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Title: New or Old?
Description: Sigma and Kappa II

Symphia - July 16, 2009 05:31 AM (GMT)
Sigma brushed her sweat-soaked hair out of her face, still too stubborn to tie it back as she worked out. She was happy that the day's testing had ended early, she'd taken the remaining time to work out and flex her powerful muscles. As she padded back to her room, Jessica caught up with her.

"Sigma, there you are, you ran off after testing and I didn't get to share the results with you," she said. Sigma stopped.
"They're all perfect, I don't need to see them," she sighed, turning to the scientist.
"Actually, Sigma, I noticed that you scored quite low in the "group" category, you're still suffering from not having a partner aren't you?" Jessica said, showing the project the data sheet.
"Yeah, but I'd really like to go back and get cleaned up," she grumbled.
"Of course, I'll meet you back at your room."

Sigma padded off, walking into her room, slamming the door behind her. She stripped down as she walked toward her shower and turned the water on, futzing with it until it was just right before stepping in. She began showering off, relaxing as the hot water rushed over her body.

Ayame - July 16, 2009 06:40 AM (GMT)
Plumes of steam plagued the bathroom floor the thin, red-haired clone drip-dried on. It was her daily shower – she enjoyed it, to an extent, but she did not like that even her shower room was monitored. What kind of perverted company was she created for? Even if she asked them that, she’d doubt she’d get a real answer – something more like ‘You mean what kind of careful company were you created for?’ or something… She didn’t like the staff – they were fake – she didn’t like the mutants (they disgusted her) – and she didn’t like most of the Projects she’d met so far. They were almost all idiots and corrupted (fake) like the staff.

This place could not be a more poisonous environment to grow up in – it was all too simple – she got up in the morning, after not having so much slept as rested her body for eight hours – would train, then have a shower, and then likely be free for the rest of the afternoon to explore the facility. It was a calming sort of atmosphere in the shower… so that’s why she was still in there. A brisk knock at her bathroom door made Kappa II sigh, “Come in,” she groaned, toweling herself down to be dry, combined with a small burst of internal heat intended to straighten (and dry) the rest of her hair.

A tall scientist entered, blonde and built entirely of self-esteem. She spoke, kind though firm. “Kappa, dear, it’s time you met your partner,” the blonde extended a hand and Kappa II stared at it as she completely dressed. She’d been told a past Project used to wear these – but she’d requested not to have pants, or a black undershirt. Instead she took a white buttoned shirt, and shorts. The tailor had smiled and the scientist with her at that time frowned. In the halls on the way, many passersby gave Kappa II double-glances. She didn’t truthfully know why, so she ignored them.

The blonde scientist knocked again on a different door. It was locked by code, she guessed, though she didn’t care. What she was interested in was beyond the doors.

Symphia - July 16, 2009 06:52 AM (GMT)
Sigma finished washing up. As she stepped out of the bathroom, there was a knock on her door and she swore loudly before stomping out in just her towel. In a way she was happy that Aile had helped her clean up the mess in her room. She answered the door to find Jessica standing there.

"Yes, Ms. Ellis?" she asked, stepping aside so the scientist could enter.
"I have a surprise for you, Sigma," she said, walking into the room and smiling over her shoulder at someone in the hallway. Sigma turned and couldn't believe her ruby orbs.

"K... Kappa!?" she knelt and a broad, if slightly psychotic, smile crossed her face.
"She's not Kappa per se... this is Kappa II, the first exact copy of an original project," she explained. Sigma stood and blinked, fighting the confused feelings in her mind. On the one had, Subject Kappa, her beloved was back, but on the other it wasn't truly her.

"Kappa, please come here," Sigma said, watching her carefully.

Ayame - July 16, 2009 08:18 AM (GMT)
Somehow Kappa II was able to deduce that the original Kappa was in some way or another bound to meaning for the dark-haired woman in front of her. The red-head blinked quizzically and examined the girl in front of her – she was tall, and her chest was proportioned larger than her own (which Kappa felt a twinge of jealousy for, though she didn’t understand the emotion well enough to mentally create a worded explanation) It mattered not, though. The blonde scientist and the woman in front of her exchanged words for a brief moment, and the darker-haired woman seemed… less happy that she was here.

