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Title: Newbie Checklist
Description: Because it's hard being new

TheGreatDG - April 7, 2011 02:49 AM (GMT)
I'm not going to waste too many words explaining what this is. Actually, it's pretty self-explanatory. For all you lost, hopeless, or cautious newbies out there, here's to you.

Step One

This, is pretty simple. Go ahead and look up. Not at the ceiling, at the top of the screen. You see where it says "Register"? Yeah, I know. Hidden in plain sight, right? Click that. Here's the important part - REGISTER AS THE NAME OF THE CHARACTER.
Don't worry, you can have multiple accounts.

Step Two

Get Skooled!
I'm going to tell you to read some things if you haven't read them yet. Trust me, I'm only giving you the most basic IMPORTANT things for you to know! Except for the rules, most of this can be skimmed just so that you have a working knowledge of what the world of Tetel'ac is like and what your character should be like.
Step Three

Alright, this is pretty easy, too. We're not a fan of super-complex applications. After all, the point is to get writing! Yeah? So here it is. If you haven't found it yet, there's a board called "Click Here To Apply" in the Applications section. Go on, click it! Now, go in and read the application walkthrough.'s that basic.

Don't feel like starting from scratch? Check out the Adoptables that need some lovin'. Many come with a basic structure already made up, so you can get to the writing that much faster!

Step Four

Make A History Board
A history board is one of the best ways to introduce your character to the other authors on site! It doesn't have to be fancy, just easy to understand. The best boards provide a brief bio of the character, and a way to sort the character with whom they are affiliated. Go out and apply to some history boards, too!

Step Five

Find An RP
If you've been following the guide so far, you might even already have an RP lined up! But if you don't, don't worry - there's a place you can go to get hooked up. The C-Box is good for this, as well as the Chat Forum, where you should advertise an opening post you've created. Also, take a peek at the new and open threads board to see if anything already going on catches your interest.

Step Six

Have Fun

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