek. Katherine had been probably giving him trouble again and Anne was always his sanctuary. She always loved hearing his heavy footsteps on the hard floor. The sound was always familiar and loving to her. Each man made their own footsteps and hopefully Anne and him would make their own without Katherine in the way.

"A clouded mind? Well I am glad to be of service my love." The kiss on her lips that he gave her was quick but soft and loving. Anne loved these types of kisses. Her mind was always on Henry and the issue with Katherine. He just wanted to be happy and Katherine could give that to them.

As he opened the box to reveal a ruby a little gasp parted from Anne's lips. It was beautiful. The cut of the stone was magnificent and the way the light seemed to catch it made it gleam. It had been a great while since Anne had received such a magnificent gift, and she certainly deserved it. Anne was carrying the King's second son; not only should she be Queen, she should be showered with gifts and love. If only that damn Katherine was out of the picture, and Mary along with her. Anne almost disliked Mary more than she disliked Katherine simply because the girl, rather than being humbled by sharing a household with her little brother had become close to the child becoming almost like a mother to him. Damn that Mary! "Henry. Its beautiful. Would you put it around my neck for me?" She asked almost shyly. She touched the necklace delicately as if it would fall apart right before her eyes.

(sorry its not soo long.... 12:24 at night...fun time to write!)

this was written by Rach
Henry Tudor Posted on May 4 2011, 06:25 AM
  Stepping into Anne's rooms he was instantly struck with the familiar scent of ladies perfumes mixed with the soft sound of rustling skirts as fragile fabrics brushed against hard floors, and whispered voices rose and fell in a wave of gossip and idle chitchat. Though the sounds tapered off to silence as he entered it was easy to see the liveliness that he'd disrupted. The ladies that attended his wife were all eying him as he entered, eyes flashing seductively, as they no doubt dreamed of doing as Anne had once done to Katherine. Unfortunately for them he only had eyes for one. And without so much as a glance in their direction he scanned the room for Anne.

His search was short and rewarded though as the object of his affections flew into his arms. The action was unexpected and surprising, and so he stumbled just a bit from the impact, her body a tad heavier with all the layers women were wont to wear, but none the less welcomed and embraced. "Anne." He said, the name a breath on his lips, followed soon after by a hearty laugh. "I say, I rather enjoy the affection, but were drawing attention." He said smiling. The smile was bright and filling, and for once he felt like the darkness in him was banished. Her embrace was as consuming as the first time he'd felt it, energizing him and making some of the morning's exhaustion leave him.

Refreshed he took a step back. "No need to ask forgiveness, not when you've helped heal me from my clouded mind." Reaching out he touched her cheek, feeling a slight jolt shoot through him as he did so, a feeling that seemed to come with every touch of her skin. How soft and smooth, how pale and perfect, his wife, his Anne. "As am I, my love." He smiled and leaned forward, giving her soft kiss on the lips, before drawing back again.

"Now on too what I've come for." Fishing out a box he held it out to her. "A gift, made just for you. Will you do me the honor of wearing it on our walk today?" slowly he opened the box, exposing the gem within. It was a large ruby, almost black in it's darkness, set in an intricate net of silver and hanging on a double pearl necklace with silver clasps, and a single black pearl hanging down. The jewel seemed to shine from within the box, gleaming prettily, as the darkness of the stone was offset by the brilliant shine of the silver.

He'd gone through great lengths to make sure that this jewel was perfect, more stunning then the gifts he'd given her in the past. And he felt that it was just that, though still his eyes watched her expectantly, gaze moving from her eyes down to the curve of her slender neck, and the soft invitation of her smooth skin and plump lips. How he was never able to take his eyes from her he never knew, but it was like he was pinned to her whenever she stood before him. His lover, his wife, his Queen.

((Didn't feel like looking through pictures, so I just described something off the top of my head. smile.gif Sorry it took a while. Enjoy!))
Anne Boleyn Posted on Apr 24 2011, 08:56 PM
  Anne hated living this life. It was not fair–to her, to Henry or even to their little son. To be perfectly frank, it was not fair for Katherine to keep lying to her daughter, either, filling her head with nonsense about her own marriage to Henry being true and right in the eyes of God. Mary herself was proof that that was not true! If God had so approved of their marriage, why had he given them only a single daughter to show for it? Truly, Anne would have loved to see a day where a woman could be entrusted with the throne. She believed that there were those who were intelligent enough to capably handle the running of a country. For now, of course, such a thing would never be possible, at least not in the eyes of the most powerful men in the realm, her husband included. So she was simply grateful that God had seen fit to grant her Arthur. What would she do without her boy? Though she saw him only rarely, he was so dear to Anne…and yes, dearer still for being a boy. He was the proof that her love for Henry was God-sent, as was their marriage…the proof that she, not Katherine, should be the anointed Queen of England!