Did it have to do with what she was? She didn’t know – somehow she hoped it didn’t matter. A partner was a partner, and though the one in front of her wasn’t really happy with seeing that she was here… at least she wasn’t fake like the rest of the people in the building. With her own ruby eyes she stared back at the tall one’s – and nodded to her request. A brief glance to the blonde scientist (she nodded), and Kappa II stepped over to the black-haired woman.

True, she looked calm, and was so at heart. But the little things annoyed her. The way the scientist clicked her pen every 7.3 seconds, the way the darker-haired woman’s raven tendrils dripped. The original Kappa always hated things not being scheduled – and this copy was exactly the same. Her eyebrows creased in annoyance, but she looked upwards at the woman. “What is it?”

Symphia - July 16, 2009 10:19 AM (GMT)
The dark project knelt so she was eye to eye with the new project, startled at how much trouble the genetics team had gone to to recreate her partner. "Kappa..." she trialed off, unable to complete her sentence as she was lost in the other project's ruby orbs. Without a second thought, her right hand came up and her claws appeared, she swung, tearing cleanly through the cloth then brushed the tattered fabric aside. "It IS you..." she said, her eyes falling on the tattoo she'd give Kappa.

"Ms. Ellis, please leave Kappa in my care, we have some important things to discuss," Sigma said, standing up and turning her back to the smaller (and very likely enraged) project. She began toweling off her wet hair, scattering droplets of water all over her floor and walls. Jessica walked over to Kappa and knelt.

"Be good, you're very important to Sigma." With that, the scientist left, closing the door behind her. Sigma stepped into her closet and rummaged through her clean clothes, picking out some of her more comfortable things, an underwire bra and boycut panties along with one of her new dresses. She stepped out and looked at the smaller project who seemed to be curious now.

"I suppose you're wondering what's so special about that tattoo and about you in general, aren't you?" she asked, seating herself on the edge of her bed.

Ayame - July 17, 2009 07:40 AM (GMT)
Kappa II just stared back at the other pair of ruby orbs, shying from asking the woman what she had meant to say at the end of that sentence, instead frowning a little and pursing her lips, "... Two." She added on, adjusting her shorts so that they would be more comfortable -- and yelping as her buttoned shirt (which she had just put on!) was torn asunder. Kappa's smaller chest was exposed for a brief second, tribal tattoo and all wrapping its way up her breast and arm, before she covered them with tense arms.

Her face red, the small Project burst out in a fit of anger very loudly, completely ignoring the blonde scientist's words. "What in the world makes you think you have priority over my clothes!?" she screamed, turning to the scientist in a blur. "Get me some damned clothes in case she decides she likes ripping my shirts," she ordered rather roughly, blinking as the scientist left without a word. She must have been used to the original Kappa.

Kappa II watched Sigma dress as she had nothing else to look at in the room, except perhaps the bed. It was unkempt, just like her other dresses she saw (ripped or otherwise destroyed). The woman talked to her, but Kappa took a moment to think of an answer appropriate. "I know I'm exactly like someone that used to be here, and I know now you clearly had an attachment to her... but that is all. The tattoo was interesting, though..." she sighed, holding her arms around her chest a little more loosely.

Symphia - July 17, 2009 07:58 AM (GMT)
Sigma smiled. "Relax," she said, standing up and rummaging through a dresser, pulling out a white blouse and a black jacket. "Here, these should fit," tossing them at the smaller project. "I gave you... your predecessor... that tattoo as a sign of my love for her. If you don't mind a little pain, I could change it some just for you," she explained, her claws appearing on her right hand, glowing ominously.

The dark project moved slowly around Kappa II, inspecting her carefully. "They certainly didn't miss any details with you," she said, drawing the smaller project's sword and examining it. She ran it along one of her claws, causing bright red sparks to fly. "Not a single detail..." she repeated, sheathing the weapon. The dark project seated herself once more on the edge of her bed and grabbed her favorite book.

