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 I announce...
Posted by Tarojun Zakra - 03-2-09 19:36 - 1 comments
I announce... Nhayrilia RPG, Version 4.0.... OPEN!

The time setting is 6th Age, "Aftermath", Year 247.
To some, it is 20 years after the Secret War of Souls.

Existing characters, are kept by their owners.

New characters can be created, and each player can own multiple number of characters! Bu ...read more
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 The Untold Legends...
Posted by ScooBjames0 - 02-18-09 05:04 - 4 comments

You aren't seeing things...

It has returned...

And yes... You really aren't seeing things...

I have revived it and remade it...

Check it out in the TUL section read more
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 The Dawn of Time
Posted by ScooBjames0 - 08-8-08 22:31 - 0 comments

Yes TUL has been reopened and well, redone to a degree...

Check it out in the link above, post there and such if you want to take part, if not then why are you reading it? ...read more
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 I am working on my game agian!
Posted by Lucas - 06-29-08 07:03 - 2 comments
I have been struck(finally) by insperation on how this class system will work...and it unlike anything that has been on this forum yet! it like WoW....kinda....you'll see!! Im very excited about this!!!! read more
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 Previous URL hacked
Posted by Tarojun Zakra - 03-22-08 23:53 - 6 comments
Our previous and simplified URL has been compromised and hacked.
We advise you NOT to use that URL again, and certainly recommended do NOT visit any links thats there!
In the mean time, please reuse the original URL to Tenivede Outpost.
http: ...read more
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Posted by MC - 02-27-08 02:18 - 7 comments
We're slipping into inactiveness again... We need to keep active or else this forum will be pretty much useless. Tell all your friends, post this URL wherever you feel it would be relevant to people's interests, just advertise! We still pretty much have mostly the same members as when Tenivede started off, with a small amount of new ...read more
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 Shadow From The Past
Posted by tetrak - 02-18-08 19:55 - 4 comments
Hello everyone,

A few friends of mine felt like playing some Star Wars in a few weeks, and since I'm the only one with SW gming experience in the group (and I like dming good players), I ended up being the GM. As such I worked on the setting of a game. Since we might or might not start a game on Tenivede through voice/chat, and I ha ...read more
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 Computer and Video Games section
Posted by MC - 01-15-08 18:47 - 1 comments
I'm not sure we should keep it, seeing as it averages less than a post or two a month, for all of them, combined. Even less for topics. Seeing as they're pretty much ignored and useless, I say we remove them.

The reason I want to remove them is because, due to TUL and Nhayrilia having their own sections, the forum is getting ...read more
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 Star Wars d20 Voice/Chat
Posted by tetrak - 01-11-08 22:22 - 62 comments
Hello everyone,

To avoid the same fate as DW (that is, utter boredom due to the slow paced/time consuming post by post system), I decided that my next RPG would be entirely by chat/voice. I also decided to use an already known RPG : Star Wars d20. It's a system relatively similar to D&D, but in the Star Wars universe.

read more
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 Update on Tainted World
Posted by Lucas - 01-1-08 22:59 - 1 comments
Well there have been a few updates on Tainted World.

These include

1.A New name, it will now be know as, Tainted World of Ordanam(or TWO for Short)
2.More organazation (working on that now.)

And coming Soon

Completed Magic Classes, and Equipment

Sorry for the delay of the release, but I&# ...read more
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