As it was, of course, she was simply the “Princess Consort,” which was a sham of a title. She was still called Your Majesty, but she knew–how could she not know?–that when people paid her respects, their curtsies and bows were shallower than those they gave Katherine. Why was Katherine so glorified in this court? She had produced only Mary, and failed to do the thing a wife was supposed to do, though she was not really Henry’s wife at all–she had not accepted his will gracefully, but stood against him! If she had simply done that, they would be out of this mess. Anne would be Queen and Katherine would be living in happiness–well, perhaps not; she might always be bitter–and comfort.

It was all she could do not to sigh in frustration. Instead she attended to her sewing. While usually she and her ladies sewed shirts for the poor or for Arthur (there was no need for this; seamstresses could and did keep the little Prince well-stocked, but Anne liked to know that he had some part of his mother with him since he could not live at court with her and see her every day) she was now preparing a new trousseau for her coming child. It was delicate, slow work–slower than sewing shirts, to be sure. But it made her happy to think that she would soon have another child, though this one, too, would probably be taken from her arms far too soon. At least she could carry it within her for a while and it would be hers, only hers.

A rather breathless servant scrambled into the room then. He looked a bit flustered, and some of Anne’s ladies tittered unkindly. She frowned at them, then inclined her head that the man should speak. “Your Majesty, the King has asked that you prepare yourself for a walk,” he said, bowing low to her.

Anne thanked the man quickly and dismissed him, suddenly excited. She was eager to have some time to herself with Henry; she felt he had been spending far too much time worrying about Mary’s betrothal to the French prince, and as much as Anne would like to see the girl gone and married, she supposed she was too selfish to want Henry to be away from her much. HE was, after all, her true husband–not Katherine’s. But she could not deny, much as she might want to, that he as also Mary’s father and he had a duty to her…though she was not of course, as she insisted on believing herself, a true heir to him, or a true Princess at all!

She immediately set the tiny, delicate christening gown which she had been stitching aside. “Nan, will you help me, please?” she called, offering a warm smile to her friend, Mistress Saville, as the other woman rose to attend to her mistress.

It took far too long, in Anne’s estimation, for her to change out of her day gown into something that was at once more comfortable yet more fashionable, something she could be seen in but still enjoy a walk in the garden in…something Henry would enjoy seeing her in as well. It was black and white, the corsetry loosened a bit to protect the as yet unobvious child she carried, and Nan pulled her hair back into a silver net with a small white hat perched atop of her head. “You look lovely, my lady. No doubt His Majesty will be very pleased to see you,” Nan murmured sweetly, smiling at her. Anne nodded. They rejoined the rest of the ladies, whom Anne promptly dismissed. She did not know why she felt a bit nervous…she had simply not seen her husband in a while. That was all.

Perching herself in a seat by the window, Anne smoothed her skirts and took up her work again to calm her. She loved this, anticipating the birth of another child. Could it possibly be as precious to her as her Arthur was? Yet even if it was not, she knew she would love it dearly. It was a part of her, of Henry…

“His Majesty the King!” her herald announced, and for a moment Anne forgot to breathe. She clutched the fabric and rose almost automatically to her feet when Henry appeared. He looked well, perhaps tired…

She should be regal. She should control herself. But after that moment of hesitation was over, she had to go to him. She could not stop herself. The silk fell from her fingers and in just a few strides, Anne was by his side, cupping his cheek with one hand, drawing his face down to kiss him. She had missed him so badly, and it had not really been so long since they had seen each other! “Forgive me,” she murmured, her cheek a little flushed–whether from excitement or a bit of shame, she was not sure. “Oh, my love, I am so glad to see you!”
Henry Tudor Posted on Apr 24 2011, 08:00 AM
  The day was a long one, stretching out before him in an endless cycle of meetings and discussions. As King this was expected, one can not just do nothing with a country to run. It was enough to make a man wish for the days when as a boy he'd been able to do what he wished. When Arthur had been the future King and therefore everyone's main concern. Yes, Harry was everyone's favorite but he was a boy and as a boy he could play and learn and run about all day, no destiny but that of the priesthood awaited him. Back then Katherine had been his brother's bride, a woman he desired, but had no hopes of attaining. And at least then she hadn't been such a sharp and persistent thorn in his side. In fact a good quarter of his discussions were involving her. The men he surrounded himself with couldn't decide on which side they stood. Some wanted him to put this whole mess behind him and take back his rightful wife...to discard this 'sham of a marriage' before he embarrassed himself. And on a certain level he agreed with them. Though unlike them, in his mind, his true wife was Anne. If anyone was leaving this equation of a marriage it was Katherine, who'd passed her childbearing years, and had failed in the one task given to her by God. Granting England with a male heir.