"Y... you gave me this as a gift," she explained, setting it near Kappa II. Admittedly Sigma was certainly confused as to how to refer to her new partner. The smaller project was a seemingly perfect copy, the temper matched, as did the taste in style, but there was something about her that seemed a little different.

Ayame - July 17, 2009 08:22 AM (GMT)
The smaller Project gave a small sniff in reply, taking the blouse first and slipping it on before she did the same with the jacket. Kappa II's eyes narrowed slightly and she shook her head, biting her lip. "I'm meant to be like her. Changing it would make me different," she murmured, taking a moment to adjust and button her shirt properly, after having found she did it up the wrong way.

Kappa hissed as the woman took her sword - but she didn't object. The woman had a presence in person that stopped you from voicing your own opinion unless it was against something painful or embarrassing (or painfully embarrassing). "I guess they really wanted you to be happy. I don't know what Kappa did to make you... 'love'... her," the tone of her voice indicated she didn't understand the term in itself, "... But I take it that if I am truly a copy... then it's likely to happen again." She wasn't unhappy, but she wasn't unhappy. Kappa II wasn't Kappa yet - after all, she'd only been alive for three weeks.

The red-headed project briefly glanced at the book, then back at the woman. She was clearly expected to look at her predecessor's gift more closely. Her hand reached for the book, picked it up, and flicked it over in her hands. She took a finger to the cover, tracing over the embossed Title.

Her cheeks reddened slightly, hands shaking as she held the book tightly in her hands. The book was pristinely clean. The scenery suddenly changed and a brief knock on a door caused her hands to work faster on wrapping the book in plain brown paper. "Just a fucking second!" she mouthed.

Kappa II was right back where she was before, cheeks bright red and head quaking with pain. She bit her lip, dropping the book squarely on the bed.

"I'm not her."

Symphia - July 17, 2009 08:35 AM (GMT)
Sigma was still as Kappa II investigated the book, her face reddening slightly before she dropped it. "You may not be the original, but you do things just like she used to," she paused, leaning back on her hands. "Your original dropped that book in exactly the same spot when she was giving it to me the first time, I still remember the way her eyes lit up when I smiled after opening it."

The taller project stood and walked over the smaller one, gently placing her hands on her shoulders. "I'm not going to rip your shirt again," she said, feeling the red-haired project shy away. "You already mean so much to me..." Sigma said, pulling the smaller project into a hug. Tears rolled silently down Sigma's face, rolling down her cheeks and jaw line and soaking into Kappa's shirt.

"Please don't leave me again..." she said, holding the smaller project for a time before realizing just how silly she looked and letting go, standing up suddenly. "N... never mind..." she said, turning her ruby orbs away from Kappa's and folding her arms, applying pressure to her breasts and making them look bigger without thinking. "Do you have any questions for me?" she asked, still blushing.

Ayame - July 17, 2009 12:11 PM (GMT)
It was all well and good for the woman in front of her to be telling her she was exactly like her original – but she just wasn’t! She wasn’t her original – and… damnit… her head hurt. Kappa II frowned, crossing her arms over her chest as the woman closed in and rested her silky hands on her shoulders. Remembering what happened last time she got this close, the red-head began to shy way from the woman, separating eye-contact.

Kappa blinked, but still, she kept her eyes from wandering over the rubies laid out in front of her. This woman was a psychic (to be expected of a company like this), or she just knew her original way too well. She shrugged slightly, hiccupping as she was pulled into a welcoming (not constricting) hug. She didn’t expect this in the slightest… and her eyes told the other Project that. They were wide and her mouth was open the slightest.

“I…” she stuttered, not sure how to react to such an emotion. Normally her instinct was to completely ignore it – but something inside her was nagging at her to… comfort it. It took some time, but as Kappa II’s arms rose to the occasion, the other project pulled away. That was just poor timing. Her plea had sounded so real – to suddenly be asking if she had any questions… she clearly hurt inside a lot. “… I don’t even know you…” Kappa began, slowly crossing the short distance between the two, “… But… You really know who I’m going to be.” The shorter girl wrapped her arms around the other woman, linking her fingers awkwardly around Sigma’s waist.

