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 Updates 06/01/10
Posted by Symphia - 06-1-10 17:25 - 1 comments
Well everyone, I have some bad news.

I'm dropping Telia Project.

It's been great fun to have you all here, but I decided that I like to play out the mundane daily lives of my characters rat ...read more
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 Updates 03/12/10
Posted by Symphia - 03-12-10 09:12 - 2 comments
Okay, this is getting out of hand now. I DO NOT have time to post anymore. College has officially messed my life up. I'm very sorry to everyone I'm posting with, but I just don't have time and I won't ...read more
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 Updates 02/09/10
Posted by Symphia - 02-9-10 17:55 - 2 comments
Okay, in light of some chatting and off-site RPing with June-bug and Azrael, I decided to move in a unilateral direction with the site.

We're starting over.

Not in the literal sense of things t ...read more
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 Updates 01/02/10
Posted by Symphia - 01-3-10 02:58 - 0 comments
All right, as the Mods and admins, and many other members of the site, know, things are out of date, poorly explained, etc. So, June-Bug and I have put together a critical update for the site.

The following ...read more
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 Updates 12/03/09
Posted by Symphia - 12-4-09 00:46 - 0 comments
Nothing major this time around, just reorganized some of the forms a little bit. For those of your wondering about the private forums, those are MY hidden area to post with whoever I feel deserves it. So sto ...read more
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 Updates 08/03/09
Posted by Symphia - 08-3-09 07:10 - 1 comments
As you may have noticed, over the past few days I've been making changes all over the site. The weapons topic got a MAJOR overhaul with help from Lock-Os Read 187 times - last comment by June-bug   Print email

 Updates 07/21/09
Posted by Symphia - 07-21-09 05:17 - 0 comments
Updated character sheet, added "Faction" field to better tell who's who when skimming over character profiles. MANDATORY: All character sheets MUST be updated ...read more
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 Updates 05/20/09
Posted by Symphia - 05-20-09 19:50 - 0 comments
Took teh Faeness's idea of dividing up the Approved profiles area. I spent like 45min sorting it, please for the love of god don't move anything around unless it's in the wrong place. I checked it over aft ...read more
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 Updates: 9/22/08
Posted by Symphia - 09-22-08 07:17 - 0 comments
Okay, some of you may have noticed the new forum areas to post in. For the time being, Space is a TXS only area, open to ALL TXS staff. The Outer Orbit area will eventually be open to resistance members, but an Official RP will determine the fate ...read more
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Posted by Symphia - 08-6-08 06:55 - 0 comments
Okay, update time again. Listen up or suffer the consequences. Your chars DO age in accordance with the Telian timeline, so as of now, all chars on the site have aged 6 years at most. Those that appeared after the first official have aged 3 years ...read more
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