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Title: Naji Fort
Description: Sandford Commerce Guild Aknatar Outpost

Isaiah Grosvner - June 21, 2011 05:50 PM (GMT)

Official Aknatar Operations Base for the Sandford Commerce Guild

Location: Shamir, Aknatar (Southeast Shamir)

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The Fortress of Naji once belonged to an ancient society that thrived in the deserts of Aknatar. The region used to be a plentiful oasis, but over time famine and war came to punish the people and it's culture. The fortress was home to its elders before the civilization died out and Aknatar changed. Centuries passed and the population dwindled leaving the structure overlooking a ghost town. Occasional vagabonds and criminals would hide out here, but not stay too long. The location is now rocky, almost barren land with groves of occasional trees, a few filthy water sources available for general use.

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A wealthy merchant family later discovered the location and purchased the ruined fortress from the rulers of Aknatar who didnít need the heap of rubble, and needed the money. Later the structure fell into the hands of the powerful and well established Sandford Family. Even before Aknatar was part of Tetel'ac, the family and it's guild held onto it and dedicated resources into renovating it. While the fortress is big, mighty and impressive it still looks like a dump on the outside. Compared to some of the more extravagant Sandford properties, this fort is ugly. It was never made to be eye candy, but was built for defence. The Sandford Commerce Guild renovated it for defence purposes.

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The place has served as a major outpost of operations for the Sandford Commerce Guild connecting foreign trade through Tetel'ac and other neighbouring lands. When Aknatar became part of Tetel'ac it made trade much easier. The interior of the fortress is very decadent and fit for royalty. It took a long time for the fortress to be brought up to these standards, but now it is a place for guild officials to meet and work, a safe haven for travelling merchants, and well defended behind it's high walls and paid guards.

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While the location is barren with little left of the old oasis it once was with some dirty pools of water sitting in surrounding lands, it is not as inhospitable to life as some may think. The Guild did observe local tribes in the area how they would find little springs or natural wells of fresh water. The Sandford Commerce Guild decided to mine below the fortress, and they eventually found an underground river that with clean water. It was not easy to locate, and it was costly, but it has helped secure the viability of this fort. Clearly it was what some local tribes said fed the lake at the old oasis centuries ago. Since there were a number of empty spaces that were mined below, a couple of those spaces were turned into forges for blacksmiths, and the rest made into a dungeon.

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Many of the flags and banners at Naji Fort bear these Coat of Arms of the Sandford Commerce Guild

Naji Fort served as the final residence of the late Lady Jezebel Sandford Grosvner, former Duchess of Kelyea, in her last years of life.

There is a massive statue of her, albeit younger looking, just recently erected in the entrance chamber. There are a number of other statues of her, in varying sizes and ages, throughout Naji Fort. Every sleeping chamber, lounge, office, and the dinning room all have official portraits of a younger Jezebel Sandford Grosvner.

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