“I won’t leave you again.”

Symphia - July 17, 2009 12:24 PM (GMT)
Sigma's ruby orbs grew wide as Kappa II's arms wrapped around her waist, holding her tightly. She smiled and looked down at her, kneeling and putting her own arms around Kappa. "You have much to learn about yourself," she said, picking the smaller project up and carrying her to her bed. Sigma laid on her back with Kappa on top of her, smiling at the smaller project.

She held the other girl for a time, enjoying the feeling of someone in her arms once more. After a moment, she leaned up and slowly pressed her lips to Kappa's, holding them there for just the right amount of time before breaking the kiss. "Just like your original, you don't know what to do now," she giggled, her strong hands sliding up and down Kappa's back.

"Your original and I usually spent time together nearly constantly," she began, feeling the smaller project shift, "sometimes I read to her, other times we cuddled." She blushed deeply as she thought of the other things she and Kappa had done and giggled softly, squeezing Kappa II without thinking.

Ayame - July 25, 2009 11:43 AM (GMT)
It felt odd to be held like this - was it supposed to feel good? Resting on top of the other Project, Kappa II cocked her head slightly to the side in child-like confusion. "I don't get it," she whispered, receiving no answer in reply. Maybe she hadn't whispered that and it was only a thought. Suddenly the woman leant up to her, to brush and lock their lips together briefly. Kappa II froze - she had no idea what to do, and moreover, she didn't know why the woman's lips felt good on her own.

Other people would likely protest a kiss from Sigma being anything but bad... not that Kappa knew this. But to her, she was genuine, she was sweet, and in another way... she was familiar. She took a moment to process the woman's talk and merely shrugged in response, not quite sure what to say, as Sigma had predicted. Her hands on her back were strong but delicate, as if she were saying 'You're mine' with every stroke.

Kappa II quietly observed Sigma's facial expressions as she wandered down her memories, licking her lips as the dark-woman's features ran red with a blush. She didn't know what it was or why she was suddenly turning a dark hue of red, but it was certainly pleasant to look at... and so, without thinking and purely acting on instinct, she descended towards the girl's mouth, comfortably pressing their lips together once more briefly, then parting for air, before covering her lips with her own again, carefully twisting and pushing her tongue past Sigma's lips as a gentle probe. It was velvety on the inside, soft and wet - and she could taste her as well. Kappa II's features bloomed a musky pink, but by no means did she stop kissing the other girl in what was evolving from curiosity to passion.

Symphia - July 26, 2009 03:35 AM (GMT)
The dark project turned more red as Kappa's lips found their way to her own. A light smile appeared on her lips as the other girl's velvety tongue found its way into her mouth, sliding over her own tongue and brushing the roof of her mouth. She pushed her own tongue into Kappa's mouth, nearly laughing at the look of surprise that filled the other girl's face.

As they broke the kiss, Sigma smiled broadly. "I can't believe they made such a perfect copy..." she said, hugging Kappa II tightly and nuzzling into her neck. The dark project sat up, gently pushing the smaller project into a sitting position and unzipping her jacket, tugging it off and kissing the fire-haired project's neck.

A knock at the door interrupted Sigma's flurry of passion and turned it to annoyance. With one arm around Kappa, she looked past her. "Door's open," she called. It slid open and to her surprise, it wasn't Jessica come to check up on how things were going, but rather Subject Aile turning up for a surprise visit. "Oh... hi Alie..." she said, squeezing Kappa around her chest gently.

June-bug - August 6, 2009 06:52 AM (GMT)
Kappa’s head snapped up to observe the person who had taken it upon themselves to disturb what she now found to be a very pleasurable experience. In the doorway stood a green-clad woman whose breasts were at the point of ripping the dress she wore and bursting out into public view. The smaller red-haired project’s hands tightened around Sigma once before she slipped off the rather embarrassing position she’d put herself and Sigma into. Covering her chest with one hand, she adjusted her vest and zipped it back up all the way.