The rest of his men either had no opinions at all, no doubt to save their own skins from being cooked on one side or the other. Or they were behind Anne, urging him to continue his attempts to gain an annulment or force one from his first bride. Henry of course, no matter how dark his mind became in relation to Katherine, could not bring himself to use any force against her. Whether it was some last string of love that still clung to his heart or because he respected her, he didn't quite know. Either way, both of them were hard headed and he didn't see either of them budging from their current positions. His last talk with her having cemented this unwanted fact into his mind.

How long could he live with being the laughing stock of the world's courts? How long could he live in this marriage that caused his own people to look at him with darkened eyes? The Pope might have allowed for this double marriage but no Christian in his kingdom was accepting it as proper, not even the reformist (who were growing stronger and more numerous with each passing day.) were accepting of this situation. He felt like a stag caught between the hunt and a wall of rocks. He had no where to turn and no plan of action outside of making Katherine's life miserable in hopes of getting the annulment he so greatly hoped for. Of course that road promised to lead down a similar paths. He knew, more than anyone, how Katherine behaved under pressure. Her life had not been easy after Arthur's death and he had no doubt that she would hold as strong as she did now even with all her luxuries stripped from her. She was a Princess and a Queen, raised to be proud and strong no matter the circumstances. What hope did he have of breaking that?

Sighing Henry lifted a hand to rub his temples and closed his eyes. How tired this all made him. Matters of state, though usually left to his Lord Chancellor when he couldn't be bothered with them, had become recently his escape from all this talk of marriages and annulments. Today though it only served to increase the pounding in his head. Not one prone to headaches the King ignored the questions from the men seated around him.

"Are you well Your Majesty?" One of his men had come up beside him and looking at him intently, almost fearful of the answer.

"Yes, fine. Just need some air." Bringing his hand down he looked back at the men, hating them for a brief moment, for none had as of yet been able to find some way for him to get out of the steadily growing hole he'd placed himself into. Getting to his feet he watched as they as hastily scrambled to do the same. "Let us continue this later shall we? You're all dismissed." The last part was spoken in a slightly elevated voice, that echoed through the chamber with unquestionable finality. Still somewhat scrambling the men shuffled their bows before backing from the room and leaving the King with his attendants.

What was he going to do now that he was alone? He couldn't remain on his own for long...long periods of seclusion caused his mind to cloud with thoughts that were unwanted, all the while sparking his somewhat famous dark moods. Henry did not have time to mope about and rage at nothing. He need to get out, cheer up. And he knew just the person to do such a thing.

Turning to one of his attendants he cleared his throat and gestured for the young man to step closer. "Go to the Princess Consort's Chambers..." the title felt uncomfortable and he had to pause for a moment, he wanted so badly to call her his Queen. "and inform her to dress for a walk. Say that I will be by shortly. Now go. " The man nodded, bowed , and silently slipped from the room while Henry himself went to get ready.

In his mind Anne was the best thing to come into his life. She was the bright spot in this whole dark mess, and just seeing her made him feel better. Although both their moods were darkened by the ever present shadow of Katherine and the duel marriage Henry was no less happy to be able to publicly show his love and affection to his Anne. He loved showering her with gift and visiting her if only to lie beside her with her body in his arms. Talking with her, he never ceased to be amazed by her wits and her seemingly limitless intelligence. To Henry she was perfect. And the fact that she had given him that which he'd desired above all else only served to elevate her higher in his eyes. Their little Arthur was his pride and joy, and the combination of their love.

Which is why he already felt better just making his way to her chambers. Around him the courtiers bowed and moved from his path; skirts brushing and boots scuffing over stone as they made way for their King. No men followed him, for he'd wanted to be alone with his wife, and so he carried the present he intended to hand to his wife himself. He'd give it to her and perhaps she'd wear it on their walk. It had been a while since he'd given her a gift.

When he finally reached her rooms he barely had to stop as they opened the doors. They'd known he was coming and so they'd been prepared when he'd come up to the doors. One man just managed to announce his arrival in a loud voice as he stepped inside, his eyes eagerly scanning the room.

((ooc: well this turned out a bit longer then I intended...))

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