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Description: LOOK HERE FIRST!!!

Symphia - January 10, 2008 09:46 AM (GMT)
Okay, Symphia here, main admin of the site and setter of rules. Break my rules and you'll be on the receiving end of my twin .357 Magnums! j/k, you'll be warned twice, then banned, end of story.

NO Hentai, end of story. Ecchi is allowed, but ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BELOW THE WAIST!!! If you can see any skin below the waist in the area of the personal parts, the image will be removed and you will be banned, end of story. I have zero tolerance for this and the Art area will be monitored for this. (For the uninformed, Ecchi is suggestive but not necessarily nudity. A young woman nekkid is hentai, a young woman in her underwear is ecchi)

Keep Swearing to a minimum. I know some ppl have a tendency to swear excessively, but doing so will result in a warn, and you'll be muted for several days, meaning you'll be totally unable to post.

Love is allowed, graphic love is NOT. Hugging and kissing and hinting is fine, but out and out cybering will result in a ban with no warning. I may make a forum for this if I get enough requests. (it'll be passworded and you'll have to ask)

Stay on my good side. Piss me off and you'll have a mad admin watching you carefully. My bad side is very nasty and you'll dislike it very quickly.

DO NOT MAKE A SECOND ACCOUNT! You are allowed to have more than one char attached to your current account.

If you have any issues with my rules, either go to another site or suck it up. This site is for everyone, not just you.

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