Aile, at the door, blinked as she took in what was going on. Sigma had clearly moved on to another girl behind her back – and she felt honestly betrayed, despite her own apprehensive feelings for the woman in black. Was she to believe that she was a boring partner, or perhaps not enough for the project? She growled venomously, narrowing her eyes at the Project whose hair blazed a vibrant red. Kappa extended a careless hand and offered a greeting, “Subject Kappa,” (she’d considered adding ‘two’ to her greeting, but decided against it).

The Project in green grimaced at the Project’s hand, stepping back before she looked over to Sigma questioningly. “I really just was a replacement for her, wasn’t I?” she bit her lip and sighed, “You bitch… I… developed feelings for you. But the moment this tiny, flat-chested runt of a project enters the picture you get all lovey-dovey again!?” She yelled, the ‘runt’ in front of her glaring at the woman in green.

With no word from Sigma, Kappa took this new girl’s comment as an insult. As per her necessities, she very quickly accessed her strength through her anger. “Runt?” she spat, swinging a rugged punch into the woman’s stomach which sent her flying backwards into the white tiled wall of the hallway outside with a crunch. She glared, shaking her fist in surprise of the lack of pain that came with the swing.

Aile slowly clung to her bearings as she weakly pushed herself up from the tiled floor. She felt like she’d been hit by a truck loaded with 4000 bricks. She coughed, rising to see Kappa’s small arm swinging for her head. Her first connected instead with a taut, long string of Aile’s magic. For a moment Aile closed her eyes in expectation of the scream that came with contact with her magic. But it didn’t come – all that she was able to process was a harsh crackling sound – that of Kappa’s fist against the magic, smothering and negating its biological degradability.

Kappa pressed the woman up against the tiles outside, growling harshly as Aile gave up on her magic. “You will leave Sigma alone.” She ordered this, and Aile grinned, coughing blood onto her face that matted her equally red hair. “You will regret ever touching her – she’ll betray you. Hurt you. But I guess you don’t care about tearing us apart.”

Kappa grinned insanely and slammed the project’s head hard into the wall behind her, leaving several cracks and an unsettling bloody smear as she repeatedly did so. Nothing could possibly have brought Kappa up from this bloody, vicious onslaught – not Sigma’s voice, not TXS security, and not Jessica Ellis. Aile didn’t have a chance to ever retaliate as every slam into the increasingly bloody tiles brought her closer to death. Kappa’s attack ended abruptly with a satisfied smile. The project in her grasp had stopped struggling, stopped twitching… and had stopped breathing.

Kappa let her drop to the floor, Subject Aile now nothing but a limp corpse. “Flat chested runt…” she muttered under her breath in rage as she slowly came down from her high.

Symphia - August 6, 2009 07:08 AM (GMT)
Sigma watched as Kappa crossed the room in a few quick strides, she heard Aile's insults and immediately knew what would come next. "I don't care about you anymore." Was all she managed before Kappa attacked. She watched as the smaller project landed a quick punch that threw the taller project into the hallway. There was more talking before Kappa attacked again. She saw the rip-wire strand come up but knew that Kappa had a certain amount of resistance to it from being bathed in her own magic. She couldn't help put laugh as Kappa beat Aile to death.

"Dearest..." she said, putting her arms around the smaller project. "You should have ripped her limb from limb, that would have been so much more entertaining to watch," Sigma giggled, gently holding the smaller project as security and Jessica walked up.

"I see that Kappa and Aile meeting didn't go well..." she sighed, kneeling and taking the dead project's pulse. "She's dead, red-tag her," the scientist said, turning to Sigma and Kappa. "You need to control her better, Sigma, we can't have Kap-" The dark project silenced her with an evil glare.
"She'll do as she pleases, and you can't say anything about it," she said, standing up and putting a hand on Kappa's shoulder. "Have her things moved to my quarters," she added, smiling down at her flame-haired companion.

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